Atlantean GigaRise

by Yggdrasil

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RTP 96%

Volatility HIGH


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Atlantean GigaRise
RTP 96%
Volatility HIGH

Atlantean GigaRise

Atlantean GigaRise is a slot game that will take you in a mystical journey to the bottom of the ocean. The game’s grid comprises five reels that can expand up to nine rows. And who would have thought that all of this magic could start with a bet as low as $0.20?

The trident symbol is the one you should keep an eye out for. Every time it appears on a reel, it increases by one slot, paving the way to an incredible 294,912 ways to win! It’s like watching a seed grow into a full-blown underwater adventure – one trident at a time.

But hold on a minute, do you think manually hitting that ‘spin’ button can get exhausting? Fear not! Atlantean GigaRise allows automatic spins for up to 1,000 rounds. Now you have more time to take a deep breath, come up with your finest sea-related puns, and enjoy the game.

Speaking of sea puns, the game has high volatility, which means you’re in for a wild ride, and the wins can come at any moment like a thief in the night. But you know what they say, life is too short not to take chances and go after the treasure. So, put on your virtual scuba gear and dive into the exciting world of Atlantean GigaRise.

Stunning Visuals and Aquatic Audio

Let’s dive deep into the exciting world of Atlantean GigaRise. The moment you launch the game, you are greeted with high-definition graphics depicting ancient Atlantis – seriously, it’s like you’re swimming through the ruins of a sunken city.

From the stunning mountains to the grand colonnades, every detail is crafted exquisitely. It’s a testament to modern game design how the developers managed to bring Plato’s lost island to life. The underwater scene is alive with oxygen bubbles, exotic fish, and swaying algae. It’s so immersive; you’ll forget you’re sitting on a comfortable chair at home!

The audio deserves a round of applause too! The music is captivating and harmonizes with the gameplay smoothly. Whether you’re spinning the wheel or locking a bonus feature, the music’s tempo and pitch change dynamically, adapting to the situation. Just putting the headphones on is a thrilling experience – it’s like you’re in the middle of an epic movie soundtrack! Also, let’s not forget the sound effects – there are jubilant jingles when you land a winning combo and plunging plonks if you hit a raw spin.

All in all, the graphics and audio make Atlantean GigaRise an unrivaled pleasure for the senses. It’s a feast for the eyes and music to the ears. So, if you haven’t played this game yet, jump into the ocean and let the game reels take you on a fun ride!

Symbols and Their Value

Prepare yourself to dive into the mystical city of Atlantis with Atlantean GigaRise. And what’s better than digging up treasures from the depths of the ocean? The game has a total of 10 regular symbols, and playing cards from ten to ace resemble pretty ordinary stuff. Now, who knew that playing cards could be a reminder of how little luck we have in relative terms?

On the other hand, the amphora, lyre, shield with a dagger, and golden jewel are more valuable than the mundane playing cards. And if you are lucky enough, the game has two special symbols that can hook you up one step closer to a big win. First, there’s the column with the “Wild” inscription that can act as any other symbol except for the scatter symbol. In addition, there’s the oyster scatter symbol that can award you up to 80 free spins for landing five scatters. That’s like getting a trophy for opening a random locked shell that you found on the beach!

With a potential payout of x4,774 times your bet amount, it’s worth diving deep into the underwater world of Atlantean GigaRise to see what treasures you can uncover. Don’t let that extra big payout slip away, okay?

Betting Limits And Automatic Spins

Are you tired of games that limit your bets to just a few cents? Look no further than Atlantean GigaRise! With a minimum bet of just $0.20, this game is perfect for all kinds of players, from cautious bettors to high rollers. So, if you’re feeling lucky, why not bet the max of $40 and see if you can hit the jackpot?

But what about those times when you don’t feel like manually spinning the reels? Well, good news! Atlantean GigaRise offers up to 1000 automatic spins, so you can sit back, relax, and let the game do all the work for you. Or, for the real lazy players out there (you know who you are), you can even activate an infinite number of automatic spins. Who needs to do the work when you can let the game play itself, am I right?

Volatility and RTP Value

Are you ready for an underwater adventure that offers an immersive gaming experience? You might want to dive deep into Atlantean GigaRise! However, one thing to be aware of is that the game has high volatility. That means it’s more suited for experienced players who are used to taking risks and are okay with a few near-misses on the road to the desired big wins.

On the bright side, the game’s RTP value is 96%, which puts it in the category of high-paying slot games out there. So, even if you’re not a high-roller, you still have a fair chance to win big. Plus, with each spin, you’ll be mesmerized by the stunning graphics featuring sharp visuals of mystical sea creatures that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

In essence, if you’re someone who likes to play it safe, Atlantean GigaRise might not be the right fit for you. But, if you’re an experienced player who likes to take chances, this game might just become your new favorite under-the-sea adventure! So, are you ready to unveil the secrets of Atlantis and win big?


What is Atlantean GigaRise?

Atlantean GigaRise is an online slot game created by YGGDRASIL that takes players into the legendary city of Atlantis with high-level graphics and exciting gameplay.

How many reels does Atlantean GigaRise have?

The game grid has 5 reels and up to a maximum of 9 rows with up to 294,912 ways to win.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for Atlantean GigaRise?

The minimum bet is $0.20, and the maximum bet is $40.

How many automatic spins can be activated in Atlantean GigaRise?

Up to 1,000 automatic spins can be activated, or even infinite.

What is the volatility of Atlantean GigaRise?

The volatility of Atlantean GigaRise is high.

What is the RTP value of Atlantean GigaRise?

The RTP value of Atlantean GigaRise is 96%.

What are the special symbols in Atlantean GigaRise?

The special symbols in Atlantean GigaRise are the column with the Wild inscription, which replaces all symbols except the special ones, and the oyster scatter symbol that gives Free Spins proportional to the number of symbols.

What happens when the entire reel is covered with the trident symbol in Atlantean GigaRise?

When the entire reel is covered with the trident symbol in Atlantean GigaRise, the Bonus game is activated. Depending on the type and color of the key found, you can win multipliers ranging from 1x to 200x the bet, one of the 5 available progressive jackpots, or additional free spins ranging from 3 to 20.

What we like

  • Gameplay mechanics and features
  • High-level graphics and visually beautiful underwater scene
  • Music accompanies players throughout the gaming session
  • Special symbols with free spins for added excitement

What we don’t like

  • High volatility may not be suitable for inexperienced players
  • Limited betting limits with a maximum of $40
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