Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God

by Play’n Go

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RTP 94.25%

Volatility MED

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Slot review

Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God
RTP 94.25%
Volatility MED

Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God

Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God

Looking for a game that’s easy to play but still keeps you entertained? Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God has got you covered. The game has a simple 5-reel grid with 3 rows, making it easy to get started even if you’re new to playing slots. Of course, if you’re an experienced player, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained too.

One of the standout features of the game is the ability to activate up to 20 paylines. That means you have more opportunities to hit a winning combination and increase your chances of scooping up a big win. Just imagine how much you could win with all 20 paylines activated!

If you’re a fan of classic free spins, you’re in luck. Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God offers exactly that. The free spins can be activated with scatter symbols, and they work in the same way as they have in other slots you’ve played before. But don’t let that fool you – the fun is still there!

Another exciting aspect of the game is the ability to trigger multipliers. Every time you hit a winning combination, the winning positions will be destroyed, and the multiplier indicator at the top left of the screen will increase. This means your wins will keep adding up as you play. And if you hit the highest level, you could even multiply your win up to 10 times!

Overall, the gameplay mechanics and features in Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God are sure to keep you entertained for hours. Whether you’re new to playing slots or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s a lot to love about this game!

Visual and Audio Design

Oh boy, let me tell you, the designers at Play ‘n Go really outdid themselves with Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God. The graphics are so bright and colorful, they’re like a piñata filled with rainbows and confetti. And the sound effects? They’re so realistic, I almost fell off my chair thinking I was in the middle of a South American jungle.

The symbols are beautifully crafted and seamlessly integrate with the temple and lush vegetation backdrop. I mean, even the classic grid design is ditched in favor of a full view of the stunning graphics. It’s like watching a movie about Aztec culture and earning money at the same time.

Play ‘n Go’s attention to detail really pays off. The symbols look so realistic, I almost expected them to come to life. The design is so immersive, I was transported to another world. I mean, who needs a ticket to South America when you can hit the spin button?

Symbols and Themes

Get ready to explore the mysteries of the ancient Aztec civilization with Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God! This online casino slot game features a wide range of Aztec-inspired icons, including playing card letters, a sundial, a key, and an emerald skull.

But don’t let the quirky symbols fool you – this game is all about treasure hunting at its finest. And who better to lead you on this epic adventure than Cat Wilde, daughter of the legendary Rich Wilde?

But let’s talk about the symbols that really matter. The ones that offer higher payouts include Cat Wilde herself, the Wild symbol, and the effigies of two ancient Aztec deities that bear a striking resemblance to the sun and the moon. And if you’re lucky enough to land on five of these symbols in a row, you could be in for a big payout!

Overall, Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God is a really fun game that offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and big wins. So whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, give Cat Wilde a try – she won’t lead you astray!

Volatility and RTP

Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God is a slot machine with a slight twist; much like your cat suddenly darting out from under the bed, its RTP of 94.25% is below what you might expect. However, with medium volatility you can expect to be rewarded with payouts at fairly regular intervals. It’s not the highest-paying game out on the market but playing is safe like a kitten napping in a sunbeam.

If you’re the type of person who likes to stack up chips and bet big, Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God might not have the thrill you’re looking for. However, if you want to play it safe and meow-nder around a bit, you might find it more enticing than other online slots. With an RTP that’s not as high as other slots in Play ‘n Go’s collection, this slot is less risky, like a curious house cat staring intently out of the window. Overall, Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God is a slot machine game that budding slot enthusiasts can enjoy safely, while more experienced players can still enjoy its unique twists.

Other Adventures with Cat Wilde

If you’re a fan of the intrepid adventurer Cat Wilde, you’re in luck! There are two other thrilling games in this exciting series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. First up is ‘Cat Wilde and the Doom of the Dead’, where you’ll help our heroine navigate through an ancient Egyptian tomb filled with traps and treasure.

Next, there’s ‘Cat Wilde and the Lost Chapter’, taking you on a journey through the deep jungles of South America to uncover hidden treasures and long-lost artifacts. Both games boast the same stunning graphics and addictive gameplay that you know and love.

If you’re a diehard fan of Cat Wilde and her daring adventures, you won’t want to miss out on these thrilling games. Plus, who knows what kind of trouble she’ll get into next? Will she find herself exploring the ruins of a lost city in the Amazon rainforest or unearthing a long-forgotten treasure trove in the Sahara desert? The possibilities are endless with Cat Wilde!


What is the RTP of Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God?

The RTP of Cat Wilde and the Eclipse of the Sun God is 94.25%, which is slightly below average.

What is the highest multiplier in the game?

The highest level multiplier in the game can multiply the win up to 10 times.

How many free games can you get in the game?

You can get up to 40 free games in the game by getting multiple scatter symbols during free spins.

What is the volatility of the game?

The game has medium volatility rather than high.

What are the other slots in the Cat Wilde series?

The other slots in the Cat Wilde series are Cat Wilde and the Doom of the Dead and Cat Wilde and The Lost Chapter.

What are the symbols in the game?

The symbols in the game include playing card letters, Cat Wilde, a sundial, a key, an emerald skull, and two ancient Aztec deities.

How can you activate free spins in the game?

You can activate free spins in the game by getting 3 scatter symbols.

What is the graphic style of the game?

The game has an attractive graphic style that immerses the player in the jungle full of ruins and mysteries.

What we like

  • Straightforward gameplay mechanics
  • Excellent graphics and sound effects
  • Immersive theme and design
  • Unique features and charms

What we don’t like

  • Slightly below average RTP
  • Medium volatility
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