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Pumpkin Patch

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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Are you ready to get spooky? Pumpkin Patch is the perfect game for those who want to feel the thrill of Halloween all year round. This straightforward slot game features 5 reels, 3 lines, and no distracting decorations around them - except for some ghostly specters hovering over the reels.

The symbols couldn't be cuter: from the classic A, K, Q, and J, to a corn cob, a pumpkin, a squirrel, an acorn, and a stylish crow.

But the best part of this game is the opportunity to get a ton of wilds thanks to our squirrel and crow symbols! These two cute little animals can give you a wild pumpkin or even turn the whole reel into a wild field of pumpkins. Yum.

The wild symbol replaces the scatter, so don't worry about getting lost in the patch. But if you're lucky enough to get 3 or more wild symbols, that's when the magic happens - you'll earn 3 to 8 free spins where all wins are tripled. That's like getting extra candy for free! And here's a little secret: you can even get more free spins by completing combos with corn cobs. Who knew corn and pumpkins could be so lucrative?

With an RTP of 98.18%, you can rest easy knowing Pumpkin Patch offers straightforward and rewarding gameplay. No need to be scared - jump in and start spinning those reels!

Symbols and Graphics

Get ready to be immersed in a world of pumpkins, crows, squirrels, and acorns! The symbols in Pumpkin Patch are so simple and cartoonish, they'll make you feel like a kid again. Don't worry, though, this game won't scare you off - just like those pumpkin spice lattes, it's a Halloween favorite for all kinds of players. You'll find all the usual card symbols, plus some more seasonal ones like a corn cob and a pumpkin. Talk about multi-tasking! With funny animations and a catchy tune, this game is both adorable and entertaining.

Free Spins And Bonuses

Are you tired of plain, boring slot games that don't give you any wild action? Well, Pumpkin Patch has got you covered! Get ready for some excitement as squirrels and crows on the reels turn pumpkins into wilds. It's like a wild party in Pumpkin Patch! Oh, and if you hit 3 or more wild symbols, you'll get 3 to 8 free spins with all wins tripled. Talk about a win-win situation. And wait, there's more- complete combos with corn cobs and earn even more free spins! Pumpkin Patch is not just rewarding, it's also entertaining!

RTP: Let's Get This Pumpkin Patch Paying!

Are you tired of playing slot games where it seems like you're just tossing your money into the trash, rather than into the slot? Fear not! With an RTP of 98.18%, Pumpkin Patch is here to save the day (and your wallet). That's right, folks - we've found a slot where the odds are actually in your favor.

Pumpkin Patch also boasts a unique feature that can shower players with wilds and free spins. Jack-o-lanterns and free games? Yes, please!

Now, sure, the graphics might not be the most impressive and the mechanics aren't exactly rocket science, but that's okay. We're here for that payout, baby! So, give Pumpkin Patch a spin and see if you can walk away a winner.

Other Spooky Slot Games to Keep You in the Halloween Spirit

If you're a fan of Pumpkin Patch, then you're in luck because there are plenty of other Halloween-themed slots to keep you entertained. Lucky Halloween is great for those who like a hauntingly good time and offers some unique features. If you prefer a more traditional Halloween theme, then Hot Hot Halloween is the slot for you. And, for those who prefer a darker and Macabre tone, Halloween Jack is just the ticket. Whatever your preference, these games are sure to keep you in the Halloween spirit!


What is Pumpkin Patch?

Pumpkin Patch is a slot game with a horror theme that features 5 reels, 3 lines, and simple cartoonish graphics.

What symbols are in Pumpkin Patch?

The symbols in Pumpkin Patch include various card symbols (9, 10, A, K, Q, J), a corn cob, a pumpkin, a squirrel, an acorn, and a stylized crow.

What is the unique feature of Pumpkin Patch?

The unique feature of Pumpkin Patch is the opportunity to get numerous wilds thanks to the squirrel and crow symbols.

What happens when a player gets three or more wild symbols in Pumpkin Patch?

Players can get 3 to 8 free spins with every 3 or more wild symbols. All wins during these free spins will be tripled.

How can a player get more free spins in Pumpkin Patch?

Players can also get more free spins by completing combos with corn cobs.

What is the RTP of Pumpkin Patch?

Pumpkin Patch has an RTP of 98.18%.

What are some similar games to Pumpkin Patch?

Similar games to Pumpkin Patch include Lucky Halloween, Hot Hot Halloween, and Halloween Jack.

Is Pumpkin Patch a good game to play?

With a generous RTP of 98.18%, Pumpkin Patch is worth a try, even if the simple graphics and mechanics don't seem too appealing.

What we like

  • Straightforward and rewarding gameplay
  • Captivating and charming graphics
  • Generous amount of free spins and unique wild features
  • High RTP percentage of 98.18%

What we don't like

  • Simple graphics and mechanics may not appeal to all players
  • Limited selection of Halloween-themed slot games
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