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Blood Moon Wilds

by Yggdrasil





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Blood Moon Wilds

Blood Moon Wilds

Blood Moon Wilds is not just another boring online slot game. It's a five-reel, 20-payline slot game, that offers players way more than just spinning reels. When playing Blood Moon Wilds, you'll be able to enjoy a Lunar Calendar feature, four random functions, and a free spins feature that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Lunar Calendar feature is a game-changer. It can turn high-value symbols into wilds, which is a total game-changer. Plus, it's tons of fun watching the game transform before your eyes.

But that's not all. Blood Moon Wilds offers four random functions. That's four more chances to win big! The random features include extra wilds, multipliers, scatters, and Lunar Calendar triggers. You'll never know what's going to happen next. It's like playing the lottery, but with a much higher chance of winning.

If you're feeling lucky, you should definitely give Blood Moon Wilds a spin. The game has a betting range of £0.10-£100 per spin, which means that everyone can join in on the fun. Plus, with the chance to win up to 2,000x your bet, you'll be able to afford that fancy vacation you've been dreaming of.

So what are you waiting for? Let Blood Moon Wilds take you on a wild ride and see if you're the lucky one who hits the jackpot!

Ready for the Big Win? Here's Your Jackpot Potential

Blood Moon Wilds is a game with a bite, and it just might leave you howling at the moon with excitement. But let's be real here, we all play online casinos for one reason: the chance to win that sweet, sweet cash. And boy, does this slot game deliver.

With a max payout of 2,000x your bet, you could be rolling in the dough faster than a werewolf running through the forest. Just imagine all the things you could do with that kind of cash- finally buy that jet ski, take a trip to Hawaii, or stockpile a year's worth of pumpkin spice lattes.

Landing five matching symbols on a payline with the red-haired female character with a scar on her face seals the deal for you to strike gold. So get ready to pour yourself a glass of champagne and start picking out the color of your brand new yacht, because this jackpot could be all yours.

Unleash Your Inner Beast with the Blood Moon Wilds Slot Game

If you're a fan of werewolves, treasure hunting, and the spooky ambiance of New Orleans, then the Blood Moon Wilds slot game is the perfect choice for you. With its werewolf-themed concept, the game sets a chilling tone that'll give you goosebumps.

The characters in the game are werewolves who are always on the hunt for valuable treasure. They transform under the full moon's light, and the game's design is dark, mysterious, and full of thrilling situations. The high-quality graphics and spooky sound effects make you feel like you're deep in the eerie bayou surrounding New Orleans.

One of the enjoyable things about this game is how the werewolves’ transformation is followed by tonal changes in the music, building a chilling atmosphere that elevates your gaming experience.

Overall, the theme of Blood Moon Wilds is well-executed, with all the elements coming together to create a highly immersive gameplay experience that'll have you howling at the moon.

Device Compatibility

If you're an online gambler, chances are you've been in the middle of a hot streak on your desktop computer only to have someone knock on your door and ruin your momentum. Fear not, my friends, for Blood Moon Wilds is here to save the day. The game can be played on all your favorite devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

This game's interface is optimized for smaller screens, so you can take Blood Moon Wilds with you wherever you go. Just don't forget your device charger. You don't want your phone dying right as you're raking in the big bucks, do you?

Blood Moon Wilds runs flawlessly on all devices, and you won't miss out on the high-quality graphics and sound effects, thanks to the game's seamless programming. With this game, you won't have any excuses for not hitting the jackpot. Whether you're sitting at your desk or lounging on the couch, Blood Moon Wilds has got you covered.


Blood Moon Wilds is developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, a well-known software provider in the online gaming industry.

The company has a reputation for creating innovative and high-quality slot games that offer exciting features and great graphics. In fact, some of their games are so good that they don't even have to bribe me to play them! I mean, seriously, have you seen their graphics? It's like watching a Pixar movie while winning money. Yggdrasil Gaming has won several awards for its games, including the EGR B2B Awards and the International Gaming Awards. Not to brag or anything but if I won those awards, I'd print them out and wear them around my neck like Flavor Flav.

Graphics and Design

Blood Moon Wilds is a game that's sure to appeal to those with a taste for the macabre. The graphics and design are top-notch, transporting players to a dark and eerie world where werewolves and other spooky creatures roam free. The game's symbols are all fittingly creepy, from snarling wolves to sinister-looking trees.

One thing that really stands out about the game's design is the attention to detail. The background is set in a swampy bayou, complete with towering trees and fog that drifts across the screen. Meanwhile, the game's interface is clean and easy to use, with clearly labeled buttons that make it easy to customize your betting options.

Oh, and one other thing: the Lunar Calendar above the reels is a neat touch. It shows the current phase of the moon, adding an extra layer of immersion to an already immersive game.

Finally, the game's sound effects and music are absolutely on point. The eerie soundtrack creates a spooky atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat, while the sound effects are satisfyingly crunchy and visceral. Whether you're a horror fan or just a slots enthusiast, Blood Moon Wilds' presentation is sure to impress.


What is Blood Moon Wilds?

Blood Moon Wilds is an online slot game set in the eerie bayou surrounding New Orleans.

How many paylines does Blood Moon Wilds have?

Blood Moon Wilds has 20 paylines.

What is the maximum jackpot in Blood Moon Wilds?

The maximum jackpot in Blood Moon Wilds is 2,000x your bet.

What is the Lunar Calendar feature in Blood Moon Wilds?

The Lunar Calendar feature turns high-value symbols into wilds.

What are the four random features in Blood Moon Wilds?

The four random features are Random Wilds, Random Multiplier, Extra Free Spin, and Random Full Moon.

What is the betting range in Blood Moon Wilds?

The betting range in Blood Moon Wilds is £0.10-£100 per spin.

What is the most profitable high-value symbol in Blood Moon Wilds?

The most profitable high-value symbol in Blood Moon Wilds is the red-haired female character with a scar on her face.

Is there a free play version of Blood Moon Wilds?

Yes, there is a free play version of Blood Moon Wilds. The gameplay is the same, but you cannot withdraw winnings.

What we like

  • Lunar Calendar feature adds excitement to gameplay
  • Random functions offer additional chances to win
  • Impressive graphics and design create a dark and eerie atmosphere
  • Compatible with all devices for convenient play

What we don't like

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