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Sweet Alchemy

by Play’n Go





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Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy

Indulge in an irresistibly sweet gaming experience with Sweet Alchemy, the slot game from Play'n GO that will satisfy your cravings for all things sugary and colorful. This game takes you on a journey through a magical candy land, where every spin has the potential to reward you with even more delicious treats.

With its visually stunning graphics and playful soundtrack, Sweet Alchemy is more than just a game - it's a whimsical adventure that will keep you entertained for hours. And the best part? If you win big, you can treat yourself to all the candy you want without worrying about cavities!

Gameplay and Objectives

Let's talk about Sweet Alchemy, the slot game that will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you feel like a master pastry chef! The game features a 5x5 reel grid and only one payline. But don't let that fool you, this game packs a sugar rush with each spin.

Winning in Sweet Alchemy is all about creating four or more combinations of adjacent symbols - it's like a delicious game of match-three! And with a medium volatility and an RTP of 96.52%, you'll be baking up a storm in no time.

The Sweetest Symbols and Sugariness Meter

Sweet Alchemy is a slot game that's like a bakery come to life on your screen. It's full of sweet treats that will make you drool and icons that carry different values. But be warned: you might get a toothache just by playing! On the right side of the game screen, you'll notice a sugariness meter that fills up the more you win. It adds wilds to the grid, including standard wilds (boring!), striped wilds (funky!) and polka-dot wilds (fashionable!).

Sweet Special Features

Oh boy, get ready for some serious sugar overload with the special features in Sweet Alchemy! If you're lucky enough to fill up the sugariness meter with 38 candies in just one round, you'll unlock the coveted "Create the Elixir" feature. Not just any feature though, this one gives you access to the all-powerful "Bonbon Spell" function. It's like being a candy-making wizard...with potential big rewards to boot!

Think you can handle even more candy-fueled madness? Well, buckle up, because once you activate the special feature, you're taken to a magical grid made up of not one, not two, but NINE reels and NINE rows. That's right folks, NINE. This feature is packed with even more chances to win big and have a sugar-rush-fueled good time. Don't blame us if you start craving hard candies, gummies, and chocolate like crazy while you play!

Overall Experience

Let's face it, Sweet Alchemy is no Willy Wonka (although it does come with a golden ticket). However, this game brings a certain sweetness to the table that may just make your teeth ache with joy. With an easy-to-understand gameplay and good winning potential, even the most novice player will enjoy the simplicity. The graphics aren't exactly eye-popping, but the sugary color scheme and lively screen design create a fun atmosphere that will leave you craving more.

Overall, we highly recommend giving Sweet Alchemy a spin. Even if you're not a fan of sugar-filled treats, this game's charm and simplicity could win you over. You can even try it in demo mode to see if it satisfies your sweet tooth.


What is Sweet Alchemy?

Sweet Alchemy is a slot game produced by Play'N'Go with a candy theme.

What is the betting range for Sweet Alchemy?

The betting range for Sweet Alchemy starts at 10 cents and goes up to a maximum of 100 Dollars.

How many reels and paylines does Sweet Alchemy have?

Sweet Alchemy has five reels, five rows, and one payline.

What is the RTP for Sweet Alchemy?

The RTP for Sweet Alchemy is an excellent 96.52%.

What is the sugariness meter in Sweet Alchemy?

The sugariness meter measures winning combinations and rewards players with different wilds on the grid.

What happens when you fill up the sugariness meter in Sweet Alchemy?

When you fill up the sugariness meter with 38 candies in a single round, you'll access the special feature called 'Create the Elixir', a free round where you have access to the 'Bonbon Spell' function, and play with a special grid made up of nine reels and nine rows.

What are the special features in Sweet Alchemy?

The special features in Sweet Alchemy include standard wilds, striped and polka-dot wilds, and a bonus round called 'Create the Elixir' with a 'Bonbon Spell' function.

Is Sweet Alchemy a high or low volatility slot?

Sweet Alchemy is characterized by medium volatility.

What we like

  • Engaging gameplay with good winning potential
  • Special features add excitement and more opportunities for winning
  • Simple and fun theme of candies
  • Medium volatility with a high RTP of 96.52%

What we don't like

  • Graphics are not 3D or particularly special
  • Lack of originality in terms of theme
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