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Reel Rush 2

Reel Rush 2

Looking for a little sweetness in your slot game? Look no further than Reel Rush 2, the innovative 5x5 slot machine from NetEnt. With 3,125 pay lines, you'll have plenty of chances to cash in on your fruit-themed favorites.

But it's not just the cute graphics and easy-to-use design that make this game stand out. Reel Rush 2 also offers exciting features like Block Breaker and Super Tokens. And who doesn't love free spins and second chances? This game has all the sweetest fruit without any of the pesky seeds.

Super Tokens: Super Fun

Who doesn't love a good bonus? Well, Reel Rush 2 has got you covered with its Super Tokens! Not only do they sound super cool, but they give you the chance to bet on all 25 boxes once you've unlocked them all. And let's be real, unlocking things is so satisfying, it's like popping bubble wrap or peeling off a protective screen cover on your phone. Plus, with increased chances of winning and earning more money, you'll be feeling super rich in no time.

Get Your Free Spin On

Who doesn't love a good deal? With Reel Rush 2, you can spin for free! The Free Spins column on the right shows you six stars that are turned off when you first start playing. But fear not, my friends! Every time you hit a Scatter symbol while playing, one of those stars will light up. And once all six stars are illuminated, well, you just hit the jackpot of multipliers and opportunities to earn some serious money.

So hold onto your hats - and your wallets - and see if you can light up all of those sparkly stars and reap the rewards of the Free Spins feature. Who knows? Maybe you'll even get to see some unicorns and rainbows along the way (okay, we can't guarantee that part, but one can dream).

Pay Lines

Reel Rush 2 boasts an insane 3,125 pay lines, but hold your horses, not all the boxes are unlocked! The more you unravel, the better odds of raking in the big bucks. And with the Block Breaker feature, you can activate even more boxes, increasing your chances of hitting it big. Pay lines are crucial in this game, so choose wisely and see how much moolah you can score!

Second Chance: Because Everyone Deserves a Do-Over

Well, well, well, if it isn't your lucky day. Fear not, my friend... for Reel Rush 2 has got your back with its nifty Second Chance function! Don't you just love it when life gives you another opportunity to make things right?

So, how does it work, you ask? If you don't land a winning combination, this feature will randomly pop up, offering you the chance to spin again! That's right, folks - it's like hitting the reset button, but without having to start all the way from scratch.

Now, we're not saying that it guarantees a win, but it definitely increases your chances of hitting that coveted jackpot. So keep spinning and hope for the best!


Who produced Reel Rush 2?

Reel Rush 2 was produced by Net Entertainment, a reputable slot game production company.

What kind of graphics does Reel Rush 2 have?

Reel Rush 2 has pastel-colored graphics, with cute fruit symbols and a cartoon forest background that can help you relax while playing.

How many pay lines does Reel Rush 2 have?

Reel Rush 2 has 3,125 pay lines, but not all the boxes inside the 5x5 grid are unlocked at the beginning. You need to activate them with the Block Breaker function.

What are Super Tokens in Reel Rush 2?

Super Tokens are bonuses that you get each time you unlock a box on the grid. When you fill the entire column on the left, you can bet on all 25 boxes and increase your chances of winning.

What is the function of the column on the right in Reel Rush 2?

The column on the right in Reel Rush 2 is dedicated to Free Spins. Every time you get a Scatter symbol, one star in the column lights up. When all six stars are lit up, you can earn random multipliers and more money.

What is the Second Chance function in Reel Rush 2?

The Second Chance function in Reel Rush 2 gives you the chance to take another Spin when you don't get a winning combination.

What is Flowers, and how is it similar to Reel Rush 2?

Flowers is another Slot Machine produced by Net Entertainment, similar to Reel Rush 2 in terms of pastel-colored graphics and relaxing gameplay. It has double symbols and high frequency of 3x multipliers.

How can I bet in Reel Rush 2?

Betting an amount of money in Reel Rush 2 is simple and intuitive, located at the bottom of the game platform.

What we like

  • Innovative 5x5 grid and 3,125 pay lines
  • Relaxing and pastel-colored graphics with cute fruit symbols
  • Exciting features like Block Breaker, Super Tokens, Free Spins, and Second Chance
  • Increased chances of winning and earning more money with Super Tokens and Free Spins

What we don't like

  • Not all boxes inside the grid are unlocked, limiting potential winnings
  • Second Chance function is random and not guaranteed
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