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Soldier of Rome





Soldier of Rome

Soldier of Rome

Soldier of Rome has a unique gameplay structure that will leave you saluting. The game has 4 symbols on the left and a massive 3x10 grid on the right. With 50 paylines in the base game alone, you'll be able to rack up more wins than Napoleon did victories. Activate the Mighty Reels function, and you'll be gifted with a whopping 100 paylines. That's more than enough to make even Julius Caesar himself jealous.

Special Features to Increase Your Winnings

Get ready for some serious action with Soldier of Rome's four thrilling special functions. Free Spins are no doubt the game's bread and butter; just hit 3 or more logo symbols and get up to 25 of these beauties. You'll be able to retrigger them over and over again, increasing your chances of bagging that big win.

Money Burst/Lightning Spins are activated when 4 symbols are matched in the Money Burst reels. It's like when you accidentally match your socks – something magical happens, and the payoff is huge! If you're lucky enough to hit Lightning Spins, numerous symbols will be added to the Mighty Reels, boosting your odds of striking gold.

Keep your eyes peeled for Expandable Wilds, which have the power to expand and cover an entire reel during free spins and in Big Bet games. You know what they say: the bigger the wild, the bigger the winnings!

Soldier of Rome Symbol Design: A Battle Worth Winning

The symbols in Soldier of Rome are like its warriors – bold and fearless.

The centurion and his women will have your heart racing faster than an ancient battle. The sword symbols are so sharp, they could cut through any competition. And the SPQR symbol with the eagle is a true showstopper.

But don’t forget about the banner with the game logo and the poker suits – they may not be as flashy as the other symbols, but they’re still part of the winning team!

Oh, and did we mention that the centurion symbol can cover all 10 reels? Now that’s what we call firepower! And if that’s not enough, the expanded centurion symbol is 3 squares and can expand again to cover the entire reel in the base game – talk about a symbol of excellence!

How Soldier of Rome Stands Out From Other Roman-themed Slots

It's hard to avoid a Roman-themed slot in the online casino world. From Spartacus to Gladiator, there are so many to choose from! But, Soldier of Rome is one of the few games that stand out from the rest. Its unique gameplay mechanics and special features make it worth a spin.

I mean, let's be real: we've all played a Roman slot game before. It's practically a rite of passage. But Soldier of Rome breaks the mold with its exciting twists and turns. It's like getting a surprise gladiator in your cereal box - unexpected, yet delightful.

Other Roman-themed slots are just like the Colosseum - grand and impressive, but ultimately lacking in substance. But with Soldier of Rome, you get a more well-rounded experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Graphics and Overall Impression

Are you a fan of Ancient Rome? If yes, then Soldier of Rome by Barcrest is the game for you. However, if you're expecting stunning graphics, you might be disappointed. The elemental symbols are definitely not huge, but hey, size isn't everything. Don't let that detract from the overall gaming experience as Soldier of Rome has original gameplay structure and special functions to make up for it.

What sets this game apart is the Mighty Reels function which turns the entire reel set into a giant and brings wilds into play, increasing your chance of winning. You surely can't leave Rome without taking advantage of this exciting feature. Overall, Soldier of Rome offers an engaging and exciting gaming experience that will make any soldier stand up and say, "Ave, slot player!".


What is the theme of the Soldier of Rome slot?

The Soldier of Rome slot is set in the time of the Roman Empire and follows a centurion torn between his military exploits and his romantic relationship.

Who produced the Soldier of Rome slot?

Barcrest (SG) is the producer of the Soldier of Rome slot.

How are the graphics of the Soldier of Rome slot?

The graphics of the Soldier of Rome could use improvement, especially with the size of the elemental symbols on the screen.

How is the game structure presented?

The game structure appears with a unique form: 4 symbols on the left and then a 3x10 grid on the right. The symbols on the left influence the main game with extra wins.

What special functions does the Soldier of Rome slot have?

The Soldier of Rome slot features four special functions: Free Spins, Money Burst/Lightning Spins, Lightning Spin, and Expandable Wilds.

How many paylines does the Soldier of Rome slot have?

The Soldier of Rome slot has 50 paylines in the base game and 100 paylines when the Mighty Reels function is active.

What are some similar slots to Soldier of Rome?

Some similar slots to the Soldier of Rome are WMS's Spartacus, Netent's Victorious, Playtech's Gladiator, and iSoftbet's Luxury Rome.

What is the maximum number of free spins in the Soldier of Rome slot?

The maximum number of free spins in the Soldier of Rome slot is 25.

What we like

  • Original gameplay structure with 4 symbols on the left and a 3x10 grid on the right
  • Special features including Free Spins, Money Burst/Lightning Spins, Expandable Wilds, and Mighty Reels
  • Symbols include the centurion, his women, swords, and more
  • Innovative Mighty Reels function

What we don't like

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