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Pharaoh’s Fortune

Pharaoh’s Fortune

Step into the world of ancient Egypt with Pharaoh's Fortune, a classic Vegas-style slot game that will transport you back in time. With five reels and fifteen paylines, there are plenty of opportunities to strike it lucky and hit the jackpot. And speaking of jackpots, the Green Pharaoh logo is the symbol you'll want to keep your eye on as it offers a whopping 10,000 times the bet amount!

Of course, with a high maximum bet of $750, and a relatively high minimum bet of $30, it's not for the faint-hearted. But if you're feeling adventurous and have some spare change, it's definitely worth a spin. Plus, who knows? You might end up stumbling upon the Pharaoh's treasure, which also serves as a wild symbol.

But watch out for the Blue Sacred Scarab, as it can appear anywhere on the reels and still pay out. It's like a ninja - you never know when it's going to strike, but when it does, it's a cause for celebration. Just don't let it distract you from the ultimate goal - becoming the biggest winner in ancient Egypt.

Unleash the Bonus Madness!

Prepare yourself for the ultimate bonus adventure with Pharaoh's Fortune! This online slot game is not only packed with awesome features but also with the chance of getting up to 999 free spins - Yes, that's right, 999! But let's not kid ourselves, we all know that's as rare as a mummy coming back to life, so let's stick to the more realistic outcomes.

The bonus game is triggered by landing three scatters that will lead you to 30 rocks hiding special prizes. You may stumble upon 22 free spins, 5 awesome multipliers, or be lucky enough to restart the bonus game and keep uncovering more prizes. With this bonus feature, players can get anywhere from 5-25 free spins and up to an impressive 6x multiplier, which could turn a modest win into a small treasure.

So, are you ready to enter the tomb of Pharaoh's Fortune and unleash the bonus madness? Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed, as this bonus feature could lead you to some big wins. Let's get spinning!

Visuals and graphics

Who doesn't love a good Egyptian themed slot game? Pharaoh's Fortune delivers on that front with clean and polished graphics that make you feel like you're in the presence of ancient royalty. The symbols are recognizable and harken back to classic Egyptian iconography. But the real standout feature is the soundtrack. Forget all those generic casino sounds, this game brings the iconic '80s hit "Walking like an Egyptian" by The Bangles to the reels. I dare you not to dance along as you spin!


When it comes to online slot games, the background music can make or break the entire experience. But fear not, dear reader. Pharaoh's Fortune has got you covered with a rocking soundtrack that will have you 'Walking Like an Egyptian' right along with The Bangles. Not only does it perfectly complement the game's theme, but it also adds a fun and enjoyable element to the overall experience. Just try not to dance in your seat too much while you're playing - we wouldn't want anyone to think you've got the mummy curse.

Make It or Break It: Minimum and Maximum Bets

Brace yourself with some real talk, my friend - if you want to try your luck with Pharaoh's Fortune, you gotta be ready to bet a minimum of $30. Not exactly pocket change, but hey, you gotta give a little to get a little, am I right?

And for all of you high rollers out there, this game is perfect for you! The maximum bet you can place is a whopping $750! Just make sure you're not forcing yourself to take out a second mortgage to keep playing.

But let's get to the good stuff - the potential winnings. The coveted Green Pharaoh logo is the most valuable symbol in this game, and it offers a jackpot prize of 10,000 times the bet amount. So, if you're feeling lucky and have a little extra cash to spare, this game may just be your key to living like a pharaoh!


What is the minimum and maximum bet for Pharaoh's Fortune?

The minimum bet is $30, and the maximum bet is $750.

What are the main features of Pharaoh's Fortune?

Pharaoh's Fortune is a simple slot game with 5 reels, 15 paylines, and an ancient Egyptian theme. The game features a unique soundtrack and a bonus function that offers free spins and rich multipliers.

What are the symbols in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The symbols in Pharaoh's Fortune are drawn from the iconography of Ancient Egypt and include the Pharaoh's treasure, a wolf, two Egyptian figures, an Egyptian on a horse, the Phoenix, the owl, the Eye of Horus, and the sacred scarab.

What is the wild symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The wild symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune is represented by the Pharaoh's treasure, and it can replace all other symbols except for the scatter and the Green Pharaoh to complete a winning combination.

What is the scatter symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The scatter symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune is the Blue Sacred Scarab, and it pays out whenever it appears on an active payline regardless of its position.

What is the highest paying symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The highest paying symbol in Pharaoh's Fortune is the Green Pharaoh, which offers a jackpot prize of 10,000 times the bet amount if it appears on all five reels.

What is the bonus function in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The bonus function in Pharaoh's Fortune grants players access to a large number of free spins and rich multipliers. When the bonus game starts, 30 turned-over rocks will appear, hiding prizes: 22 provide a free spin, 5 offer multipliers, and the remaining 3 will make the rocks of the game reappear. It is possible to obtain between five and twenty-five free spins and multipliers of up to 6x thanks to the bonus game.

What is the maximum number of free spins in Pharaoh's Fortune?

The maximum number of free spins in Pharaoh's Fortune can reach up to 999, although it is quite unlikely. Three of the bonus game rocks basically restart the game.

What we like

  • Classic Vegas-style slot game
  • Highly appreciated bonus game feature
  • Clean and polished graphics
  • Unique and fitting soundtrack

What we don't like

  • Relatively high minimum bet
  • Limited for low-stakes players
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