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You’ve probably noticed that the number of US & Canadian casinos is on the up. Why? Well, that’s because iGaming is booming right now. There are so many new online casinos appearing and, while this is great news for players, it does bring a slight challenge: how do you know which are the best USA casinos and which ones you should play at? That’s where online casino reviews come in.

At SlotJava, we create comprehensive casino reviews to make your life easy. Our strict review process means that you can have confidence in the information that we bring. As you read on, we’ll share just how online casino ratings work and what we look for when compiling our reviews. As you’ll see, the refreshing difference here is that we’re 100% transparent, covering the pros and cons of every casino we review.

How We Review & Rate Casinos: A Breakdown of Our Entire Process

You may have had experience of playing slots at SlotJava, but what else you should know about us is that we have years of industry experience and we know a thing or two about casinos. With years of experience, we’re confident that we provide the best online casino reviews around. 

Below, you’ll find a list that shows just what goes into every casino review that appears at As you move on to the next section, we’ll delve into the details so you know exactly what we look for:

  1. Finding Casinos To Review
  2. Checking Safety, Reputation and History
  3. Navigating the Casino Site
  4. Testing Mobile Optimization
  5. Ease of Registration and Deposits
  6. Comparing Casino Bonuses and Promotions
  7. Accessibility and Availability of Support
  8. Listen to Players and Reevaluate

Finding Casinos to Review

Of course, before we can compile any USA casino reviews, we need to find casinos to explore. The important point here is that we don’t just conduct online casino reviews at random. Doing this would lead to us including sites that really aren’t worthy of your attention. Instead, we have basic criteria before we will start a review. The casinos that we review are prioritised on the following points:

  • Popularity of the casino
  • Player recommendations 
  • Brands that reach out directly  

This means that our casino review process filters out lesser brands right from the start. This leads to us only featuring casino reviews that are worth our readers exploring.

Our Number 1 Priority: Safety, Reputation & History

With our online casino ratings, the most important aspect is the safety of our readers. We will only recommend an online casino when we’re 100% sure that it’s safe and secure. This is what we examine to ensure this:

  • We check out that the casino has the required license for the states it operates in.
  • We examine the security features in place such as encryption and HTTPS protocols.
  • There is then a deep dive into all online material linked to a brand. We scour all sources to ensure that there are no controversies or red flags.
  • We then check what players are saying in online forums.

While all of these points are important for our casino reviews, the last of these really stands out. To us, what matters most is what real players are saying about their real experiences. 

Navigating the Casino Site as a Real Player

For an online casino review to be meaningful, the casino has to be visited and explored. Our team of experts will head over to online casinos and spend their time exploring before they write a single word. They look to get the true player experience so that they can share this with you. Just some of the things they look for are:

  • Ease of use: Does the casino focus on the user experience and make this as easy as possible?
  • Categorisations: Does the casino make it easy to find your game of choice by categorising these, or are you left to search in the dark?
  • Menus: Do the menus make it easy to navigate the site and allow you to find what you need with ease?
  • Games: What’s the variety like and how many are there?

Mobile Optimization

A vital part of our online casino reviews USA is checking out how they perform with mobile casino games. For any casino to be worth your time, it has to be optimised to allow you to play on the go. That means working on all handheld devices. We check out how casinos work via a mobile browser as well as explore any apps. Just having mobile access isn't enough. In our online casino reviews, we make sure that the games adapt perfectly to the smaller screen. We report on how the text appears, how the games work in all orientations and how responsive the site is.

Testing Out Registration & Deposits

Something else that goes into compiling the best online casino reviews is taking the time to examine the registration and deposit process. It’s vital that the registration process is as straightforward as possible and free of any strange terms and conditions. That’s why our players experience the process firsthand: they can then share the ins and outs in detail. We also look at the online casino payment methods to ensure that these are safe and secure. We want to know that your funds are safe and that you can withdraw your money with ease.

Comparing Casino Bonuses & Promotions: Getting You the Best Deal!

Our online casino ratings also focus on the bonuses and promotions that are up for grabs. We don't simply look at the headline offers. Instead, we go into the details for you. This means that we can tell you all about the terms and conditions and give you a fully transparent view of just how valuable a bonus is. We always strive to bring you value and that means introducing you to the best casino bonuses.

Checking Availability of Customer Support & Care

Our USA online casino reviews also have a detailed look at the customer support that’s available. We need to ensure that players can visit any sites safe in the knowledge that there is adequate support if it’s needed. We don’t just list the contact methods available. Instead, we go ahead and actually try them out for ourselves. You can also be sure that we’ll let you know which methods are available, and what our experience was.

Listen To Players and Reevaluate Our Reviews

A major part of proving the best online casino reviews is listening to our players. While our experts have combined decades of experience, this doesn't mean that we are some sort of oracle. Instead, we encourage players to get in touch and share their experiences. If anyone ever flags a review, for any reason, we'll always revisit this again and, where necessary make amendments. The big takeaway here is that we want you to get in touch with SlotJava and share your thoughts. 

How Should You Should Use Our Reviews to Choose A Casino

Rather than providing empty reviews and a random list of casino games, we compile our casino reviews with a purpose. The purpose behind these is to pair you up with the casino that is best suited to your needs. It’s all well and good enjoying our demos and free slots online at SlotJava, but we strive to ensure that the positive experience continues when you then head to a casino and play for real money.

Below, you’ll find the steps that we recommend to ensure that you find yourself at an online casino that is best suited to you:

Establish Your Preferences and Goals

As you look at any casino review, you need to understand what you’re looking for. Our reviews cover a great deal of ground, but every player has an area that is the most important to them Things to consider are:

  • Are you looking to play for real money or seeking the best sweepstakes casinos?
  • Do you need a variety of game types? Do you want a site that solely has slots or are you seeking table games and a live casino experience too?
  • Do you only want to play at established sites or do you want to explore the newest online casinos?
  • Is your focus on the reputation of the casino provider?
  • Do you need certain methods of contacting customer support?

You need to answer these questions before you head over to an online casino.

Read Reviews To Find Best Options Which Align With Your Preferences

When you know exactly what you’re seeking from an online casino, it’s time to head over to casino reviews. As you read through any online casino review, you can then hone in on the sections that matter most to you. With our reviews, you’ll find that they are laid out in a way that’s easy to navigate. There are clear headings throughout that allow you to jump to the parts that matter to you.

Test As Many Casinos As Necessary

Of course, reading online casino reviews USA is one thing, but when it comes to making a final choice, there’s nothing more important than testing for yourself. Read through as many casino reviews as you can and then make a short list of the ones that appeal to you. This means referring back to your list of priorities and marking the sites that meet these. After that, it’s all about testing. Remember, when you settle on a casino you’ll be playing with real money. That being the case, it’s vital that you’re happy and comfortable with your final choice.

Compare Casino Bonus Offers

The best online casino reviews will provide an in-depth explanation of the casino bonuses that are on offer. This is one of the key factors that you should consider before signing up to play. Finding the right bonus can add a real boost to your bankroll. Claiming those with shady terms and conditions can leave you with a bonus that’s worthless.

Our casino reviews give you all of the information that you need, but you need to consider which suits you best. Are you looking for a matched deposit, free spins or a combination? Are you happy with bonus funds being restricted to slots or do you want to be able to use them on other casino games? These are all things that you need to consider. You should also check out the terms and conditions for yourself to make sure that you're happy with the details.

At SlotJava, you can be sure that the bonuses that we promote are the very best that we can secure and offer to you.

Ensure Your Preferred Payment Methods Are Available

Regardless of how good a casino may look, unless you can deposit and withdraw funds then they’re rendered useless. Our casino reviews will always examine the payment methods on offer and will be transparent with any potential drawbacks. With this information, you then need to be sure that your chosen casino has at least one payment method that suits you.

It could be that you’re seeking Neteller online casinos. Maybe it’s PayPal casinos that you're seeking. Perhaps you're even seeking a casino where you can use crypto. No matter your choice, you need to be sure that you find what you need.

The SlotJava Experts: The Team Behind The Best Online Casino Reviews

What is it that makes our casino online reviews the best? Well, that's all down to our team of experts. We choose our experts and ensure that they have relevant experience in iGaming, meaning that their views and opinions matter. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach and our experts have a range of different backgrounds in the industry and they all bring their own expertise to the table.

Something else that adds to the quality of our casino reviews is the fact that each and every one of these is cross-referenced. We make sure that the reviews meet our high standards and that there is no unintentional bias coming through. That means that you can relax knowing that our reviews are completely transparent.
Perhaps you’d like to know more about our iGaming experts. If so, we’ve put together all of the information you’ll need. Simply head over to our writer's page Here, you’ll find that each of our experts has their own profile and you can explore the wealth of knowledge that they bring. You can even find links to their social media profiles where you can learn even more about them.

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