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RTP 96.1%
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Online slot games come in a vast array of themes. Ancient themes are quite popular as places like ancient Egypt and ancient Greece offer such rich histories and an abundance of mystery.  

However, there are plenty of exciting slot games that go in a different direction, and this is the case with Starburst. This NetEnt classic offers a modern and spatial setting as well as thrills galore. 

Let’s discover this exciting slot and find out why it is so wildly popular. 

Starburst: Audio and graphics 

On the subject of Starburst’s graphics and setting, players are immediately catapulted into space. The game is set in the darkness of deep space and colored only by the yellow, purple, and pink shades of celestial bodies that peek out around the edges. This imagery is also used as a background for the game grid. 

Although the setting and graphics for Starburst are heavily indicative of space and science fiction in general, players are also presented with a few very traditional symbols. The multi-colored diamonds, the 7s, and the BAR icons are reminiscent of those classic slot games that were common in so many bars and clubs. 

The soundtrack does not deviate much from the setting itself with sounds and effects that stay true to the science fiction theme.  

Let’s move on to the technical side of the Starburst slot. 

Starburst: How to play 

Now that we have set the scene and covered the graphics and audio, let’s shift our attention to the actual gameplay. 

Starburst may seem a tad different from other slot games thanks to its minimalistic and modern interface. In reality, we are dealing with a 5X3 grid that is equipped with 10 paylines. 

To begin with, the game features 15 symbols. Even though there are only 10 paylines and, as a result, fewer winning combinations, an RTP of 96.01% means that the game serves up its share of wins. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Starburst is the Wild symbol which is represented by a multi-colored star. Once it appears, the Wild will extend over the entire reel and award a free spin. You can also get more than a single spin by landing more Wild symbols. Remember that the Wild symbol can replace any other symbol on the board. 

Slot Games similar to Starburst 

Although space is not the most commonly offered theme of modern slot games, a lot of great games still use it. 2050 Escape from Mars, Alien Spinvision, Astro Babes, and Crazy Starter are all great examples of highly entertaining slot games that feature a space theme.  

There are countless slot games that take advantage of this theme, and they are yours to discover. 

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