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Get ready for some serious slot action with Mysterious. This game boasts a whole slew of exciting gameplay features that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

For starters, you've got large multipliers that'll make even the most seasoned slot player's heart skip a beat. But that's not all - there are also numerous extra wilds and a super jackpot up for grabs.

Plus, with the extra wild modifiers you'll never know what kind of crazy twists and turns your gaming experience will take. Will you activate The Lord's 2x-3x multipliers? Or will The Lady's expanding wilds reveal some mysterious symbols for big victories? And what about The Baron, who can turn nearby symbols into extra wilds? The possibilities are endless!

Mysterious also offers two different kinds of free spins. With the Block Multiplier, you'll have the chance to get a random multiplier of 3x-12x for each round - as long as you spot the special Clock symbol. And if you manage to get two clocks, you'll earn 2 extra free spins with the blocked multiplier. Alternatively, there's the Resurrecting Roaming Wilds feature which scatters wilds all over the playing area. Just when you thought this game couldn't get any more thrilling!

Return to Player Rate: The Mystery Lies in Your Favor

If you're looking for a slot game with a high return to player rate, Mysterious has got you covered with an impressive rate of 96.50%. That means for every spin, you have a better chance of winning big.

They say that the game of slots is all about luck, but with Mysterious, it's also a matter of strategy. You can rest assured that your money is safe and sound, with a rate like this.

Don't be the one to miss out on this mysterious adventure and play Mysterious now!

Maximum Bet: All In Or Fold!

Are you a high roller or a risk taker? Well, this game has got you covered with a minimum bet of just $0.10. However, if you've got the guts and glory, you can put it all on the line with a maximum bet of $100.00.

Fingers crossed, lady luck is on your side. Otherwise, you might be maxing out your credit card to cover your losses.

Symbolic Features

Prepare to be spellbound by the mysterious characters in this wild online slot game. Each character possesses their unique magical powers that unlock a world of winning opportunities. With the help of wild symbols, winning multipliers, expanding wilds and stacked symbols, your pockets will be filled with more gold than a leprechaun’s pot!

Hold on to your wizard hats – it gets even better! The game also features a special bonus round with free spins that expands the game into a six-reel extravaganza. With roaming wilds and consistent multipliers, the fun never stops. And don’t forget the payout – brace yourselves for the chance to win over 20,000 times your bet! With up to 12 multipliers active and 4,096 potential combinations, you could be bathing in riches like a cash-hungry dragon.

Starting with 256 ways to win and a 4x4 playing area, brace yourselves for an expanding reel set once the free spins bonus round is activated. It’s a world of 4,096 potential combinations that’ll have you feeling like a majestic unicorn prancing through fields of money.

Game Modes

Get ready to enter the mysterious world of this slot game, where there are three different game modes to keep you on the edge of your seat. But don't worry, it's not as mysterious as your ex's text messages. The Lord mode activates multipliers of 2x-3x, giving you the chance to win big and feel like the king or queen of the casino floor. The Lady mode is an expanding wild that reveals mysterious symbols... kind of like when you finally meet your Tinder match and they don't look anything like their pictures. But in this case, it can bring you further victories. And last but not least, The Baron mode will turn nearby symbols into extra wilds, which is basically like getting a surprise party - unexpected, but oh so satisfying. So buckle up and get ready to unravel the mysteries of this game!


What is Mysterious?

Mysterious is an online slot game with a Victorian theme and haunted house setting. It features three wild symbols that unlock winning multipliers, expanding wilds, and stacked symbols.

How many ways are there to win in Mysterious?

There are 265 different ways to win in Mysterious, but this increases up to 4,096 during the free spins bonus round.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Mysterious?

The minimum bet for Mysterious is $0.10, while the maximum bet is $100.00.

What is the return to player rate for Mysterious?

Mysterious has a return to player rate of 96.50%.

What are the special features of Mysterious?

Mysterious has two free spins bonus round variations: Block Multiplier and Resurrecting Roaming Wilds. Additionally, it features three wild symbols that offer unique gameplay features.

What is the maximum prize payout for Mysterious?

Mysterious pays out over 20,000 times your bet and has up to 12 active multipliers with 4,096 ways to win/achieve potential combinations.

Is Mysterious available for free?

Yes, Mysterious is a registration-free slot game.

What other similar slot games are recommended?

If you like horror genre, we recommend trying the free slot game Ghost Slider by Merkur available in our online library.

What we like

  • Multiple gameplay features including large multipliers and extra wilds.
  • Good return to player rate of 96.50%.
  • Wild symbols with their own magical powers.
  • Three game modes to make the experience more dynamic.

What we don't like

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