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The Magic Flute

by Novomatic




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The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute

Buckle up for a magical ride through Egypt with The Magic Flute! Join Prince Tamino and Papageno on their quest to save Papina from the not-so-nice Salastro. With a user-friendly interface, players can customize their pay lines, adjust bets, and use the autoplay and stop buttons to achieve timing perfection (or at least improve your chances of winning big). Oh, and don't forget to hit the info button to learn about the payout table and winning combos - knowledge is power, people! The game boasts a standard 5x3 reel grid with 9 paylines to up your odds of a payout - which is a lot more pleasant than a snake bite in the desert.

The Magic Flute: Symbols and Functionalities

Get ready to match those symbols! Two of the same symbols equals payout with Papina and Tamino being the stars of the show. But, if you want to win bigger, three regular playing cards start the lucky streak. Keep your fingers crossed for Papageno and his lucky sidekick that pay out 15, 75, or 250 times the bet. And Salastro, oh Salastro, can payout up to 400 times your wagered sum! The ultimate payout combo is none other than Papina and Tamino, paying out 2x your bet when two matching symbols appear, 25x with three symbols, 125x with four, and a whopping 750x with five symbols. Time to dance around the magic flute!

Don't forget about the Wild symbol represented by the Queen of the Night who can substitute all other symbols...except for the Scatter symbol, of course. The Scatter symbol is none other than the magical flute, and three of them trigger 15 free spins while tripling the payout of any winning combinations during the round. Feeling like a risk taker? Use the Gamble feature to choose between a double or nothing game of chance by selecting between a red or blue card.

Design and User Experience

Cue the fanfare, because The Magic Flute has a sleek design that's more user-friendly than an automated pizza dispenser. The best part? There are no unnecessary frills or annoying animations, so you can concentrate on the fun and not get sidetracked by flying unicorns.

The interface is so simple, even your grandmother could customize the number of paylines and bet amounts without breaking a sweat (or her hip). And don't forget the info button, which is like having a personal assistant that explains all the winning combinations.

Betting Options: Make the Magic Happen!

Get ready to compose your own masterpiece with The Magic Flute game's multiple betting options. Whether you're a high roller or on a tight budget, this game has something for everyone. With bets starting as low as 1 token and going as high as 100 tokens per spin, you can choose your own adventure in this musical world.

With 9 customizable pay lines, there's a range of options to increase the chances of winning and make the magic happen! Don't be afraid to try out different strategies and amounts and see which one will have you hitting all the right notes. Just remember, the longer you play and the more you bet, the better chance you have of hitting the game's magical jackpot!

Bonuses and Payouts: More Money, More Problems?

The Magic Flute may send you spinning with the exciting bonuses and payouts offered. But be warned-- the Queen of the Night is the only one who can substitute symbols as the Wild, and the Scatter symbol is the elusive magical flute. If you manage to find three, you'll get 15 free spins, with a chance to triple your winnings! What could possibly go wrong?

Match Papina and Tamino symbols for a payout that'll make you feel like the wealthiest flutist in all the land. And don't gamble on losing out - you get to double your winnings with the Gamble feature. Just quickly choose between red and blue to increase your earnings! The maximum payout is 9,000 times your bet when the Wild symbol appears across all reels. All in all, The Magic Flute is a delightful and thrilling experience for players who are looking for an enchanting game with alluring payout combinations and exciting bonus features.


What is the theme of 'The Magic Flute'?

'The Magic Flute' is set in mythical Egypt and follows the adventures of Prince Tamino and Papageno as they try to rescue Papina with the help of a magical carillon and flute.

How many pay lines does 'The Magic Flute' have?

'The Magic Flute' allows players to choose between 1 to 9 customizable pay lines.

What is the minimum and maximum betting amount for 'The Magic Flute'?

Players can place their bets with as little as 1 token to as high as 100 tokens per spin.

Which symbols payout for the 'The Magic Flute' game?

Papina and Tamino symbols payout the most, followed by Papageno and his beloved, and then Salastro. Regular playing card symbols are the lowest values.

Can you win with only two symbols on the reel for 'The Magic Flute'?

Yes, you can win with only two symbols on the reel if they are Papina and Tamino.

What are the Wild and Scatter symbols in 'The Magic Flute'?

The Wild symbol is represented by the Queen of the Night and can substitute all other symbols, except the Scatter. The Scatter symbol takes on the form of the magical flute and allows for free spins and tripled payouts.

What is the Gamble feature in 'The Magic Flute'?

After a win, players have the option of using the Gamble feature, where they can potentially double their winnings by correctly selecting a red or blue card.

What is the ultimate payout combination for 'The Magic Flute'?

The ultimate payout combination is with Papina and Tamino as this can double your bet when two matching ones appear, 25 times your bet with three symbols, 125 times with four, and 750 times your bet with five!

What we like

  • Sleek and user-friendly design
  • Variety of betting options
  • Attractive bonuses and payouts
  • Easy to navigate interface

What we don't like

  • Limited symbol options for winning combinations
  • Lack of advanced features and animations
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