Social Casinos for US players in 2024

With gambling legislation varying from state to state, not all players in the US have access to online casinos. The answer comes in the form of social casinos. With online casinos only being legal in 6 states, social casinos mean that those in the US aren’t left missing out on the fun that casino games have to offer.

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The Best Casinos to Play Slots

# CasinoReviewWelcome Bonus
Pulsz Social Casino

Welcome Bonus

10,000 Gold Coins
    Visit the casino21+ | T&Cs apply | Play Responsibly Casino

    Welcome Bonus

    25 Stake Cash
      Visit the casino21+ | T&Cs apply | Play Responsibly
      McLuck Casino

      Welcome Bonus

      7,500 Gold Coins
        Visit the casino21+ | T&Cs apply | Play Responsibly
        High 5 Casino

        Welcome Bonus

        5 Sweeps Coins
          Visit the casino21+ | T&Cs apply | Play Responsibly

          Welcome Bonus

          250 virtual credits
          • SPORTS
          Visit the casino21+ | T&Cs apply | Play Responsibly

          As you read on, we'll be delving into the detail of social casinos. We'll be covering exactly what they are, how they work and which are the best sites to play at. If you've never played at social casinos before, this guide is a must. You'll be left understanding exactly how virtual currencies work as well as how you can get them. As you’ll see, you can even, in some cases, play at a social casino for real money.

          If you’re here to find the best social casinos to play at, all you need to do is look below where you’ll find our social casino list. If you’re looking to get a deeper understanding, then keep reading as we share all that you need to know.

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          Find Your Ultimate Go-To Social Casino List for 2024

          At Slotjava, we’re here to make your life easy. That’s why we’ve compiled our social casino list. By looking below, you can find a comprehensive list of the social casinos that are available, and instantly see if they’re available in your state. You’ll also be able to see the casino bonuses that are on offer. Let’s take a look:

          Social CasinoBonus available at SlotjavaAvailability in US statesTypes of payouts
          Stake.us250,000 Gold Coins + $25 Stake CashAll states apart from: Washington, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan and Vermont. Cash and Gift Cards
          High 5 Casino5 Sweep Coins + 600 Free SpinsAll states apart from Washington, Nevada, Idaho.Cash and Gift Cards
          Betrivers.net250 Virtual Credits All US states N/A
          WOW Vegas CasinoNAAll states apart from Washington, Michigan, Idaho and Nevada. Cash and Gift Cards
          Pulsz Social CasinoNAAll states apart from Idaho, Washington, Michigan and Nevada.   Cash and Gift Cards
          McLuck Social CasinoNAAll states apart from Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada and Washington.   Cash and Gift Cards
          Vegas Gems Social CasinoNAAll states apart from Washington, Idaho and Nevada. Cash and Gift Cards
          Fortune Coins CasinoNAAll states apart from Washington, Idaho and Nevada. Cash
          Funrize Social CasinoNAAll states apart from Idaho, Michigan, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.Cash and Gift Cards
          Gambino Slots Social CasinoNAAll US statesN/A

          Now that we’ve shared our social casino list, and shown you the best casinos around, you may want to check out our casino reviews before choosing where to play. With that in mind, it’s now time to move on a take a closer look at what social casinos are, and how you can play at them.

          What are Social Casinos?

          Social casinos are all about fun. When you play casino games at one of these, you’re not playing for real money. Instead, you’re given virtual credits or tokens that you use to play with. As you read on, you’ll find that later we’ll be covering these credits in detail so that you know how to get your hands on them, and when you can redeem them.

          So, what's the reason for social casinos, and why do people play at them? Well, the first thing that these sites offer is a great form of entertainment. They are a great alternative for people who enjoy the thrill of games such as slots, blackjack and roulette, but who don’t want to risk any money. The other reason that people play at online social casinos is that real money casinos aren’t legal across the whole of the US.

          If you do want to play at real money online casinos, the only states where this is legal are:

          • Connecticut
          • Delaware
          • Michigan
          • New Jersey
          • Pennsylvania
          • West Virginia

          Unless you're in one of these states, there once was a time when you'd have no options open to you. The rise of the online social casino scene has changed this. Down to the fact that there are no real cash prizes and that all games can be played for free, these sites are legal across the US, with the exception of the state of Washington.

          You have probably noticed on our social casino list that some of these sites offer real cash prizes, so how does that work? Well, many social casinos run a sweepstakes operation alongside. The social side of the casino remains all about entertainment, with a set virtual currency that is used to play. The other element the casino sees games being played with sweepstakes coins.

          When sweepstakes coins are used, there is the option to redeem these for both cash and gift cards. Winnings from social casino games can never be redeemed or withdrawn. Instead, they remain in your balance and allow you to explore more games.

          Social Casinos and Traditional Real Money Casinos: what's the difference?

          If you've yet to play at a social casino or a traditional one, you may be left wondering what the difference is. Well, the main difference is that at traditional online casinos, you play for real money. This means that you need to make a deposit before you can place a wager. If that wager is lost, then you lose the money you deposited. On the flip side, if you win at a real money casino you can withdraw the cash. When looking at the question "What is a social casino?", the general answer will be that they offer free play. This is true, but there other differences between real money and online social casinos. Let's take a look:

          Casino TypeFree to Play?AvailabilitySafetyOpportunity to PracticeCash Prizes?
          Social CasinoWhen playing at a social casino, games will always be free to play. You can access a huge range of slots, and other games, without risking a cent.Given the nature of social casinos, they are legal across the whole of the US.Social casinos are inherently safe to play at as you’re not risking any real money.If you’re planning to play at a real money casino in the future, a social casino is the perfect environment to practice in as there’s no risk.There are no cash prizes at a social casino although some of these have a sweepstakes element.
          Real Money CasinoWhile some online casinos will have demo games that are free to play, the selection is limited.Real money casinos are only legalised in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.Playing at these sites could lead to financial loss.You may be able to practice on a limited number of demo games.When you play with real money you are paying for cash prizes.

          Can You Earn Real Money when Playing at Social Casinos?

          It can get a little confusing when looking at the idea of a real money social casino. Given that we’ve said that social casinos are all about entertainment, you may be left wondering where the real money aspect comes in. The reason that real money prizes can be mentioned in the context of social casinos is because there are different setups to consider. Let’s explain this now to clear things up. The casino types to be aware of are:

          • Sweepstakes Casinos: With a sweepstakes casino, players aren’t directly betting with real money. Instead, they purchase a currency which is viewed as an entry rather than a bet. This can then be used on a host of casino games, and the winnings can then be redeemed for cash.
          • Social Casinos – Virtual Coins, No Cash Prizes: A true social casino is always free to play at. A virtual currency is provided and, unless you choose to, you never have to purchase anything. Given the free nature of the play, there are no cash prizes, and this allows this form of casino to be accepted across the US.
          • Social Casinos – Non-cash Prizes: Other social casinos allow you to redeem your virtual currency for other prizes. Rather than cash, players can find themselves with gift cards, tickets to events or even hotel rooms.

          As you read on, we’ll be looking at the types of currency that are available at US social casinos. We’ll be looking at how you can get your hands on them, and if they can be redeemed.

          Sweepstakes Coins Explained

          If you’re looking for online social casinos that pay real money, the key is to look for sweepstakes coins. Also known as Sweeps Coins, these are treated as your entry into a contest/competition. In the case of a social casino, the competition can be any of the available casino games.

          As sweepstakes can’t involve cash to enter, these are not something that you can buy. The way to get your hands on them is through the various bonuses and promotions that social casinos have. You’ll find that there are a host of rewards that lead to you gaining Sweeps Coins.

          When you use Sweeps Coins to play, you're playing to win more of the same. However, when you reach a certain level, this can vary from 20 Sweeps Coins up to 100, and you can redeem these for real money. The majority of social casinos will value 1 Sweeps Coin at $1.

          Gold Coins, WOW Coins and Other Free-To-Play Tokens Explained

          These tokens allow you to play at online social casinos, but they can never be redeemed for real money.  There are social casinos that give this type of token their own unique name, but generally, they're known as Gold Coins. A WOW coin is just a Gold Coin, the only difference being that it can only be found at the WOW Vegas Casino.

          These tokens have no monetary value and exist purely to allow you to play social casino games for fun. You’ll find that you can get your hands on these in various ways. It’s common for them to form part of a welcome bonus and there are often extra Gold Coins handed out to players on a regular basis.

          There are 2 key differences between Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins:

          1. Sweepstakes Coins can be redeemed for cash/prizes. Gold Coins have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed.
          2. If you run out of Gold Coins, you can buy more from your chosen social casino. Sweepstakes Coins can never be bought.

          Summary of Virtual Currencies and Social Casino Games

          As we've seen, social casinos often have a name for their version of virtual currency. Ultimately, whatever the names given, these always refer to Gold Coins and/or Sweeps Coins. Take a look at the table below so that you can see what’s on offer at each site:

          Social CasinoVirtual CurrencyRedeemableCasino Games available
          Stake.usStake Cash, Gold CoinStake CashOnline slot games, progressive slots
          High 5 CasinoSweeps Coins, Game CoinsSweeps CoinsOnline slot games, table games, live dealer
          Betrivers.netVirtual Credits (VC)N/AOnline slot games, table games, live dealer
          WOW Vegas CasinoWOW Coins, Sweepstakes CoinsWOW CoinsOnline slot games
          Pulsz Social CasinoGold Coins, Sweepstakes CoinsSweepstakes CoinsOnline slot games, table games
          McLuck Social CasinoGold Coins, Sweepstakes CoinsSweepstakes CoinsOnline slot games, table games
          Vegas Gems Social CasinoGems, ShardsShardsOnline slot games
          Fortune Coins CasinoGold Coins, Fortune CoinsFortune CoinsOnline slot games, table games
          Funrize Social CasinoTournament Coins, Promotional EntryPromotional EntryOnline slot games, table games
          Gambino Slots Social CasinoG-CoinsN/AOnline slot games

          Best Social Casino Bonuses: comparison of the top brands with competitive bonus offerings

          When we first gave you our list of social casinos in the USA, we were focusing on the bonuses up for grabs, and the states where they can be played. Now, it’s time to look at these social casinos in a little more detail. As you read on, we’ll be covering the pros and cons of each of these sites, as well as giving you an overview of what you can expect from them.

 Social Casino

          This is a social casino that we're big fans of. In fact, we've taken the time to do a full comprehensive review which is definitely worth a read if you are thinking of playing there. So, what makes this online social casino stand out? Well, the first thing is that it's one that comes with a great range of social casino games. There are more than 600 to choose from, with the focus being on slots. Some of the top slot titles available include:

          • Gates of Olympus
          • Candy Jar Clusters
          • Sweet Bonanza

          It’s not all about slots though. The appeal here is that there are also table games, and live dealer games to explore. Live dealer sections aren’t the norm at social casinos, so this is something that’s great to see.

          It’s not just the selection of games that’s good here. There’s also an attractive welcome bonus that caught our eye. On signing up, players are awarded 250,000 Gold Coins as well as 25 Sweepstakes Coins. This gives players a great opportunity to jump in and start exploring the range of games. There’s no need to make a deposit to claim this bonus: it’s yours the minute that you sign up.

          Alongside this, there are also daily rewards to be claimed. Just for logging in each day, will reward you with more Gold Coins. There are also a host of tournaments and promotions that allow you to keep your balance topped up.

          This social casino is a crypto one. This means that you can only use cryptocurrency if you want to go ahead and buy more Gold Coins. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies to choose from and it’s fair to say that these are known to be secure. The downside for us is the fact that we feel only having this as a payment method is a little restrictive. Not all players are confident in using this, so it would be great to see some alternatives added.

          Attractive welcome bonusCrypto only
          Live dealer games 

          High 5 Casino

          This is another top social casino that we've partnered with. If you want to take an in-depth look at what the High 5 Casino has to offer, you can do that by taking a look at our full High 5 casino review and rating page. If you’re looking for an overview, then read on.

          The High 5 Casino is an award-winning social casino that offers a first-class playing experience. Here, there are more than 800 games to choose from, meaning that you can be sure that there’s something for everyone. The range of slots is more than just a little impressive. There are some great titles that come from some of the best developers in the business. Just some of the titles that caught our eye are:

          • Wolf Gold
          • Buffalo Kings Megaways
          • Sugar Rush

          When it comes to the range of table games on offer, it has to be said that this is a little limited. That being said, all the basics are covered so you can play the likes of blackjack, roulette and baccarat. As well as this, this is another social casino that offers a live casino section. All games come from the best providers, and there’s nothing but praise from us for the quality of these.

          The welcome bonus at this social casino is 5 Sweepstakes Coins and 600 free spins. With this, you can get on and play free social casino games as soon as you’ve created your account. As you’d expect from an award-winning site, there are also ongoing bonuses and promotions. This can see you topping up your balance, allowing you to keep playing.

          We liked to be balanced when looking at social casinos but to be fair it’s difficult to find anything that we don’t like here. Perhaps the only things that the High 5 Casino could do to improve would be to increase the number of table games, and maybe consider adding phone support as part of its customer service.

          800+ gamesNo phone support
          Award-winning operatorLimited table games.
          Live dealer games 

          We’re big fans of the social casino. This is another that we have now partnered with, and you read our in-depth casino analysis and review. If you’re looking for more of a snapshot of what’s on offer, that’s what we’re going to give you now.

          The name Betrivers is one that you may recognise. It runs real money casinos in the states where it’s legal such as Michigan. Over the years, it has built a solid reputation as an online casino operator, and it has now taken its expertise and transferred this over to its very own site where you can play casino social games.

          When it comes to the range of games on offer, there are more than 500 to choose from. As is the case with all social casinos, the real focus is on slots, and there are titles coming from the likes of Yggdrasil, Microgaming and Playtech. We were impressed with the titles on offer and we’re pleased to see top slots such as:

          • Mustang Gold
          • Double Wolf
          • Cash Machine

          If you’re a fan of table games, then there’s a good chance that this could be the social casino for you. There’s a good range of titles that cover all of the basics including:

          • Blackjack
          • Roulette
          • Keno
          • Craps
          • Baccarat

          There’s also a live dealer section here that gives access to games that offer a truly immersive experience.

          You’ll also find that this social casino offers an attractive welcome bonus. Here, when you sign up, you’re awarded 250 Virtual Coins. Just like the other social casinos that we’ve looked at, Betrivers also offers plenty of chances to keep your balance topped up.

          If you’re looking for a social casino, real money then you’ll need to look elsewhere. This site is legal across the whole of the US because it only offers free games and doesn’t offer the chance to redeem winnings for cash prizes.

          Well-established brandNo real money prizes
          Good selection of table games 

          Funrize Social Casino

          Launched in 2022, Funrize can still be classed as one of the new online casinos on the block, or certainly one of the younger ones. That’s perhaps why it’s so generous when it comes to the welcome bonus and other promotions that are on offer. When you first create your account at this social casino, you’re rewarded with 125,000 Tournament Coins. These are coins that are used to play for fun and have no monetary value. Beyond this, players also have the chance to spin the Funrize wheel each day. When they do this, there's the chance to win up to 250,000 Tournament Coins, as well as 500 Promotional Entries. The latter is where sweepstakes come into play as this is one of the social casinos with real money prizes.

          When it comes to the selection of games here, it has to be said that things are a little limited. That’s certainly the case when you compare Funrize with the other social casinos that we’ve looked at so far. So, how many games are there here? The number comes in at around the 100 mark, and these are all slots. There are no table games to be found, and there’s no live dealer section either.

          The slots that we came across were impressive and some of the best were:

          • Fortune Cash
          • Diamond Slot
          • Thunder Fishing

          While the number of games is limited, you can be sure that they are among the best when it comes to quality. In terms of gameplay and graphics, there’s nothing to fault here. That’s down to the fact that the vast majority of titles come from NetEnt. This provider is well known and respected, being behind some of the most popular slots around.

          Attractive welcome bonusLimited range of games
          Top software 

          WOW Vegas Casino

          WOW Vegas Casino is a social casino that comes with one of the biggest welcome bonuses around. When you create an account and sign up, you're awarded 1.5 million WOW Coins along with 30 Sweepstakes Coins. WOW Coins are exclusive to WOW Vegas and are a version of Gold Coins. These can only be used to play for fun, but the amount you're given means that you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

          Beyond the welcome bonus, this online social casino comes with more appeal in the form of a games library consisting of around 700 slots. There are some great titles from the likes of Pragmatic Play and Betsoft, and the full range of slot types are covered, such as:

          • Classic slots
          • Megaways
          • New releases
          • Popular titles
          • Progressive Jackpots.

          Just some of the titles that you’ll come across include:

          • Wilds of Fortune
          • Cleopatra
          • Power of Thor
          • Black Bull

          While we’re big fans of slots, what lets WOW Vegas down is the lack of any other games. There are no table games or live dealer games to explore. Of course, slots have always been the most popular of all casino games but seeing just a few tables games added would make a real difference here.

          PROS   CONS
          Huge welcome bonusNo table games
          Great slot titles 

          How Do Social Casino Virtual Currencies Work?

          As we’ve seen, to play at an online social casino, you need to use the appropriate virtual currency. When you have these, you’re then able to explore and play a great range of free social casino games. So, what are these virtual currencies, and how can you use them? Let’s take a look.

          As you now know, there are 2 types of currency that you’re likely to come across. These are:

          • Gold Coins (or Fun Coins): These are the free-to-acquire currency of social casinos. They cannot be redeemed for any real-world value and solely serve as the "play money" within the game. Most social casinos offer daily bonuses, login rewards, and other ways to accumulate gold coins.
          • Sweepstakes Coins (or SC): These are awarded through various means, including in-game achievements, social media engagement, or promotional offers. While some platforms may offer SCs for free, purchasing them with real money is prohibited due to legal restrictions.  Importantly, sweepstakes coins can be redeemed for real-world prizes, such as gift cards or even cash, depending on the specific social casino.

          When it comes to redeeming Sweepstakes Coins, here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

          • Navigate to the "Redeem" or "Rewards" section of the platform.
          • Browse the available prizes and select the one you want to redeem your SCs for.
          • Enter the required information, such as your shipping address for physical prizes.
          • Confirm the redemption request.

          Always check the specific social casino's terms and conditions to understand their policies on virtual currencies, redemptions, and eligibility for prizes.

          Remember, social casino games are meant for entertainment purposes. While sweepstakes coins offer a chance to win real-world prizes, prioritise responsible gameplay.

          Welcome Offer at Social Casinos Explained

          Unlike their real-money counterparts, social casinos offer a unique way to experience the thrill of casino games without risking any personal finances. A key aspect of this is the Welcome Offer, which is a package of virtual goods intended to entice new players and provide them with a head start in their social gaming journey.

          Unlike traditional online casinos where Welcome Offers typically involve real money bonuses or free spins on real slots, social casinos offer rewards in the form of virtual currencies:

          • Gold coins: These are used for practice play, allowing players to enjoy the games without any financial commitment. They are readily available and can be replenished through various means, like daily logins, completing in-game tasks, or even through in-app purchases.
          • Sweepstakes coins (or similar): These are rarer and hold greater value as they can be used to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win real-world prizes, such as gift cards or even cash. While some Welcome Offers include a small amount of sweepstakes coins, they are often acquired through specific actions within the game.

          While social casino bonuses lack the appeal of real money, they can still be valuable assets, especially for those seeking a risk-free and entertaining way to experience casino games. Here are some tips to help you to maximise the benefits of a social casino welcome offer:

          • Check for No Deposit Bonus: Many social casinos offer a "no deposit bonus" as part of their welcome offer. This means you simply need to create an account to receive a starting amount of virtual currency, allowing you to begin playing immediately.
          • Review the Details: Don't just focus on the total amount of gold coins offered. Look for details like how many sweepstakes coins (if any) are included, if there are any restrictions on how these currencies can be used, and whether there are any limitations on claiming the bonus.
          • Explore Ongoing Promotions: Most social casinos offer a variety of ongoing promotions beyond the welcome offer. These might include daily login rewards, bonus offers for completing specific in-game tasks, or even special events with unique rewards. Researching these promotions can enhance your overall experience and provide valuable resources for continued play.
          • Compare and Contrast: Don't limit yourself to a single social casino. Explore different platforms and compare their welcome offers and ongoing promotions to find one that best suits your preferences.

          Sign-up Process Step by Step

          If you like what you've seen about social casinos so far, you may want to go ahead and start playing. If that sounds like you, here are the steps that you'll need to take to sign up and get your account open:

          • Choose a Social Casino: Choose a reputable social casino website or app. Ensure it's legal and operates in your region.
          • Locate Sign Up: Look for a "Sign Up" or "Register" button, usually on the platform's homepage.
          • Fill in the Details: Provide your desired username, email address, and create a strong password.
          • Additional Information: You might need to enter your date of birth, country of residence, or answer security questions.
          • Terms and Agreements: Carefully review the platform's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Agree to them only if you understand and accept them.
          • Finalise Registration: Click on the "Create Account" or "Register" button to complete the process.
          • Verification: You might receive a confirmation email or need to verify your account through a link.

          It's also worth noting that you may not have to provide your email address. That's because many online social casinos will allow you to register using social media. Often, there is the chance to join using your Facebook or Google account. Also, bear in mind that if you're playing at online social casinos that pay real money, you will have to go through the KYC process to confirm your identity.

          Social Casino Games and Software

          Social casinos offer a great selection of games, catering to all players, regardless of their tastes. You’ll find that the social casino games available mirror what you can expect to find at a traditional online site. They include:

          • Jackpot Slots: These fast-paced games are a mainstay in social casinos, featuring vibrant themes, exciting animations, and the potential to win massive virtual jackpots accumulated through player contributions. Players spin the reels, hoping to land matching symbols and trigger bonus rounds for even greater rewards.
          • Table Games: Social casinos recreate the classic table games found in real-world casinos, allowing players to engage in strategic battles against the computer or even compete with friends. Popular options include:
          • Blackjack: Players aim to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer without going over, using virtual chips to place bets and test their card-counting skills.
          • Roulette: Players wager on where a small ball will land on a spinning wheel, offering various betting options for diverse risk-reward preferences.
          • Poker: This iconic game allows players to compete with each other, utilising their bluffing and strategic thinking to build the best hand possible.
          • Bingo: This social favourite involves marking off numbers on a virtual card as they are called out, with players competing for lines, full house, or other winning patterns.
          • Casual Games: Beyond the traditional casino staples, some social platforms offer casual games like solitaire, mahjong, or hidden object puzzles, providing a more relaxed gaming experience.
          • Live Dealer: Some social casinos now include a live dealer section. Here, players get to enjoy classic casino games with a real-life dealer. The games are streamed in HD quality from purpose built studios, and offers a fully immersive experience,

          Social casino games are developed using sophisticated software that creates an immersive and engaging experience. Leading software providers in the industry include:

          • Scientific Games: A giant in the gaming industry, providing software solutions for both real money and social casinos.
          • NetEnt: A well-known game provider that is behind some of the best table games and slots.
          • Yggdrasil: This provider is known for developing stunning slot games that come in their own unique style.
          • Microgaming: Well-known in traditional casinos, this provider also appears heavily in social casinos.
          • Better Live: As the name suggests, this provider is behind many of the live dealer games that can be found at social casinos.

          These software companies ensure smooth gameplay, integrate social features like chat rooms and leaderboards, and utilise complex algorithms to balance the thrill of winning with the need to keep players engaged. If you’ve ever played at a traditional casino, there’s a good chance that you’ll already know these names as they provide games to these sites too.

          Safety and Trustworthiness at Social Casinos

          While social casinos don't involve real money wagering, prioritising safety and trustworthiness is still a must. At SlotJava, you’ll see in all of our casino reviews that we put safety first, ensuring that our readers only play at trustworthy sites. So, how can you tell if a social casino is safe to play at?  These are some of the things that you’ll need to consider:

          • Licensing: Ensure the platform holds a valid license from a reputable gambling authority like the Malta Gaming Authority. Also be sure to check out what local licensing requirements are, and make sure that your chosen site complies. This guarantees adherence to strict regulations, fair play, and responsible gambling practices.
          • Responsible Gambling Support: Look for platforms that offer resources and support tools to help players maintain healthy gaming habits. These may include self-exclusion options to temporarily or permanently disable your account, deposit limits to control spending, and reality checks to remind you of your playtime.
          • Customer Service: Reliable and responsive customer service is essential for addressing any concerns or issues you might encounter. Opt for platforms with multiple contact channels, such as live chat, email, and phone support, to ensure prompt assistance.
          • Encryption: Secure platforms utilise encryption technology to safeguard your personal information and financial transactions, even though real money isn't involved. This protects your data from unauthorised access and ensures all transactions are secure.
          • Privacy: Choose platforms with clear and transparent privacy policies outlining how they collect, use, and protect your data. Be wary of platforms with vague or overly broad privacy policies, and opt for those that allow you control over your information and communication preferences.

          By prioritising these features, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable social casino experience where you can focus on the fun and social aspects of the games without compromising your security or privacy.

          Available Payment Methods

          When it comes to choosing a social casino to play at, you’ll need to check out the casino payment methods that are on offer. If you want to buy more Gold Coins, you’re going to need a way to make a payment. If you’re looking to play at a real money social casino, you’re also going to need a way to make a withdrawal. Let’s take a look at some of the options that you’ll come across:

          Credit/Debit Cards: The most widely accepted payment method, credit and debit cards offer a familiar and secure way to purchase virtual coins. They're perfect for players who are already comfortable making online transactions.

          E-wallets: Digital wallets like PayPal and Skrill have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and fast transaction times. They provide an extra layer of security by acting as an intermediary between your bank account and the virtual store, eliminating the need to share your financial information directly.

          Prepaid Cards: If you're looking for an extra layer of control over your spending, prepaid cards are a great option. These cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount of money, allowing you to manage your virtual currency purchases without the risk of overspending.

          Cryptocurrency: For the tech-savvy players out there, some platforms allow deposits and withdrawals using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This option offers a decentralised and potentially faster method of purchasing virtual coins, but it's important to remember that the value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate significantly.

          Your Personalized Social Casino Checklist for a New Social Casino

          As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing a new social casino. We have put together this handy checklist for you to evaluate the most important characteristics you should consider in 2024:

          Game Variety

          Check the game selection: Does it cater to your favourite casino classics like slots, blackjack, or poker? Does it offer unique and engaging variants? Consider the availability of live dealer games for an extra layer of social interaction and realism.

          Cash vs. Non-Cash Prizes

          Determine if the platform offers in-game rewards like virtual currencies or leaderboards, or if it's purely for entertainment. Understand that social casinos, unlike real-money online casinos, do not offer cash prizes for winning.

          Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

          Compare the welcome bonus offered by different platforms, such as free virtual currency or exclusive in-game items. Regularly check for ongoing promotions that can enhance your gameplay experience.

          Community and Social Features

          Check if the platform offers features like chat rooms, tournaments, or leagues to connect with other players and socialise. Consider your preference for a highly interactive or a more solitary gaming experience.

          Responsible Gaming

          Look for platforms that offer responsible gaming tools and resources to help set spending limits and promote healthy play.

          By ticking these boxes off your list, you'll be well-equipped to choose a social casino that matches your tastes as well as your playing style.

          Social Casinos - Frequently Asked Questions

          Yes, you can play jackpot slots at social casinos. However, you won’t be playing for real money prizes.
          Yes, social casinos are legal across the US. As there are no real money prizes, they do not fall under the same rules and regulations as real money sites.
          Social casinos and social media websites are not connected as such. The truth is that social casinos use social media effectively to attract new players and to issue awards.
          Yes, several social casinos now feature live dealer games.
          If you want to enjoy social casino games on the go, all of these are optimised for mobile play. If you’re looking for the convenience of playing via an app, you’ll find that the best of these are at High 5 Casino and Pulsz.
          Social casinos are all about playing for fun, using virtual coins that have no value. However, some of these also have sweepstakes coins. When playing with these, you can redeem winnings for real money and/or prizes.
          When you look at social casino games, you'll find that they mirror what you'll find at a traditional online casino. The focus is generally on slots, but at some sites, you'll also find table games, as well as a live dealer section.
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