Knockout Football Rush

by Habanero

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RTP 96.65%

Volatility HIGH


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Knockout Football Rush
RTP 96.65%
Volatility HIGH

Knockout Football Rush

Knockout Football Rush

Get ready to score big with Knockout Football Rush! This game packs a punch with its 3×3 reels and unique winning system that forms winning combinations both vertically and horizontally. Three matching symbols will earn you a win and, believe us, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing those symbols come together.

What’s more, this game offers up more than just standard wins. With wild symbols available to substitute for any symbol, you’ll have even more chances to strike it big. And for those looking to take their winning game to the next level, there are multipliers that can go all the way up to 60x the winning bet. Talk about a knockout punch!

Random penalty kicks can come out of nowhere and, if luck is on your side, you can earn up to 60x your stake. It’s like hitting the game-winning goal in the last few seconds of the championship match. It doesn’t get much better than that! So come give Knockout Football Rush a spin and see if you can score big.

Graphic Design: A Kick in the Right Direction

Get ready to score big with Knockout Football Rush, a soccer-themed casino slot game from Habanero. But beware, this isn’t your average run-of-the-mill game that pretends to be soccer. It’s a no-frills design that perfectly captures the essence of the beautiful game.

The sound effects of cheering fans and buzzing excitement of a stadium will make you feel like you’re playing in the World Cup final. The game has a modern look, which is a refreshing change from other 3-reel titles. The symbols on the reels depict soccer balls, whistles, boots, and gloves, adding to the soccer flavour of the game.

If you’re a soccer fanatic, Knockout Football Rush is the perfect game for you. Even if you’re not a fan, the game’s graphic design will leave you awestruck and in the mood for action. So, grab your boots and get ready to score big.

Let’s Bet on Some Goals

Are you ready to score some big bucks? Knockout Football Rush offers multiple betting options that are sure to have you itching to press that play button.

Choose your coin value and bet level to set your wager on each payline. With an option to increase your bet up to ten levels, you can go from low to high stakes in just a few clicks. And with a minimum bet of only 20 cents and a max bet of $200.00 per spin, you’ll feel like a soccer superstar.

Just don’t get a yellow card from your wallet – remember to play responsibly!

Winning Symbols: Knockout or Knockdown?

Get ready to score big with Knockout Football Rush! In order to win, players must match symbols that appear on vertical or horizontal lines within a 3×3 area. It’s like a mini soccer match, but without the players complaining and the crowds cheering.

And just like in real soccer, you’ll need to have three matching symbols to score a win. But, unlike in real soccer, there’s a chance for multiple wins resulting from the same spin. Talk about a hat trick!

Wild symbols are available to substitute for any of the standard symbols. It’s like having a secret weapon on the field. And if luck is really on your side, you could even get a multiplier of up to 60x on your winning bet. That’s enough to make even the most stoic soccer player break out in a victory dance.

Autoplay: For When You’re Too Tired to Play

The Autoplay feature is perfect for those of us who just can’t be bothered to continuously click ‘spin’ every three seconds. With preset automatic spin numbers and customizable conditions, you can sit back and watch the game unfold before your very eyes! But be careful – your balance may spend just as fast as you can snore.

Bonus Features: Get Your Game On!

Are you ready to score some major wins? The soccer-themed slot machine, Knockout Football Rush, has bonus features that will knock your socks off. The Joker character steals the spotlight, and when it becomes Sticky, it moves fast – like Ronaldo – up one position for each visible spin. Depending on the number of visible wilds at the same time, the multiplier that can be applied to all round winnings can reach up to 60x.

With 3-5 wilds, you get a 2x multiplier, but if the ref is feeling generous and awards you with 6-8 visible wilds, your multiplier upgrades to a whopping 4x. And what’s better than scoring a hat trick? Having all 9 positions filled with Jokers, of course. This grants you a 60x multiplier for all wins!

But don’t stop there – keep the game going with penalty kicks. Just like in real soccer, even random penalty kicks can happen, and when they do, they can bring rewards up to 60x the stake. If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is!

Other Kick-Ass Games

Well, well, well! Look who we have here! Football Super Wins, a game that is perfect for those who want to feel like a superstar on the field! With 30 paylines and a maximum win potential of 2000x your bet, you can finally live out your dreams of being the next Ronaldo. The only difference is that with this game, you won’t have to do any actual running (or sweating for that matter).

You get to trigger them by simply collecting three, four, or five scatter symbols of an emblem that features a goalie standing guard between the posts. You know what that means? More chances of scoring (and hopefully winning big, too)!

Get Ready for the Rollercoaster Ride: The Volatility of Knockout Football Rush

Hold on to your seats, folks! Knockout Football Rush is not for the faint of heart. This slot game comes with a high volatility level that can keep you on the edge of your seat. But hey, no risk no reward, right?

And boy, can that reward be sweet! With the potential to win up to 14,400 times your bet, Knockout Football Rush promises big wins if you’re lucky enough. Of course, you need to get enough wilds and multipliers to hit that jackpot.

But don’t worry, this game also has a decent RTP of 96.80%, ensuring that you’ll have a fair chance of winning. With four different levels to choose from, casinos can customize the experience to their liking.

Overall, if you’re looking for an exhilarating ride with the possibility of a big payoff, Knockout Football Rush might be the game for you. Just make sure you don’t scream too loud when those big wins finally hit!


What symbols are on the Knockout Football Rush reels?

The symbols on the reels are a soccer ball, a pair of gloves, a whistle, a pair of boots, a football field, and more.

What is the maximum win potential on Knockout Football Rush?

The maximum win potential on Knockout Football Rush is 14,400x your bet.

What is the RTP of Knockout Football Rush?

The RTP of Knockout Football Rush is 96.80%.

Are there wilds in Knockout Football Rush?

Yes, wilds are available to substitute for any of the standard symbols.

How can I trigger the free spins bonus on Football Super Wins?

The free spins bonus on Football Super Wins is triggered with three, four, or five scatter symbols.

What is the maximum number of free spins I can get on Football Super Wins?

The maximum number of free spins you can get on Football Super Wins is 25.

What is the maximum bet on Knockout Football Rush?

The maximum bet on Knockout Football Rush is $200.00 per spin.

What is the difference between Knockout Football Rush and the first soccer-themed game released in 2018?

Knockout Football Rush has a smaller playing area, higher volatility, and bigger wins compared to the first soccer-themed game released in 2018.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay mechanics with both vertical and horizontal wins
  • Modern and visually appealing graphic design
  • Multiple betting options for players
  • Exciting bonus features with potential for big rewards

What we don’t like

  • Limited availability of the joker character on the 3rd row
  • High volatility may not appeal to all players
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