Happy Ape

by Habanero

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RTP 96.66%

Volatility HIGH


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Happy Ape
RTP 96.66%
Volatility HIGH

Happy Ape

Happy Ape

Get ready to go bananas with Happy Ape – a modern slot game that brings classic features to life! With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 paylines, this game is sure to have you swinging from the trees. And when it comes to winning big, Happy Ape doesn’t monkey around – you can win up to 11,070 times the bet placed! That’s enough to buy a lifetime supply of bananas.

Happy Ape has an RTP of 96.66%, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. And with extra features like wilds, scatters, multipliers, Banana Toss, Ape Smash, and a Free Spin function, you’ll be entertained for hours. Just be careful not to let the Ape Smash feature turn your screen into a jungle gym!

Graphics And Design

Prepare to be awed by the stunning visuals of Happy Ape! With a playful and cartoonish art style, this slot game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, it doesn’t sacrifice gameplay for looks – there are plenty of exciting features to keep you on the edge of your seat!

One of the most standout features of Happy Ape is the imposing presence of some treasure chests positioned just above the reels. Not only do they give out prizes, but they also award random symbols to help you hit those big wins!

Plus, with classic card symbols like spades and diamonds mixed in, you’ll have the perfect balance of old school nostalgia and modern excitement.

So why wait? Give Happy Ape a spin and see for yourself – this game is sure to go bananas!

Bonuses Galore: Free Spins and More!

Who doesn’t love a bonus? Happy Ape is full of sweet extras that will leave you wanting more. Take Banana Toss for example – it’s like playing catch with the cutest ape around! Plus, the added wild symbols can lead to even more unbelievable winnings.

Only this time, the aim is to smash useless symbols and replace them with ones that are actually valuable. Genius!

But if you really want to go bananas (pun intended), the Free Spin function is where it’s at. You’ll get up to 36 spins if you land 3 or more scatter symbols. That’s like a lifetime supply of free spins (well, at least until you run out…).

And all the while, you’ve got Happy Ape himself cheering you on from the sidelines. With his playful animations, you can’t help but smile. Who knew playing slots could be so much fun?

Get Rich, Banana-style!

Are you tired of monkeying around and ready to win some serious bananas? Look no further than Happy Ape – the casino slot game with winning potential so huge it’ll leave you bananas. With a multiplier that can net players up to 11,070 times their bet and a fixed RTP of 96.66%, there’s plenty of opportunities to send your bankroll soaring – and that’s no monkey business.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Happy Ape also features a wide array of extra features, including wilds, scatters, and multipliers to keep things interesting. So come on down to Happy Ape and get ready to go bananas with your winnings!

Player Experience

Are you ready to have a bananas good time? Happy Ape is the perfect slot game for players of all levels – whether you’re a cheeky monkey or a seasoned pro. With top-notch graphics and animations, you’ll feel like you’re swinging from branch to branch in a virtual jungle.

But Happy Ape isn’t just monkeying around. With thrilling features like Banana Toss, Ape Smash, and Free Spins, you’ll be on the edge of your seat – or should we say, hanging from a vine – with each and every spin. And let’s not forget about the star of the show – our mischievous monkey friend who adds a playful element to the game.


What is the RTP of Happy Ape?

The game’s RTP is fixed at 96.66%.

What are the special features of Happy Ape?

Happy Ape includes features such as Banana Toss, Ape Smash, and a Free Spin function.

How many paylines does Happy Ape have?

Happy Ape has 15 paylines.

What is the maximum payout for Happy Ape?

Players can win up to 11,070 times their bet placed.

What type of symbols are in Happy Ape?

The game symbols include fruit (bananas, oranges, pears, and coconuts) and classic cards (spades, hearts, diamonds, and flowers).

Can players trigger the Free Spin function in Happy Ape?

Yes, players can trigger the Free Spin function by finding 3 or more scatter symbols.

What type of animation is in Happy Ape?

The game features cheerful animations of Happy Ape on the left of the grid.

Can players replace any symbol with the wild in Happy Ape?

Yes, players can replace any symbol with the wild except for the scatter.

What we like

  • Eye-catching and entertaining design
  • Multiple extra features including wilds and scatters
  • High winning potential with 11,070 times the bet and 96.66% RTP
  • Engaging gameplay with a playful monkey protagonist

What we don’t like

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