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Candy Bars

Candy Bars

Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Candy Bars, from IGT, is a 4-reel slot game that's sure to do just that. With 50 paylines to bet on, this colorful and classic styled game is perfect for both novice and experienced players.

The graphics in Candy Bars are as bright and colorful as a bag of Skittles. The design of the game is based on classic slot machines, with bars, 7s, and a variety of candy symbols. But don't be fooled by the sweet exterior - this game has some serious potential for big wins.

The two highest-paying symbols in the game are the different colored 7s. Hit four of the red 7s with a max bet, and you'll win the progressive jackpot. And who says candy doesn't pay off?

Gumball Wilds: Sweet Wins are Just Around the Corner!

Get ready to take a trip to the candy store with Candy Bars Slot - a sweet treat that guarantees to satisfy your sugar cravings! And what's not to love about the shiny and colorful gumdrops that make up the Gumball Wilds of this game? These colorful sugar bombs can turn your spins into a sugary-sweet win-fest!

When those gumballs land on the second and third reels, be prepared for some exciting moments as they start to replace other symbols on your reels, except for the Blackout Win. If you're not familiar with this term, we'll break it down for you - the Blackout Win is won when all 15 reel positions are filled with the same symbol or gumballs - that's a big win, folks!

But let's focus on the Gumball Wilds and all the excitement they bring to the reels. They're more than just pretty, shiny things - they double the value of any win that they help form. That's right - DOUBLE your payouts, where these wilds are involved! And the more wilds you have in your winning combination, the sweeter your rewards will be. If you end up with two Gumball Wilds, get ready for a sugary jackpot as your payout will be quadrupled! Now we're talking!

And if you're a fan of fun and quirky themes, you'll definitely appreciate the whimsical design of Candy Bars Slot. It's candy-themed and oozing with sugar-coated delight. From gumballs and lollipops to peppermint candies and chocolates, this game is sure to appeal to your sweet tooth and playful nature. So, what are you waiting for? Give Candy Bars Slot a spin and indulge in a little guilty pleasure - who knew slot games were so sweet?

Wild Multipliers

Who doesn't love a good gumball? In Candy Bars, the Wild Multipliers come in the form of these sugary-sweet treats. Plus, they come with a 2x value, making them even sweeter. These multipliers can only be found on reels 2 and 3, but when they show up, get ready for some big wins.

So, let's do the math. If you hit a winning combination that includes one of these gumball Wild Multipliers, your payout will be doubled. But, if you're lucky enough to hit two of them in a winning combination, your payout will be quadrupled. Now that's a treat we can't refuse!

It's a good thing there's no limit to how many gumballs we can have in Candy Bars. We'll be crossing our fingers for these Wild Multipliers to show up on every spin!

Score a Sweet Win with Candy Bars' Progressive Jackpot

Looking for a slot game with more than the usual payouts? Candy Bars may just be the game for you, especially with its three progressive jackpots that can bring you sweet wins.

There's no denying that Chocolate and Candies is already a great theme for any online slot game. But what sets Candy Bars apart are the Snack Size, King Size, and Giant Size jackpot. To snag any of these three, you have to land two, three, or four stacks of symbols complete with chocolate backgrounds.

Now, getting all those chocolate-stamped symbols can be just as thrilling as getting that first bite of a chocolate truffle. Don't you just love it when a game offers you both great graphics and fun gameplay?

Plus, getting candy stacks isn't just satisfying because of the potential to win big—there's also something that just feels so satisfying about seeing your candy pile grow taller and taller. Luckily, the higher your stack of candy, the closer you are to the Sweet Victory of Candy Bars.

Candy Bars' Snack Size jackpot is sure to satisfy, but why settle for less when you can go for the King Size or Giant Size? Set your eyes on the prize and keep spinning those reels until you hit the one that will bring that Chocolate-y Bliss to your gaming experience.

Improve Your Chances of Winning with Candy Bars

As someone who loves sugar and gambling, the 'Candy Bars' game caught my attention. With its bright colors and sweet symbols, I was hooked from the start.

The game has multiple winning opportunities that can help you fill your pockets with coins. Covering the reels entirely with symbols of one kind will get you a Blackout Win that can payout between 5,000 and 25,000 coins. That's a lot of candy money!

The game has few symbols, so winning combinations land more frequently, and you can easily track your progress. You can win up to 100 coins by landing three Red 7s with a Blue background symbol. On the other hand, a Blue 7 with a Red background will pay out up to 50 coins, and four of the lollipops, peppermints, or candy symbols will earn you 10 coins. Even three matching symbols can get you 5 coins.

Overall, 'Candy Bars' is a sweet treat for anyone who loves winning big and indulging in sugar. Get ready to satisfy your cravings and get your adrenaline pumping with this addictive game. Just try not to get a sugar high!


What is Candy Bars?

Candy Bars is an online slot game that allows you to play with different candies. It is a 4-reel slot game that rewards up to 100x your bet. It has 50 paylines even though it only has four reels and four rows.

What are the Wild symbols in Candy Bars?

Gumballs are the Wild symbols on these sugar-loaded reels and can replace all other symbols, but you will only see them appear on the second and third reels. Every time one of them is part of a win, its value will be doubled, while wins involving two of them will quadruple the payout.

What are the progressive jackpots in Candy Bars?

The biggest attraction of the Candy Bars slot is three progressive jackpots, which are displayed above the reels. You can hit the Snack Size, King Size, or Giant Size progressive jackpot. To win them, you must land respectively two, three or four stacks of symbols with a chocolate background on the reels.

What is the Blackout Win in Candy Bars?

Covering all reels entirely with symbols of one kind will get you a Blackout Win that can pay between 5,000 and 25,000 coins. This applies only to winning combinations without Wilds included.

What are the functions and symbols in Candy Bars?

The game benefits from Wild Multipliers depicted as a gumball with 2x on it. It lands on reels 2 and 3 only to replace all other symbols and double the payouts of combos it is included in. If you complete your win with 2 Wilds, your payout will be quadrupled.

What are the high-paying symbols in Candy Bars?

The high-paying symbols in Candy Bars are the two highest-paying symbols - red and blue 7s. Red 7s with a blue background are worth the most, as they will pay up to 100 coins, while blue 7s with a red background will pay up to 50 coins.

What are the low-paying symbols in Candy Bars?

The low-paying symbols in Candy Bars are the three candies - lollipops, peppermints, and candy. Four of these will earn you 10 coins, while three matching ones will earn you 5 coins.

What are some similar slot machines to Candy Bars?

If you want to continue with Slot Machines of the same vein, we can suggest Bubble Craze, also produced by IGT. Thanks to its multipliers, it allows you to win up to $1,000 with a single spin!

What we like

  • Colorful graphics and classic slot feel
  • Gumball Wilds with double and quadruple payouts
  • Wild Multipliers for increased winnings
  • Progressive jackpots for additional excitement

What we don't like

  • Limited to 4 reels and 50 paylines. Less variety compared to other slots
  • Lower maximum payout compared to some other slot games
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