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Mount Mazuma

Mount Mazuma

What's better than winning big on a slot game? Winning big on a slot game with bonuses, am I right? Mount Mazuma has got you covered! This game comes packed with bonuses that will transform your reels and increase your chances of striking gold.

The first bonus is totally fire. That's right, the volcano will randomly explode with lava (Don't worry, it won't scorch your toes). These molten rocks have the power to take out the leaves on the first or last row, or even transmute symbols into multipliers. The second bonus involves the Scatter, which looks like a tasty Caribbean cocktail. Get three of these and sip your way to 10 free spins! Watch out, though, the Scatter can randomly remove a palm during Free Spins.

Last but not least, Mount Mazuma gives us the More Wilds bonus. Say no more, fam! Two symbols get transformed into Wilds, effectively upping your chances of hitting those awesome winning combinations! When it comes to bonuses, Mount Mazuma doesn't disappoint!


Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with the fruit symbols in Mount Mazuma (orange, kiwi, banana, pineapple, and coconut). Don't forget to brush up on your royal flush with the playing card symbols (J, Q, K, and A). The star of the show is no doubt the Wild symbol, represented by a Joker that would give Heath Ledger a run for his money. This Joker can replace any symbol on the reel, except for the Scatter. So, get ready to go wild with Mount Mazuma!

Expert Review: Mount Mazuma RTP

Hold on to your hats, folks! It's time to talk about RTP, and Mount Mazuma is sure to bring a smile to your face. With an impressive RTP of 97.98%, you'll have a hard time finding a slot game that pays out more consistently.

This generous percentage is head and shoulders above the competition, with most slots only offering a measly 96% RTP. It's like getting an extra scoop of ice cream on top of an already delicious sundae - who wouldn't love that?

Overall, Mount Mazuma is a winner in our book when it comes to RTP. So sit back, spin those reels, and get ready to watch those winnings roll in!

Progressive Jackpots

If you like playing slot games with the chance to win big, Mount Mazuma has got you covered. Not one, but two progressive jackpots are up for grabs in this exciting game. Just pray to the Mayan gods of luck that they will shine favorably upon you.

And the best part? These jackpots increase with every spin, making the potential payout even sweeter. Plus, you never know when luck may strike - the jackpots can be randomly won!


What is Mount Mazuma?

Mount Mazuma is a slot game set on a deserted island with a volcano that occasionally spews lava onto the reels, creating conditions for increased winnings.

What are the main features of Mount Mazuma?

Mount Mazuma has a game grid with five reels and five rows, 20 pay lines, and two progressive jackpots. The minimum bet is $ 0.01 per line, and there are 243 ways to win. The game's RTP is 97.98%.

What symbols are in Mount Mazuma?

The symbols in Mount Mazuma include playing cards and fruits, with the orange, kiwi, banana, pineapple, and coconut paying the most. The Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter.

What bonuses are in Mount Mazuma?

Mount Mazuma has three bonuses. The volcano bonus randomly erupts with lava, transforming symbols into multipliers or removing palm leaves. The Scatter bonus awards 10 free spins, and if the Scatter reappears, it removes a palm. The More Wilds bonus transforms two random symbols into Wilds.

What is the minimum bet in Mount Mazuma?

The minimum bet in Mount Mazuma is $ 0.01 per line, so a minimum of $ 0.20 must be bet per spin.

What is the game's RTP?

The game's RTP is 97.98%, which is exceptional compared to most slots that can go up to no more than 96%.

Can players activate automatic spins in Mount Mazuma?

Yes, players can set from 10 to 500 automatic spins in Mount Mazuma and set limits beyond which the Auto mode stops.

What is the More Wilds bonus?

The More Wilds bonus in Mount Mazuma transforms two random symbols into Wilds, increasing the chances of getting winning combinations.

What we like

  • Exceptionally high RTP of 97.98%
  • Two progressive jackpots that increase with every spin
  • Several bonuses to increase chances of winning
  • Ability to set automatic spins and use a 'turbo' button

What we don't like

  • Limited symbols on the game grid
  • Minimum bet of $ 0.20 per spin may not appeal to all players
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