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Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop

If you're looking for an online slot game that's straightforward and easy to play, Fruit Shop is ripe for the picking. Developed by the well-known software provider, NetEnt, Fruit Shop features 15 pay lines that can yield juicy payouts.

Things get even more exciting when you trigger the game's free spin feature. All it takes is landing 3 or more fruit symbols in a winning combination and you'll earn some free plays. And let's be real, who doesn't love something that's free and fruity?

But that's not all - the game also includes a Wild feature that doubles your payout when it completes a winning pay line. It's like hitting the jackpot, but with fruit instead of coins. And who needs coins anyway when you can have a delicious fruit salad?

So, go ahead and take a bite out of Fruit Shop. You won't regret giving this game a spin - it's a sweet treat that's easy to sink your teeth into.

Get Ready to Win with Fruit Shop’s Great Bonus Features!

Attention slot lovers, are you ready to experience some juicy winning opportunities? Look no further than Fruit Shop, the casino game which packs a punch with some great bonus features! One of the most exciting features of this game is the free spin feature that can be triggered by getting winning combinations of fruit symbols. And if we're really lucky, we can score up to 5 free spins and watch our winnings skyrocket!

This feature can be further enhanced by winning additional free spins during the initial free spins round, adding even more chances for us to strike it lucky. And we're not even done yet, there’s also a Wild symbol thrown in for good measure, which doubles the payout it completes. With these extra bonus features, we're sure to have a blast, racking up some impressive wins along the way.

But don't take our word for it, Fruit Shop has an impressive RTP rate of 96.70%, which gives us some great winning opportunities. Get some of your five-a-day with this colorful, fun and fruity casino game!

Design and Graphics

Alright, let's talk about the Fruit Shop's design and graphics. It's like the game developers took a stroll through a farmer's market and thought, 'this would make a great slot game theme!' The graphics are simple and cartoonish, with bright colors and fruity symbols dominating the screen. You won't find any mind-blowing animations or 3D graphics here, but I think it works for what they were aiming for.

One downside is that the lack of animations can make the game feel a bit static at times. I mean, come on, can you imagine how much more fun it would be if the fruits started dancing around when you hit a big win? That being said, the game's lively music does help to keep things interesting even when the visuals are stagnant.

Overall, while the design may not be the most visually immersive, I think it does the trick for a fruity-themed slot game. Plus, if you're looking for a break from all the glitz and glamour, Fruit Shop is a refreshing change of pace.

Target Audience and Player Experience

Let's be real here, if you don't like fruit, you're not going to like Fruit Shop. But for those of us who enjoy a good piece of fruit, this game is a sweet treat. Fruit Shop caters to both novice and seasoned online slot game players. Its no-frills format makes it easy to pick up and play and its bonus features keep things interesting.

Granted, Fruit Shop's graphics might not be the most jaw-dropping in the slot game world, but what it lacks in visual appeal it makes up for in potential payouts and immersive music. And let's be honest, who hasn't found themselves tapping their foot or even humming along to that upbeat tune?

Overall, Fruit Shop provides an excellent player experience with its simple gameplay, numerous winning opportunities, and attractive bonus features. It's an ideal choice for anyone seeking a straightforward and enjoyable slot game experience. And if nothing else, playing Fruit Shop will make you feel like you're doing your daily requirement of fruits and veggies.

Return To Player (Rtp) Rate

What's better than getting a juicy fruit while winning money? Fruit Shop online slot game does that and more, with its fantastic RTP rate of 96.70%. That’s like having a bonus fruit on top of your winning payouts! In plain English, what this means is that for every $100 you spend, you can expect to win back $96.70, on average.

It's always comforting to know that a slot game has a high RTP rate, as it is an indication that the game is fair, and you have a better chance of winning than losing in the long run. With Fruit Shop, you don't have to worry about low payout rates or getting cheated, making it a reliable option for all your fruit-craving slot needs.

Feeling lucky? Well, with an RTP rate of 96.70%, Fruit Shop is a slot game that offers excellent chances of winning, and you just might hit the jackpot. Win big and go home with a fruit basket worth bragging about, along with some extra cash in the pocket.


What is Fruit Shop Slot?

Fruit Shop is an online slot game developed by NetEnt revolving around the theme of fruit that offers free spins and significant wins.

Do I need skills to play Fruit Shop Slot?

No, Fruit Shop Slot is very practical and requires no special skills to play.

What are the graphics and game symbols of Fruit Shop Slot?

Fruit Shop Slot has simple graphics with bright colors and cartoon-style symbols of fruit products we consume daily.

What is the Free Spin feature of Fruit Shop Slot?

The Free Spin feature of Fruit Shop Slot is activated when you get a winning combination of 3 or more fruit symbols (2 or more symbols in the case of cherries) and allows you to win some free spins. During the feature, you can win extra spins to enhance your free session and achieve more victories.

What is the Fruit Shop Wild feature of Fruit Shop Slot?

The Fruit Shop Wild feature of Fruit Shop Slot allows you to pay x2 compared to the bet placed.

What is the RTP of Fruit Shop Slot?

The RTP of Fruit Shop Slot is 96.70%.

Who can play Fruit Shop Slot?

Anyone who meets the age requirements and the terms and conditions of the online casino can play Fruit Shop Slot.

Can I win significant amounts in Fruit Shop Slot?

Yes, Fruit Shop Slot may seem simple, but it's capable of helping you win significant amounts.

What we like

  • Free spin feature with potential to win additional spins
  • Wild symbol that doubles payouts
  • High RTP rate of 96.70%
  • Appeals to both novice and experienced players

What we don't like

  • Simple graphics and animation may not be visually immersive enough
  • Theme may not appeal to all players
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