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Down the Rails

by Pragmatic Play





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Down the Rails

Down the Rails

Get on board with Pragmatic Play's Down the Rails - a slot game that is sure to take you on an unforgettable train ride! And while you're at it, prepare to be blown away by the game's impeccable design that oozes sheer brilliance from every aspect.

The graphics are nothing short of incredible - everything from the intricate details of the trains and tunnels to the charming caricatures of iconic British personalities like Isaac Newton and Winston Churchill has been beautifully crafted.

And speaking of caricatures, don't tell us you didn't get a kick out of seeing classic British figures turned into animated characters - we certainly did! Who knew Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare could look so darn cute?

Symbols and Bonuses

Have you ever felt your train ride was missing some excitement? Well, fret no more! Down the Rails casino slot game brings all the adventure, thrill, and rewards of a high-speed train chase in your hand. The game has three main categories of symbols: low level, high level, and bonus. While the low-level symbols are represented by playing cards, the high-level symbols feature passengers and railway employees.

The Wild symbol can substitute for all the other symbols except for the Scatter and bonus symbols. The Wilds are also fused with some elements of mystery, which keeps the game engaging throughout. The carriage represents the Scatter, and scoring three or more Scatter symbols triggers one of the four bonus games: Pentonville, King Cross, Buckingham Palace, and Canary Wharf. Scatter symbols also offer a chance to multiply the original bet and earn additional rewards.

However, the real treasure trove lies in the End of the Line Bonus game. Once triggered, this game offers three Respins, cash prizes, extra lives, symbol value increases, expanding reels, and multipliers. With so many bonuses combined in one game, Down the Rails is a complete package for casino lovers looking for an action-packed slot game.

If that wasn't enough for you, random functions are also available during the base game. The Tunnel Vision, The Big Smoke, Wild Strike, Shifting Stack, and Bonus Blitz, are surprisingly entertaining and sometimes they can spice things up when you least expect it.

Overall, Down the Rails is worth a try. The game has all the qualities of a good casino slot, including an interesting theme, 3D graphics, engaging sound effects, and an elaborate bonus system. So get your tickets ready, hop on the train, and let's set this adventure in motion!

Gameplay Mechanics

Let's talk about mechanics, baby! Down the Rails has got a classic game grid with 5 reels, 3 neat rows, and 20 fixed pay lines to bring you endless entertainment. The Autoplay feature is available too, but don't worry, you're still in full control as you can customize it with win limits. It's like having your very own train conductor, except you don't have to yell at passengers for not having their tickets.

But the real excitement comes with the high volatility in this game. You never know what's going to happen next, just like an actual train ride. Sometimes you'll hit the jackpot, and sometimes you'll feel like you're just shoveling coal. Either way, it's a thrilling ride. Plus, with an RTP value of 95.58%, you've got a good chance of walking away with more than just a fancy conductor's hat.

Betting Options

Hold onto your horses, folks - betting options in Down the Rails are all aboard for a wild ride! With a range of betting options, there's something for both penny pinchers and high rollers. The minimum bet you can make is $0.20, perfect for those who like to take it slow and steady. But for those looking to take a risk and go full steam ahead, the maximum bet is a whopping $100! Bet wisely, as the train could take you on a ride you'll never forget.

Speaking from experience, it's always best to bet within your means. Don't end up with empty pockets like a train without any coal! But if you're feeling lucky, put some wagons of gold on the line and see where the tracks take you.

Device Compatibility

Do you have a Commodore 64 or a Nokia flip phone from the early 2000s? If so, we're sorry to inform you that Down the Rails isn't compatible. But for the rest of us, this game can be enjoyed on both PC and portable devices, including tablets. So whether you're playing from your state-of-the-art gaming rig or your trusty old iPad, you can take a ride Down the Rails.

And let us just say, playing this game on a portable device adds a whole new level of excitement. Sure, you might get some weird looks from strangers as you're furiously tapping away at your screen, but who cares? You're spinning those reels and raking in the virtual coins. Just don't blame us if you miss your bus stop or walk into a lamp post.

One more thing to note: Down the Rails can be found in all the most famous online casinos with  certification. So you can rest easy knowing that you're playing in a safe and regulated environment. Well, except for the fact that you might jump out of your seat when you hit the jackpot. We recommend putting a pillow on your lap before playing, just in case.


What is the minimum and maximum bet for Down the Rails?

You can bet a minimum of $0.20 and a maximum of $100.

What is the volatility of Down the Rails?

The volatility of Down the Rails is high.

What is the RTP value of Down the Rails?

The RTP value of Down the Rails is 95.58%.

What are the bonus features of Down the Rails?

Down the Rails has five different bonus features which include: Pentonville, King's Cross, Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf and End of the Line Bonus game.

What are the symbols used in Down the Rails?

The symbols used in Down the Rails include playing cards from J to Ace, caricatures of iconic characters like Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Henry VIII, Florence Nightingale, and William Shakespeare, Wild, Scatter, and additional bonus symbols.

Is Down the Rails available in online casinos?

Yes, Down the Rails can be found at all the most famous online casinos with AAMS/ADM certification.

Can I play Down the Rails on my tablet?

Yes, Down the Rails is available on both PC and portable devices.

What is the Autoplay system in Down the Rails?

The Autoplay system in Down the Rails can be set with win limits beyond which the mode stops.

What we like

  • Beautifully designed with detailed graphics
  • Interesting theme based on the London subway
  • Variety of bonus games and random functions
  • Compatible with PC and portable devices

What we don't like

  • High volatility may not appeal to all players
  • RTP value of 95.58% is slightly below average
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