Cowboy Treasure Deluxe

by Play’n Go

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RTP 96.37%

Volatility MED


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Slot review

Cowboy Treasure Deluxe
RTP 96.37%
Volatility MED

Cowboy Treasure Deluxe

Cowboy Treasure Deluxe

Giddy up and get ready to enter the Wild West with Cowboy Treasure Deluxe! The game grid is placed perfectly in the middle of reddish rock formations that strongly resemble the famous Grand Canyon. It’s almost as if John Wayne himself is going to emerge from behind one of the rocks.

The symbols are well-crafted and bring you back to the days of the good, old Wild West. You’ll see symbols like a shady outlaw ready to cause some trouble and a sheriff with a golden star on his chest, ready to save the day. The black rearing horse symbol will make you feel like you’re riding into town on a noble steed, while the whiskey bottle symbol will make you feel like you’re in the saloon drinking shots with the bar patrons. All of these symbols are created with details reminiscent of old wooden signs, making them even more authentic!

What really ties the entire theme together is the background music, which is complete with the sounds of a harmonica and guitar. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the setting and feels like the perfect accompaniment to an intense shoot-out between two outlaws!

Jackpot Options

Yeehaw! Cowboy Treasure Deluxe offers not one, not two, but three different jackpots! With options like Tasty, Luxury, and Dream Chance, you have the chance to win big and become the richest cowboy in town.

But let’s be honest, the real treasure is in the journey, not just the destination. And that journey is made more exciting with the option to increase the value of your token on just one of the five winning lines. It’s like a game of chicken with your money, but with fewer feathers.

So saddle up and get ready to lasso those jackpots. Just don’t forget to take a break and give your trigger finger a rest. No one wants to be known as the fastest, but most burnt-out cowboy in the West.

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Developer and Platform

Yee-haw, partner! Let me tell you about the folks behind the rodeo-themed Cowboy Treasure Deluxe. The game has been brought to you by the masterminds at Play N’ Go. They certainly know how to create a rootin’ tootin’ time for online slot enthusiasts!

You can play Cowboy Treasure Deluxe on your desktop or mobile device, making it easy to keep the reels spinning wherever you are. No need to worry about missing out on the action while you’re on the move. Just hold on to your hat and keep your eyes peeled for those big wins waiting for you!


What is Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

Cowboy Treasure Deluxe is an online slot game developed by Play N’ Go with a Wild West theme and offers access to three different jackpots.

What is the game mechanism?

The game grid mechanism is very similar to the common one found in most online slots. Cowboy Treasure Deluxe has five reels and three horizontal lines, whose intersection shows a total of fifteen symbols per spin.

What is a Wild Card in Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

The Wild symbol, represented by the sheriff’s star, can replace all other normal symbols in the game as if it were a wild card in a card game.

What is the Bonus mode in Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

The Bonus mode is when you find at least three symbols that allow access to this function, it will be possible to obtain higher value combinations.

What is the background music of Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

The background music is the soundtrack of an old western movie.

What are the other symbols in Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

In addition to the Wild symbol, there are other symbols related to the setting itself, such as a shady outlaw and a sheriff with a golden star on his chest, or a black rearing horse, a whiskey bottle, an old locomotive, and a treasure chest full of money.

What are some slots similar to Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

Similar slots to Cowboy Treasure Deluxe include Gunslinger, The True Sheriff, and Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist.

Can you increase the token value in Cowboy Treasure Deluxe?

Yes, the slot allows you to increase the value of the token even on a single one of the five winning lines, according to the player’s style.

What we like

  • Three different jackpots
  • Great Wild West theme
  • Well-crafted symbols
  • Available on different platforms

What we don’t like

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