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Taberna De Los Muertos

Taberna De Los Muertos

Taberna De Los Muertos boasts of a classic 5x3 game grid, making it as easy to navigate as finding your way out of a cemetery at midnight. With an RTP of 96.67%, the game's volatility is just average, so you won't feel like you're living on the edge of life and death.

In this game, the stars of the show are the deceased woman and man, and boy, do they know how to party even though they're not breathing anymore! The woman as a Scatter symbol that unlocks free spins, while the man releases Wild symbols that can make your gameplay experience even more thrilling than unleashing a coffin full of bats.

As you bask in the festivities brought by the free spins, you'll be transported to a land of dead and the reigning royalty of the deceased woman. You can even earn additional free spins by following the trail of this celebrated lady. You'd think that being dead is grave stuff, but not with Taberna De Los Muertos.

Los Dias de Los Muertos: A Slot Game Tribute to the Dead

Taberna De Los Muertos pays homage to the Mexican tradition of Los Dias de Los Muertos in a truly entertaining way - by turning it into a slot game extravaganza! This lively celebration of life and death is represented by the usual slot symbols like reels, paylines and more, with a colorful twist - featuring the skulls and souls of the departed.

With lively music and vibrant graphics that draw inspiration from the culture of Mexico, Taberna De Los Muertos turns a solemn affair into a fiesta. You can almost hear the Mariachi sound as you spin the reels! This game not only entertains, but also educates players on the rich cultural heritage behind one of Mexico's most famous traditions.

Unleash the Festive Fun with Special Symbols and Free Spins Feature!

Get ready for some spooky celebration with Taberna De Los Muertos! The slot game features two special symbols that are out of this world - well, out of the world of the living that is. The deceased woman and man provide some of the game's most exciting features. The woman, a Scatter symbol, will bring chills to your spine as she unlocks free spins for players. Meanwhile, the man releases Wild symbols, making it rain with wins.

But the fun doesn't stop there! During the free spins round, players will be transported to a world beyond the living. Here they'll witness a celebration like no other, with plenty of festive spirits around. And to keep you engaged and entertained, you can earn additional free spins by finding the deceased woman symbol. So, get ready to dance with the dead as you spin the reels and start winning big!

Graphics and Audio Design

Prepare to be transported to a deserted town with the bright and colorful game grid of Taberna De Los Muertos. The symbols on the reels will have you feeling like a true gunslinger with a mix of traditional card symbols and theme-specific items like dice, revolvers and, of course, skulls!

The music is so upbeat and catchy, it'll have you dancing the salsa in no time! You can practically feel the energy of the mariachi band coming through your screen. However, be warned that the bright colors and symbols might have you thinking you've won when you haven't, so stay sharp like a cactus in the desert!

Comparing Apples to Oranges: Similar Slot Games

Taberna De Los Muertos might have skeletons and festive music, but let's not forget the other slot games with similar themes. It's like comparing apples to oranges, but just for the sake of argument, let's look at Endorphina's Dia De Los Muertos. This game offers a refreshing take on the holiday with bright colors and exciting features. Who says you can't have more than one fiesta at the same time?


What is Taberna de Los Muertos?

Taberna de Los Muertos is an online slot game with a Mexican and Central-Latin American theme, focused on Los Dias de Los Muertos celebration.

What is the game grid like?

The game grid is the classic 5*3 used by most online titles, with bright colors extending to the various symbols found on the reels.

What is the RTP of Taberna de Los Muertos?

The RTP of Taberna de Los Muertos is 96.67%, which is average.

What is the volatility of Taberna de Los Muertos?

The volatility of Taberna de Los Muertos is medium, which means that the game will tend to release winning combinations without necessarily forcing the player to spend a lot of money before seeing a substantial win.

What are the special symbols in Taberna de Los Muertos?

The two special symbols par excellence are the deceased woman and man: the woman is a Scatter symbol that allows access to free spins, while the man, if appearing next to the woman, will release Wild symbols around the game grid.

What happens during the free spins feature?

During the free spins feature, the setting changes to a tavern, and a ghost bartender will create a mysterious cocktail in front of our eyes. We will have the opportunity to obtain additional free spins by finding at least 3 women again in the same spin.

Which other online slot game is similar to Taberna de Los Muertos?

Dia De Los Muertos by Endorphina is a similar online slot game that uses the same theme but in a different way.

What should players keep in mind while playing Taberna de Los Muertos?

Players should adjust the volume as the music can be too energetic. Also, the bright colors and symbols may give some difficulty in identifying combinations, so some initial practice will be required.

What we like

  • Classic 5x3 game grid
  • RTP of 96.67%
  • Free spins feature
  • Bright and colorful graphics

What we don't like

  • Challenging to identify winning combinations
  • Limited variety in special symbols
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