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RTP 95%

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RTP 95%
Volatility HIGH



If you’re looking for a hot and spicy online slot game, look no further than Inferno by Novomatic. This classic Fruit Machine boasts a fiery background that’s sure to keep you on your toes – or should we say, on your hot feet?

But don’t let the heat distract you from the juicy fruits spinning on the reels. From plump cherries to luscious watermelons, these traditional symbols are reproduced with vibrant colors that pop against the flames.

Game Structure

Oh, Inferno, you classy devil, you! With only five reels, three rows, and five paylines, you don’t go chasing waterfalls or bombarding players with flashy extras. You know what you want, and you do it well. And at just 40 cents per spin, you won’t break the bank while doing it!

For those looking to take a break from manually spinning those reels, why not let the Autoplay mode take the wheel? Just sit back, relax, and let the flames heat up as the reels spin on their own. And if you’re not yet convinced Inferno is the game for you, give the free demo version a try. Novomatic wants you to experience the infernal excitement risk-free!

Gameplay Features

Get ready to feel the heat with Inferno – a high-volatility slot machine that’ll leave you sweating bullets. But don’t let the not-so-exciting theoretical return to player percentage of 95% cool your enthusiasm, because this game has some hot features to offer.

One feature is the ‘leave or double’ function, which is like playing a game of Russian roulette with your winnings. A flipped card appears on the screen, and you’ll have to channel your inner psychic to guess the color correctly. If you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and double your prize. But if you’re wrong, prepare for the flames of defeat.

Paylines and Symbols

Get ready to feast your eyes on some juicy fruits in Inferno’s paylines and symbols. Lemons, grapes, oranges, plums, and cherries are the main cast and are ready to pay out big time when they appear in clusters of three or more on an active payline. The golden star reigns supreme as the highest paying symbol, like Beyoncé in a teen talent show. The bell and the bunch of grapes follow closely in the race for your coins. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the regal and shiny crown scatter symbol that pays out when it appears three or more times on the reels, because who doesn’t want to be treated like royalty?

Below Average Returns, Above Average Thrills

If you’re all about making bank, Inferno might not be the game for you. With a theoretical return to player percentage of 95%, it’s not exactly a goldmine. But fear not! This fiery slot game is high on thrills and spills, with its high volatility adding an extra kick to the gameplay.

So, while you may not be retiring to your private island anytime soon, you’ll still be on the edge of your seat as you spin those reels and watch the flames ignite. Who needs money when you’ve got adrenaline, right?


What is Inferno?

Inferno is a slot machine produced by Novomatic, with traditional colorful fruits and a bell equipped with horns and a fiery background.

Is Inferno suitable for everyone?

Yes, Inferno is simply a slot machine that is suitable for everyone, and Novomatic also offers a demo version so you can play for free until you understand exactly how it works and are ready to invest real money.

What is the gameplay of Inferno?

The structure of Inferno is super classic and minimal: five reels, three rows, and five paylines, on which you can place your bets starting at just 40 cents per spin. Once you have set the value of the bet, you can comfortably start the Autoplay mode and let the reels spin automatically.

What is the payout percentage of Inferno?

Inferno has a not very exciting theoretical return to player percentage, a bit below average with its 95%.

What are the symbols in Inferno?

The symbols that alternate on the reels of Inferno are mostly represented by fruits: plums, oranges, grapes, lemons, and cherries. The golden star is the highest paying symbol in Inferno, followed by the bell and the bunch of grapes. The Scatter symbol is a jewel-studded crown.

How do the symbols payout in Inferno?

All symbols, except for the cherries that pay out in case of two, pay out in case of at least three symbols on an active payline, starting from left to right.

What is the ‘leave or double’ function in Inferno?

In case of any winning combination, an ‘leave or double’ function is automatically activated: a flipped card appears on the screen, and you have to guess the color. If the bet is correct, the prize is doubled, otherwise, you lose everything.

What is the volatility of Inferno?

Inferno is a high-volatility slot machine, so it may take a while to hit a winning combination but the payout will be relatively high.

What we like

  • Visually pleasing with bright colors and well-defined fruits
  • Classic fruit machine design
  • Autoplay mode available
  • Demo version to play for free

What we don’t like

  • Below-average theoretical return to player percentage
  • High volatility
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