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The Wish Master

The Wish Master

The Wish Master is a game that will make you wish you had discovered it sooner! The game was produced by the amazing team at NetEnt, and they didn’t disappoint. The traditional 5x3 grid has been given a modern twist, with some of the most impressive graphics we’ve seen in the online slot game industry.

The reels of the game are so transparent, you could easily see through them and into your neighbor’s lawn. The symbols float in the air like they just discovered zero gravity, and the console – well, let’s just say it’s interesting enough to distract you from the game for a few minutes. With the button for spinning designed to look like a vortex of green and black, and arrows that could easily be used as a navigation tool, the console screams modernity.

And let’s talk about those special effects, shall we? The game is so passionate, it’s like the developers decided to transfer all their enthusiasm for it into the graphics and sound effects. The game is literally eye-catching – so much so, you might need to wear sunglasses while playing it.

Get Your Wish Granted with an RTP of 96.6%

Looks like the genie granting wishes in The Wish Master not only grants your wishes, but also a high RTP of 96.6%! That's higher than the average RTP in most slot games, which is approximately 95.5%. You know what they say, it's not about how often you win but how much you win! And with The Wish Master's high RTP, you might just hit that big jackpot and have all your wishes granted.


Oh, don't you just wish it was payday already? Well, playing The Wish Master slot might just make it your lucky day! With 20 standard paylines, this game sets the bar high. It's packed with unique features including wild symbols that'll make any combination a winning one, and scatter symbols that give you free spins to increase your chances of winning big! So, in case you're on a losing streak, don't give up - just rub that lamp and watch those paylines light up!

Bonuses Galore: The Wish Master is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Let's be honest, we all love a good bonus. And The Wish Master slot game definitely delivers in that department. On top of the standard features, this game also offers a plethora of exciting bonus features.

For starters, random multipliers can pop up at any time, giving you the chance to rake in some serious cash. Who doesn't love a little boost to their winnings? And to make things even better, these multipliers can increase your payout by up to 6x the original bet amount. That's a lot of cha-ching if you ask us.

So why settle for a boring old slot game when you can play The Wish Master and get showered with bonuses? It's like the genie in the lamp is granting all your gambling wishes. Except, you know, without the whole being stuck in a bottle thing.

Other Alluring Adventures to Try

If you're wishing for more thrilling games with an enthralling theme, then you'll love to explore NetEnt's incredible collection of games. One such game that fits the bill is Aladdin's Fortune - it's loaded with sticky wilds and holds a compelling theme that's equally tantalizing. Get lost in the genie's world and add this game to your favorite list!


Who created The Wish Master slot game?

The Wish Master slot game was created by NetEnt, a well-known name in the online slot gaming industry.

How many paylines does The Wish Master have?

The Wish Master has a total of 20 paylines, which is the standard proposed by other slots on the market.

What is the RTP percentage of The Wish Master?

The Wish Master has an RTP percentage of 96.6%, which is higher than the general average of about 95.5% in other slot machines.

What are wild symbols in The Wish Master and what do they do?

Wild symbols in The Wish Master replace any symbol within a payline to make a winning combination.

What are scatter symbols in The Wish Master and what do they do?

Scatter symbols in The Wish Master allow you to get free spins.

Can you get multipliers in The Wish Master?

Yes, randomly you can receive multipliers up to 6x, which allow you to get six times the amount bet in a single game.

Are there similar slot machines to The Wish Master?

Yes, one similar slot machine to The Wish Master is Aladdin's Fortune slot, with its sticky wilds and other features.

What is the theme of The Wish Master?

The theme of The Wish Master is the genie of the lamp from the Arabian Nights, where players can make three wishes and potentially win big.

What we like

  • Brilliant Graphics
  • Impressive RTP Percentage
  • 20 Paylines
  • Additional Bonus Features

What we don't like

  • Limited Similar Games
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