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Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla Kingdom has everything you need for a great online slot experience. With a 5x4 grid and 1024 paylines, this game is one of the most exciting and engaging slot machines on the market. And with medium volatility and an RTP of 96.03%, this slot is sure to keep you on your toes.

One of the best things about Gorilla Kingdom is the ability to customize your experience. With features like Autoplay and manual play, you can tailor the game to your specific preferences. And if you're the type of player who likes to spin through rounds quickly, you'll love the fast spin option.

Overall, Gorilla Kingdom is a game that offers both fun and function. So whether you're a seasoned slot player or a newcomer, this game is sure to please. Just be careful not to get too distracted by the mesmerizing graphics and exciting gameplay. You might just forget that you're playing for real money!

Unleash the Gorilla Kingdom: Discover the Symbol Values and Payouts

Get ready to go bananas with Gorilla Kingdom – the latest casino slot game that is sure to make your gaming experience wilder than ever before. Gorilla Kingdom is a visually stunning game that offers a unique and immersive jungle adventure. That being said, some players might be more interested in the possible payouts – and we’ve got you covered.

Let's start by exploring the symbols of the Gorilla Kingdom. The non-thematic symbols might not be jungle creatures, but they are still important as they have a direct effect on your winnings. These classics include playing cards ranging from 10 to Ace, and while they don't offer the greatest payouts, they’re enough to keep you in the game. However, if you’re looking for the big bucks, you’ll want to land the thematic symbols. These include a stunning leopard, a curious pangolin, an adorable okapi, beautiful hornbill birds, and – of course – the gorilla. The gorilla is the symbol to look out for, as it provides the highest payout. Just one of these noble creatures is enough to earn big bucks, but the more you land, the more bananas you’ll earn.

Unfortunately, there is no Wild symbol in this jungle adventure – but don't get too upset. It’s more than made up for with the scatter symbol, represented by a dazzling blue gemstone. This Scatter can activate Free Spins when you land 3 or more on the reels. The more Scatters you land, the more Free Spins you will receive. Even better, the game offers a minimum of 10 – but the max amount of Free Spins available is 20. So, keep your eyes peeled for those stunning blue gems.

If you're looking for a reason to play Gorilla Kingdom, the maximum win value is 2,857x your initial bet – which is certainly nothing to sniff at. But keep in mind that slots are unpredictable (just like a gorilla's mood). Sometimes they’re feeling generous and will reward you with great payouts, while other times they will leave you feeling defeated. So, let's hope for the best, and may the gorilla kingdom be on your side!

Get Your Free Spins and Bonus Features

Looking for some extra kick in your slot game? Gorilla Kingdom has got you covered! This game offers not one but two bonus features that are sure to get your heart racing!

With the Free Spins bonus feature, you can win up to 20 free spins when three or more blue gemstone Scatters land on the reels. And who doesn't like free stuff, am I right? During Free Spins, getting two or more Scatters can earn you additional free spins. Heck, who knows, you might hit the jackpot and get enough free spins to last you until Thanksgiving!

The Symbol Transform function is another bonus feature in the game. Picture this: you're on Free Spins mode, and a gorilla mask appears on the reels. Suddenly, the game takes a turn, and you see the mask rolling out of the game grid to fill a totem pole statue, leaving empty spaces that require images of other animals. All of a sudden, you'll have a smile from ear to ear when all animal icons transform into gorillas! Cha-ching!

Customization Options and Bet Sizes

Get your betting hats on because Gorilla Kingdom offers customization options that cater to your needs! With a fun Autoplay option that lets you kick back and relax, you'll never miss a winning spin. If you're feeling hands-on, engage in manual play and spin those reels yourself. Don't forget about the fast spin option for those of us in a hurry, like the cheetahs of the jungle, or so we've heard!

Now, let's talk about the betting range. With a minimum of only 0.10$, this game is accessible for even the thriftiest of gamblers; and, with a max bet of 350$ per spin, high-rollers will be dying to get in on the action! These customization options and bet sizes make Gorilla Kingdom an excellent option for all types of players, from the budget-conscious penny-pincher to the extravagant gambler.

Experience the Thrill of the Jungle with Gorilla Kingdom

Who doesn't love a good jungle-themed slot game? With Gorilla Kingdom, players can immerse themselves in the lush and lively world of the gorillas. But what sets this game apart from others in the genre? Here, we take a closer look at the graphics, animations, and sound effects of this gripping game.

First and foremost, the graphics of Gorilla Kingdom are nothing short of breathtaking. The backdrop of the slot game showcases stunning waterfalls cascading down the lush green jungle. The colors of the flora and fauna are rich and vivid, immersing you into this tropical paradise. And as you hit those winning combos, the detail in the animations of the symbols pops out and draws you deeper into the game.

The jungle isn't just a feast for your eyes too, with Gorilla Kingdom's superior sound effects players are greeted with the sound of water and exotic drums and flutes that complement the jungle backdrop. Just wait until you hit that winning combination, triggering the gorilla symbol to roar, and the hair on your neck will stand on end. It's a perfect touch that adds the necessary thrill to the game.

Unlike many other online slot games, Gorilla Kingdom does not feature a Wild symbol. However, this is more than offset by the unique bonus features of the game. With the vivid graphics, immersive sound effects, and the absence of a Wild symbol, players can enjoy a fresh and unique experience with Gorilla Kingdom.

In conclusion, Gorilla Kingdom is a stunning and engaging online slot game that offers players a thrilling and immersive experience. With its superior graphics, detailed animations, and unforgettable sound effects, it's the perfect game for anyone who wants to escape to the jungle.


What is the return to player percentage of Gorilla Kingdom slot?

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of Gorilla Kingdom slot is 96.03%, which is similar to other slot machines.

What is the minimum and maximum bet range in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

The minimum bet range in Gorilla Kingdom slot is 0.10 $ and the maximum bet range is 350 $ per spin.

What is the maximum payout in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

In Gorilla Kingdom slot, you can win up to 2,857 times the value of your bet.

What are the symbols in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

The symbols in Gorilla Kingdom slot include thematic symbols such as leopard, pangolin, okapi, hornbill birds, and gorilla and non-thematic symbols are playing cards (10 to Ace).

Is there a Wild symbol in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

No, there is no Wild symbol in Gorilla Kingdom slot, but it has an extra bonus function related to the Scatter symbol.

What is the Scatter symbol in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

The Scatter symbol in Gorilla Kingdom slot is a large blue gemstone and when it appears at least 3 times, free spins are activated.

How many paylines are there in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

Gorilla Kingdom slot has a whopping 1,024 paylines, which is more than the traditional 5X3 slot machines.

What is the Symbol Transform function in Gorilla Kingdom slot?

The Symbol Transform function in Gorilla Kingdom slot can be activated during Free Spins and if the gorilla mask appears on the reels, it fills a totem pole statue with empty spaces that need to be filled with images of other animals. When the statue is complete, all animal icons will transform into gorillas and lead to substantial wins.

What we like

  • Interesting bonus features with potential for big wins
  • High-quality graphics and animations
  • Customization options for both low and high rollers
  • Medium volatility with a high theoretical RTP

What we don't like

  • No Wild symbols in the base game
  • Limited variety of thematic symbols
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