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Temple of Fire

Temple of Fire

Ready to be engulfed in the fiery world of Temple of Fire? This 5x4 reel slot game is hotter than a Jalapeño pepper and comes equipped with 30 fixed pay lines. Though low in volatility, it still packs some heat with an impressive RTP value of 96%.

Feeling brave? Place your bets from a minimum of $0.60 to a ridiculous maximum of $1,800. But hey, if you've got the cash to spare, go for it! And for those who prefer to kick back and relax, Autoplay mode is available, with options to choose between 10 and 50 automatic spins, along with setting your own loss limits.

The game board is situated inside the temple, with ultra-high-quality graphics that'll leave you breathless. The immersive sound animations will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action! So, grab some popcorn and get ready to experience the ultimate thrill of a lifetime.

Symbolism and Payouts: A Look at the Riches in Temple of Fire

Get ready for an adventure to ancient Peru! The symbols in Temple of Fire are like nothing you've seen before! Say goodbye to boring old playing card icons, and hello to ancient deities! Rings, bracelets, and masks will transport you to a sacred world of gold artifacts. But watch out for the Temple of Fire symbol - it's the highest value symbol and could lead you to riches!

Align 3, 4, or 5 of these thematic symbols from left to right and you're looking at some serious moolah! While the game is low on volatility, it makes up for it with frequent wins and decent payouts. So, keep your eyes peeled for that Temple of Fire logo and you might just be able to retire early!

Get Wild and Crazy with Temple of Fire's Features!

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Temple of Fire has some wild and scatter features that will make your head spin! With not one, but TWO Wild symbols - fire and the queen, you're in for a fiery ride. The fire Wild might only take up one slot on the reels, but it sure is hot, and the queen Wild is mighty powerful, extending to the entire reel like the queen she is.

These Wilds are no ordinary symbols, either. They can replace all symbols, except for the Scatter symbol. The queen Wild's superpower is to leave flames on the adjacent Temple of Fire symbol, transforming it into another Wild! Talk about a hot tamale!

The Scatter symbol is the golden staircase, and it's just itching to appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Get three of them, and you'll be asked to choose between three different free spins options. Each option has a different number of free spins and a multiplier to go along with them.

During each free spin, a random reel becomes Wild, making every spin a wild, wild, West showdown. And if you happen to be lucky enough to snag some more Scatter symbols during the free spins round, you'll be awarded even more free spins! It's like the game never wants to end, and we're not complaining. Bring on the heat, Temple of Fire!

The Fire's on Us!

Ready for some free spins action? In the Temple of Fire slot game, players can trigger the Scatter symbol to activate this thrilling feature. You'll be presented with three choices: 4 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier (my personal choice for big wins), 6 Free Spins with a 2x multiplier, or 12 Free Spins with a 1x multiplier for those feeling lucky. Plus, during each free spin, a random reel ignites into a Wild, increasing your chances of winning. Remember the saying 'where there's smoke, there's fire'? Well, where there's a Scatter symbol, there are additional free spins. Keep an eye out for those Scatters, because they can unlock even more free spins and heat up your gameplay.

Volatility and RTP: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

So, you're wondering if Temple of Fire will light up your bank account or leave you feeling burnt out. Well, fear not! This game's got a low volatility, which means you can expect frequent wins without having to burn through your cash reserves like a wildfire.

But don't go reaching for the ice water just yet! While you might not be raking in the big bucks like some other high-risk games, the RTP value is a solid 96%. That means you still have a decent chance of coming out ahead and avoiding a financial meltdown.


What is the Temple of Fire?

The Temple of Fire is a slot game created by IGT that pays tribute to a temple located near Lima, Peru, that dates back 5,000 years.

What are the game features of Temple of Fire?

Temple of Fire has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 30 fixed pay lines. You can bet from a minimum of $0.60 up to a maximum of $1,800. The volatility is low, and the RTP value is set at 96%.

What are the symbols in Temple of Fire?

Temple of Fire has thematic symbols, mainly Peruvian gold artifacts such as rings, bracelets, and masks representing ancient deities. The game logo, Temple of Fire, is the symbol with the highest value.

Are there playing card symbols in Temple of Fire?

No, Temple of Fire does not have playing card symbols.

What are the Wild symbols in Temple of Fire?

Temple of Fire has two Wild symbols, fire, which occupies only one slot, and the queen, which extends to the entire reel. They can replace all symbols except the Scatter. The extended Wild can also leave flames on the adjacent Temple of Fire symbol, transforming it into a Wild.

What is the Scatter symbol of Temple of Fire?

The Scatter symbol is the golden staircase and can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5.

What happens during the free spins feature in Temple of Fire?

Before starting the free spins feature, we will be asked to choose one of three different options: 4 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier, or 6 Free Spins and a 2x multiplier, or 12 Free Spins but with a 1x multiplier. During each free spin, a random reel becomes Wild, and we can earn additional free spins if further Scatter symbols appear.

Can I play Temple of Fire in Autoplay mode?

Yes, you can play Temple of Fire in Autoplay mode, selecting between 10 and 50 automatic spins and setting loss limits, upon which the game stops.

What we like

  • Engaging gameplay and stunning graphics
  • Wide range of betting options
  • Exciting Wild and Scatter features
  • Generous free spins bonus with multipliers

What we don't like

  • Limited number of pay lines
  • Low volatility may not appeal to high-risk players
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