Book of Stars

by Novomatic

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RTP 95.16%

Volatility HIGH


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Book of Stars
RTP 95.16%
Volatility HIGH

Book of Stars

Book of Stars

Book of Stars definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to game design and mechanics. The intricate and interestingly-designed game grid has an astral theme, which is a refreshing take compared to other slot games’ typical designs. Plus, the symbols are enriched with gold details that make them look even more stunning.

Despite the complexity of the design, the theme of astrology with steampunk mechanics is carried out well and gives off a unique vibe. Every aspect of the game is perfectly tailored to fit the theme, further immersing players into the game’s world.

The game mechanics are on par with other online titles, but what sets Book of Stars apart is its twenty winning lines and a 5×3 grid that shows 15 symbols at each play. The variety of the winning lines allows for more opportunities to win, and the number of symbols on the grid keeps the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. It’s definitely not your grandma’s slot game.

Overall, Book of Stars is the perfect game for anyone who wants an online slot game that not only looks good but also plays great. It’s out of this world!

Number of Winning Lines and Grid Size

Oh, it’s that time again – time to talk about the number of winning lines and grid size in our beloved Book of Stars. As most online slot enthusiasts know, this game features twenty winning lines, which is pretty standard. But don’t let that fool you – there’s still a chance to win big!

The grid size, on the other hand, is 5×3 – which means there are fifteen symbols displayed at every play. That’s a lot of symbols to keep your eyes on, but it’s worth it when you hit the jackpot. And don’t worry if you don’t win at first – just like in any good relationship, sometimes it takes a little time to hit it off with the Book of Stars.

Unleash The Magic With Book Of Stars: Wild Symbols And Bonus Features!

If you’re looking for a slot game packed with excitement, ‘Book of Stars’ from Casino XYZ is a game you won’t want to miss.

This game features two Wild symbols, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good wild symbol? The first is the Book of Stars itself, which can magically replace all symbols except the special ones. The second is a ring, which may not make you invisible, but can replace all symbols in the game. That’s right – anything is possible in Book of Stars!

And that’s not all – finding three books grants you access to the bonus mode, where expanding symbols appear along the entire reel. It’s like a mystical, enchanting event happening right before your very eyes!

The game also has a gambling mechanism, which is a mini-game in which players guess the color of a hidden card after a minor win. Will you be lucky enough to predict the correct color? Only time and fate will tell, but we hope the stars are in your favor!

Gambling Mechanism: Taking A Chance On Fate

If you’re a daring gambler who loves taking risks for a shot at higher rewards, then Book of Stars has a treat for you. This casino slot game offers a gambling mechanism that adds another layer of excitement to your gameplay. Once you win a minor reward, you can choose to either collect it or play the mini-game.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. In the mini-game, you’ll have to guess the color of a hidden card. Sounds easy at first glance, right? After all, there are only two colors to choose from – red or black. But the question is, do you have what it takes to make the right guess?

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this gambling mechanism, as the stakes can be high. If you manage to guess the color of the hidden card correctly, your winnings will multiply, but if luck isn’t on your side, you’ll lose the original amount you won.

As they say, fortune favors the brave! So, are you willing to take a chance on fate and go for the higher rewards, or will you play it safe with your original winnings? The choice is yours, but either way, one thing’s for sure – you’re in for an exciting ride with Book of Stars.

Comparing Book of Stars to Other Slots

Book of Stars is the spiritual sequel to the game Book of Ra from Novomatic. If you’re familiar with that game, you’ll know what to expect from Book of Stars. However, this space-themed game has a personality all its own. It combines astrology and steampunk mechanics into a unique experience.

As far as other space-themed slots go, Stars Awakening from Playtech is worth mentioning. However, while the setting is similar, the gameplay and design of the two games differ greatly. Book of Stars leans heavily on its Book of Ra heritage while incorporating a fresh set of features. This game stands out from the other slots in the galaxy.

It’s like choosing between a Twix and a Kit Kat, sure, they’re both sweet, but there’s something inexplicably alluring about the crunchy texture of Kit Kat wafers. Similarly, there’s something uniquely exciting about Book of Stars that makes it stand out in a crowded market of slot games.


What is Book of Stars?

Book of Stars is an online slot game developed by Novomatic.

How many winning lines does Book of Stars have?

Book of Stars has twenty winning lines with a 5×3 grid showing fifteen symbols at each play.

What are the highest value symbols in Book of Stars?

The heroine represents the highest value symbol, followed by the two wild symbols – the Book of Stars and the ring.

What is the gambling mechanism in Book of Stars?

After a minor win, it is possible to decide to play a game of chance in which the player will have to guess the color of the hidden card.

What happens when the player finds three books in Book of Stars?

Finding three books will give the player access to the bonus mode with expanding symbols along the entire reel.

What is the visual quality of Book of Stars like?

The game screen is full of things to discover and is designed with an astral theme and has symbols enriched with gold details.

Is Book of Stars similar to any other online slot game?

Book of Stars is the spiritual sequel to another Novomatic game, Book of Ra, but for a space-themed slot, Stars Awakening from Playtech is also a similar option.

Is Book of Stars beginner-friendly?

While it may take some time to understand all of its features and mechanics, Book of Stars can reward players with potential fun and high payouts.

What we like

  • Interesting and intricate design
  • Theme of astrology with steampunk mechanics
  • Twenty winning lines and 5×3 grid
  • Expanding symbols in bonus mode

What we don’t like

  • Gambling mechanism can result in loss of winnings
  • Limited comparison to similar space-themed slots
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