Doom of Egypt

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RTP 91.25%

Volatility HIGH


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Doom of Egypt
RTP 91.25%
Volatility HIGH

Doom of Egypt

Doom of Egypt

The gameplay of ‘Doom of Egypt’ is classic, with a 5×3 slot grid and only ten paylines. It’s like that trusty pair of socks that always feels comfortable and dependable. But don’t let the classic gameplay fool you. The game boasts medium-high volatility, making significant winning combinations less frequent but more rewarding. It’s like that one friend who always brings high-quality snacks to the party, making them the real MVP.

As players spin the reels, they can win up to 5,000 credits per spin thanks to the various mummy multipliers. It’s like hitting the jackpot at the tanning salon when you only went in for a quick glow-up. The game also features a Scatter symbol in the form of a golden scarab, which triggers free spins that increase as players discover more scarabs. It’s like finding that missing sock under your bed that you thought was gone forever.

In these free spins, an entire reel can become filled with Anubis symbols, turning them wild and increasing the chances of winning combinations. It’s like having a genie grant your wish and then some. The game may have classic gameplay mechanics, but it’s the rewarding bonuses and features that make ‘Doom of Egypt’ a game worth playing.

Visuals and Animations

‘Doom of Egypt’ is a visually striking game, featuring graphics and animations that are sure to captivate players. The artwork is well-detailed, particularly the symbols of pharaohs, which now resemble ‘The Walking Dead’ characters after a wild night out. The golden masks of the pharaohs are now just another distraction from the real star of the show- the mummies with glowing eyes that greet you on the reels. It’s not every day you see a slot game featuring undead Egyptian rulers, so it’s refreshing to play a game that dares to be different.

The pyramid-themed background is meticulously designed with hieroglyphics that could potentially reveal an ancient secret code, or maybe just say something like, ‘Thanks for playing – the real treasure was inside you all along.’ The use of the 5×3 grid is smartly executed, taking full advantage of the ‘pyramid’ theme. Most importantly, the blue mist adds a spooky and ominous touch that announces to the players that they’re in for one hell of a ride.

Symbolism and Theme

Prepare to enter the afterlife on a journey through Ancient Egypt playing the hauntingly captivating casino game ‘Doom of Egypt.’ The game’s spooky theme will make you feel like you’re walking amongst the pharaohs themselves. You’ll grasp the essence of ancient funeral rituals, with Anubis, the god who guards the gates of the afterlife, ominously eyeing your every move.

The symbolisms found here are mystifying – portraying the pharaohs as powerful mummies with glowing eyes will have you on edge. You might want to double-check you locked all the doors before embarking on this eerie adventure. The game’s background, set inside a pyramid, acts as the resting place of the kings of Egypt. It is an ideal spot for this type of game, creating an ambiance that takes you to another world altogether.

It is curious how ‘Doom of Egypt’ takes something morbid and, somehow, turns it into an entertaining and compelling adventure. The game does an exceptional job in capturing the mystical atmosphere that surrounds ancient Egyptian funeral traditions. It’s an experience that’ll either send shivers down your spine or leave you on the edge of your seat, admiring the game’s detail and depictions. Either way, it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Uncovering the Volatility and Payouts of Doom of Egypt

Do you dare to delve deep into the mysteries of ancient Egypt? The online slot game, ‘Doom of Egypt’, will take you on a thrilling adventure where you will encounter mummies, scarabs, and pharaohs. But what about the potential payouts?

Despite its limited number of paylines, fear not, as the volatility of ‘Doom of Egypt’ is medium-high. This means that daring players can expect the chance of significant payout amounts if they hit winning combinations.

The mummy multipliers feature of this game is no joke, paying out up to 5,000 credits per spin! That’s a lot of dough to be won. Plus, the free spins feature triggered by the golden scarab can significantly increase the chances of hitting these high-paying combinations.

Overall, it’s clear this game has a good balance between the risk and reward ratio that can provide an unforgettable gaming experience. Word of warning, you’ll want to make sure you put the game on Autoplay, so you have both hands free for high-fiving your friends when you’re raking in the winnings.

Comparison with other games

If you are a fan of ancient Egypt, you will love ‘Doom of Egypt’. This game takes you on an unforgettable journey through the mystical land of pyramids and pharaohs. The graphics and animations are stunning, and the ambience is spine-chillingly accurate. However, compared to other classic slots, it only features ten paylines. But don’t worry; the medium-high volatility and the high-paying mummy multipliers make up for it. So, the only question remaining is, can you handle the heat of the Desert Sun?

‘Doom of Egypt’ isn’t the only Ancient Egypt-themed slot game out there. Its contemporaries ‘Book of Ra Deluxe‘ and ‘Queen of the Nile 2‘ are also great slots for players looking to explore the pyramids. These games feature brilliant colors and symbols related to the pharaohs and pyramids. The only difference is that while ‘Doom of Egypt’ takes the eerie and mystical route, ‘Book of Ra Deluxe’ and ‘Queen of the Nile 2’ take the vibrant and lively approach. In either case, you can’t go wrong as you immerse yourself in the wonders and mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Remember, gamble responsibly and stay safe. And, if all else fails, you can always try your hand at excavating your own tomb. Who knows, you may find a few treasures while you’re at it.


What is the theme of Doom of Egypt slot game?

The theme of the Doom of Egypt slot game is funeral traditions in Ancient Egypt.

What is the graphic quality of Doom of Egypt slot game?

The graphic quality of Doom of Egypt slot game is impressive and boasts high-quality graphics and captivating animations.

How many paylines does the Doom of Egypt slot game have?

The Doom of Egypt slot game has ten paylines.

What is the volatility level of the Doom of Egypt slot game?

The Doom of Egypt slot game has medium-high volatility.

What is the maximum credit one can win per spin in the Doom of Egypt slot game?

Players can win up to 5,000 credits per single spin thanks to the various mummy multipliers in the Doom of Egypt slot game.

What triggers free spins in the Doom of Egypt slot game?

The Scatter symbol represented by a golden scarab triggers free spins in the Doom of Egypt slot game.

How many free spins do players initially receive in the Doom of Egypt slot game?

Players initially receive ten free spins in the Doom of Egypt slot game.

What is the aim of shrewd players in the Doom of Egypt slot game?

Shrewd players should aim for the moment when an entire reel becomes filled with Anubis symbols, turning them wild and making winning combinations much more likely in the Doom of Egypt slot game.

What we like

  • Impressive visuals and high-quality animations
  • Eerie and mystical atmosphere
  • Medium-high volatility and high-paying mummy multipliers
  • Free spins feature with increased chances of winning combinations

What we don’t like

  • Relatively low number of paylines
  • Limited compared to other classic slots
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