Calaveras Explosivas

by Habanero

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RTP 96.79%

Volatility LOW

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Calaveras Explosivas
RTP 96.79%
Volatility LOW

Calaveras Explosivas

Calaveras Explosivas

Calaveras Explosivas is aptly named because this game’s colorful and cheerful aesthetics explode onto your screen! But what sets this game apart from the rest? Let’s talk about its gameplay mechanics and features!

First and foremost, there are no boring game grids here! Instead, up to 30 symbols drop from above to potentially create winning combinations before exploding into bones and skulls – we can’t make this stuff up, folks! And just like a piñata, they’re instantly replaced by new symbols!

But don’t let the lack of reels fool you – this game packs a punch. You can bet a minimum of 15 tokens, with a coin value ranging from $0.01 to $0.50, giving you plenty of options to create your exploding fortune. And for those who love automation, activate Autoplay and select between 10 to 500 spins.

You can even experience the thrill of the fall with the Fast Spin option, which speeds up the symbol’s descent. With low volatility, small but frequent wins are achievable. And with an RTP of 96.79%, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time. Plus, every bet contributes to the whopping $2,500 Jackpot announced proudly on the sign atop the screen – now that’s a prize worth exploding for!

Symbol Design and Animations

The Calaveras Explosivas slot game is not your typical skull and bone themed game. The designers took skull styling to another level with unique and colorful designs for each one, and the eyes of the skulls moving adding a spooky and playful atmosphere.

The golden skull is the Wild symbol, and it does a great job of getting the players’ attention with its lively animations and sound effects. The white skull with roses in place of the eyes is the Scatter symbol, and it is the most valuable symbol in the game, paying up to a whopping 1,000 tokens with just the minimum bet. Now, this is what we call a trump card!

The symbols fall from above, accompanied by a sizzling sound that adds to the excitement and anticipation for the final outcome. The exploding and cascading symbols make it a lot more fun to play than regular, stagnant slot games. Each successful cascade increases the multiplier by x1 and it can go all the way to x128x after the eighth consecutive cascade. Your wins can really explode with every cascade!

All in all, the symbol design and animations in the game were both impressive and entertaining. We have to give the developers credit for taking the skull theme and making it fun instead of just dreary. Who knew skulls could be so lucrative!

Visuals and Audio

Holy guacamole! Get ready to be transported to a colorful and vibrant Mexican village with Habanero‘s Calaveras Explosivas. The visuals are so bright, it’s like a kaleidoscope of neon colors exploding in your face – in a good way, of course! Each skull is uniquely designed with its own personality and flair, making them super entertaining to watch as they spin on the reels.

The background of the game is just as lively as the skulls, with flags hanging from balconies and cats perched on ledges. It’s like you’re right there, in the middle of a fiesta! The soundtrack is a perfect combination of maracas and acoustic guitars, transporting you straight to the heart of Mexico. It’s catchy enough to make you tap your feet, but not so much that it gets annoying after a while.

Overall, Habanero has done an outstanding job with the visuals and audio in Calaveras Explosivas. It’s like a fiesta in your living room! Just make sure your neighbors don’t complain about the loud noises coming from your speakers.

Spice up your gameplay with Calaveras Explosivas’ winning combinations and multipliers!

Looking for a slot game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than Calaveras Explosivas! Unlike many traditional slots, players have the chance to win big if they get at least three of the same symbol that touch each other. And that’s not all – the maximum number of symbols that can form a winning combination is a whopping twenty! Now, that’s what we call explosive.

One of the features that make Calaveras Explosivas more interesting is the cascading reels – winning symbols are replaced by new ones, and with each replacement, the multiplier increases by x1. But it doesn’t stop there – this multiplier can reach a maximum of x128x after eight consecutive cascades. It’s like winning the lottery, but better. Just be sure to buckle up, because you’re in for a wild and exhilarating ride.

If you’re looking for extra excitement, keep an eye out for the golden skull – It’s the Wild symbol and can replace all other symbols except for the special ones. Want to win big? The white skull with roses in place of the eyes is the Scatter and is the symbol that is worth the most, with the potential to pay out up to 1,000 tokens with the minimum bet. Who knew skulls could be so valuable?

So what are you waiting for? Give Calaveras Explosivas a spin and you won’t be disappointed. Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot and become a skullionaire! Okay, okay, we’ll stop with the skull puns now. Happy spinning!

Volatility and RTP

Calaveras Explosivas is a fun and festive slot game with a low volatility, which means you won’t be winning big all the time, but the wins do come quite frequently. It’s kind of like that uncle that always brings a tray of appetizers to a family gathering – he’s not the life of the party, but he’s reliable and always keeps the hunger at bay.

But don’t let the low volatility fool you, because the RTP (Return to Player) value is set at a very generous 96.79%. That’s higher than the IQ of your average sloth, and you know those guys are aces at hanging around doing nothing.

Now, if gambling isn’t already exciting enough for you, Calaveras Explosivas adds an extra thrill by having a part of the bet go towards the Jackpot of $2,500 that is displayed on a sign at the top of the screen. It’s like adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your latte – just that little bit of extra sweetness that makes you smile.


What is the theme of the Calaveras Explosivas slot game?

The game is based on the tradition of Dias de los Muertos, which is celebrated in Mexico and features stylized and colorful skulls as emblems.

What is the minimum bet in the game?

The minimum bet is 15 tokens, and each of them has a value chosen by the player from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $0.50.

What is Autoplay, and how many spins can it be activated for?

Autoplay is a feature that enables players to choose up to 500 automatic spins. It is convenient for players who wish to keep spinning without manually doing so each time.

What are the Wild and Scatter symbols in the game?

The golden skull is the Wild symbol and replaces all symbols except for the special ones. The white skull with roses in place of the eyes is the Scatter symbol and is the symbol that is worth the most.

What is the highest payout amount in the game?

The Jackpot amount in the game is $2,500, and a percentage of the bet goes towards it. However, the White skull Scatter symbol can pay up to 1,000 tokens with the minimum bet.

What is the volatility of the game?

The game has low volatility, which means that while players can expect to win small amounts frequently, they will not win significant amounts.

What is the RTP value of Calaveras Explosivas?

The game’s RTP value is 96.79%. This means that over time, players can expect to win an average of $96.79 for every $100 they wager on the game.

Does the multiplier increase with each replacement of winning symbols?

Yes, with each replacement, the multiplier increases by x1 and can reach a maximum of x128 after the eighth consecutive cascade. This increases the chances of winning significant payouts.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay mechanics with falling symbols and exploding wins
  • High RTP value of 96.79%
  • Excellent graphics and colorful symbol design
  • Low volatility for frequent wins

What we don’t like

  • No traditional reels and rows
  • Limited number of symbols in each winning combination
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