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King of atlantis

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King of atlantis

King of atlantis

Are you tired of the same old slot games with their boring grids? Look no further than King of Atlantis! With its unique 5x5 structure and forty paylines, this game offers a complex and exciting gaming experience. Players can even customize their experience by adjusting the amount of Wild symbols on the reels, increasing their chances of big winnings. It's like having your own personal slot machine genie granting your wishes! Just don't rub the screen too hard, you might break it.

Graphics Fit For a King of Atlantis

Hold onto your scales, folks - the graphics and design of King of Atlantis are truly impressive. The game immerses you deep into the lost city of Atlantis, with symbols of dazzling jewels, golden trinkets, and musical instruments from ancient times. Plus, can we talk about those wild symbols? Mermaids and dolphins and the regal King himself grace the reels to help you net some big wins.

Sure, it may be solemn, but it perfectly captures the mood and tone of the game. So put on your diving gear and get ready to explore the depths of the ocean in style with King of Atlantis.

Get Your Game Just Right

Are you someone who likes to have things your way? Then King of Atlantis has got you covered! With customizations available, players can adjust the amount of Wild symbols on the reels to increase their chances of big wins. Just be careful not to get too wild with those Wild symbols - it might cost ya!

Winning Potential

If you're looking for a slot game that'll make it rain coins, then King of Atlantis is your fish food. This game is more generous than your friend who always covers the bill, and it's got a lot of ways to win. With free spins and fixed Wild symbols, you'll feel like you've got Poseidon himself on your side, ready to make it rain.

Plus, the number of paylines and symbols in the grid mean that the winning potential is off the charts. It's like a treasure trove of gold in the lost city of Atlantis. So hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride, because this game is going to give you the underwater adventure of a lifetime.

Other Atlantis-Themed Games to Dive Into

If you still can't get enough of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, don't worry, there are other fish in the sea. Some games that share the same theme include Secrets of Atlantis by NetEnt and Atlantis 3D. And for those who like an air of mystery, take a dive into Mysterious Atlantis. With all these options, you'll feel like Poseidon himself trying to choose a favorite game.


What is King of Atlantis?

King of Atlantis is an online slot game by IGT set in the underwater city of Atlantis which uses great graphic design and unique game mechanics. It has 40 paylines and a 5x5 structure, with the potential to customize the amount of Wild symbols present on the reels.

What kind of graphics does King of Atlantis have?

King of Atlantis has high-quality and detailed graphics with design elements that mirror the underwater city of Atlantis. Symbols include sea creatures and valuable ancient objects, while the background audio is epic and engaging.

Is King of Atlantis user friendly?

The slot has a unique game grid, but it is still easy to play. It also offers customisation of settings and quick access to paytables and other information. The game is mobile-friendly, too!

How many paylines does King of Atlantis have?

King of Atlantis has 40 paylines, which is considered a good number for achieving frequent and stable wins, and ensures a constant and entertaining gaming experience.

Does King of Atlantis let players modify the number of Wild symbols?

Yes, King of Atlantis allows players to modify the number of Wild symbols (i.e. Jokers) on the reels. The more Wild symbols in the game, the greater the investment, but the higher the potential rewards that can be won.

What are the similar slots games to King of Atlantis?

Some of the other slots games which share the underwater theme of King of Atlantis include Secrets of Atlantis by NetEnt, Atlantis 3D, and Mysterious Atlantis.

What is the maximum payout of King of Atlantis?

King of Atlantis has a maximum potential payout of 500x the player's initial bet, but this varies based on the player's level of investment and number of Wild symbols in the game.

Is King of Atlantis worth playing?

Based on our experience, King of Atlantis is a fun, unique, and rewarding slot game that is certainly worth playing if you like high-quality slots with unique mechanics and an entertaining, underwater theme.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay grid compared to other slots
  • Customization options for Wild symbols
  • Good graphics and design that complements the theme
  • Generous potential winnings with free spins and paylines

What we don't like

  • Increasing Wild symbols has a cost
  • Limited options for other games with the same theme
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