Great Rhino Deluxe

by Pragmatic Play

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RTP 96.5%

Volatility HIGH


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Slot review

Great Rhino Deluxe
RTP 96.5%
Volatility HIGH

Great Rhino Deluxe

Great Rhino Deluxe

Are you ready to rumble? Great Rhino Deluxe has an RTP of 96.5%, which means that you can expect a lot of fun from this casino slot game. You’ll especially enjoy the free spins and Super Respin mode, which offer plenty of opportunities to win big.

The classic free spins feature is a crowd-pleaser, allowing you to earn ten free spins when you collect three scatter symbols. But that’s not all – during these free spins, all the rhinos will be collected and randomly rearranged on the grid at the end, creating exciting new ways to win.

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Super Respin function by obtaining two or more rhinos during normal play, get ready for even more action. In this mode, only the rhinos will spin, and every time they reappear, a new free respin will be activated. Plus, there’s a symbol similar to the rhino symbol that comes with a multiplier, giving you even more chances to win big.

To sum it all up, Great Rhino Deluxe offers a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience. So come on, let’s give those rhinos a run for their money!


Get ready to embark on a wild adventure to the African savannah with Great Rhino Deluxe! This online slot game is nothing short of visually stunning. The background boasts golden tall grass, majestic mountains far in the distance, and exotic animals lurking in the shadows. Take a closer look and you’ll see zebras grazing, rhinos roaming, and flamingos flocking. Even the grid itself is adorned with tribal spears, lion teeth, and feathers. Watch as the reels spin and come to life with the perfectly synchronized animations on winning symbols featuring an array of African animals in a tribal style. The classic playing cards (K, Q, and J) have been transformed with the customary African tribal decor.

The creative team behind Great Rhino Deluxe didn’t skimp on attention to detail. The symbols are beautifully decorated and presented. The rhino, for example, is situated on a purple square, while the flamingo, hyena, crocodile, leopard, and gorilla are displayed in a circular medal-like manner – all adorned in their unique tribal styles. The Wild symbol is a stunning golden medal portraying the rhino in all its glory, and the scatter symbol is an acacia tree at sunset. You’ll be blown away by the vibrant colors and smooth animations. It’s as though the savannah has come alive on your screen.

The music is a standout feature as well – the drum beats and animal sounds transport you straight to the heart of the savannah. With every win, you’ll hear an infectious sound that will make you want to whip out your own tribal dance. Great Rhino Deluxe is proof that some of the most incredible experiences are those that engage all your senses. Kudos to the artistic department for this high-quality design!

Rollin’ In The Rtp:

Looking for a slot game with a decent Return to Player percentage? Great Rhino Deluxe brings the heat with an RTP of 96.5%! It’s like getting a 3.5% discount on every spin! And let’s be real, we can all use a little discount when we’re tryna hit that jackpot. So, if you wanna increase your chances of winning big, Great Rhino Deluxe is the way to go.

Similar Slots to Keep the Adventure Going

After experiencing the thrill of Great Rhino Deluxe, players might find themselves craving more wild adventures. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from! For those who want to stay in the savannah, Savanna Wild is a great choice. And if you want to explore even more exotic terrain, Golden Yak will transport you straight to the grasslands of Mongolia.

With these exciting slots, you can continue your animal-filled journey and maybe even hit some big wins while you’re at it. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and bug spray, because you never know what kind of creatures you might encounter!


What is the theme of Great Rhino Deluxe?

The theme of Great Rhino Deluxe is the African savannah, with a focus on the golden horned rhino.

What is the RTP of Great Rhino Deluxe?

The RTP of Great Rhino Deluxe is 96.5%.

What are the free spins in Great Rhino Deluxe?

There are ten free spins in Great Rhino Deluxe that are achieved by obtaining three scatter symbols.

What is the Super Respin feature in Great Rhino Deluxe?

The Super Respin feature is achieved by obtaining two or more rhinos during a normal play. Only the rhinos will then spin and every time they reappear, a new free respin will be activated with a multiplier.

What are some similar slots to Great Rhino Deluxe?

Some similar slots to Great Rhino Deluxe are Savanna Wild and Golden Yak.

What are the symbols in Great Rhino Deluxe?

The symbols in Great Rhino Deluxe include classic playing cards (K, Q, and J) with African tribal decorations, as well as animals like the flamingo, hyena, crocodile, leopard, gorilla, and rhino.

What is the Wild symbol in Great Rhino Deluxe?

The Wild symbol in Great Rhino Deluxe is a golden medal with a rhino on it.

What is the Scatter symbol in Great Rhino Deluxe?

The Scatter symbol in Great Rhino Deluxe is an acacia at sunset.

What we like

  • Good RTP of 96.5%
  • Super Respin function with multiplier
  • High-quality graphical design
  • Free spins with extra chance at end

What we don’t like

  • Limited classic free spins (10)
  • Low variance game
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