Magic Target Deluxe

by Wazdan

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RTP 95%

Volatility MED


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Slot review

Magic Target Deluxe
RTP 95%
Volatility MED

Magic Target Deluxe

Magic Target Deluxe

Roll up, roll up, come see the amazing Magic Target Deluxe online slot game! The circus-themed background sets the stage for your chance to win big. In this game, you’ll encounter an array of juicy fruits including cherries, plums, grapes, lemons, and more. But watch out – the real money makers come in the form of crowns and fruit machines.

But what really makes Magic Target Deluxe special are its exciting bonus features. Keep an eye out for those special symbols that will help you hit the jackpot. This game has classic gameplay that will make you feel right at home, but with enough twists to keep you on your toes. Don’t miss your chance to be a winner – step right up and play Magic Target Deluxe today!

Get Rich Quick with Jackpot and Betting Options!

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, Magic Target Deluxe has got your back. With five reels and 10 active paylines, this slot game is the perfect blend of excitement and simplicity. Plus, with bets starting at just 0.10 credits, you won’t have to sell your first-born just to get in on the action.

With a maximum jackpot of 500 times your initial bet, you could be walking away with enough money to put a down payment on that yacht you’ve had your eye on. And if you’re feeling extra lucky and decide to go for the highest level of credit, you could win up to 50,000 credits. That’s more money than some people make in a year!

Unlock the Magic: Special Symbols and Features

If you’re looking for extra ways to win big, Magic Target Deluxe has got you covered. This slot game packs plenty of features to keep you on your toes.

First up, there’s the wild symbol- a mischievous jester who’s always ready to substitute other symbols. With this fool on your side, you could snag winning combos you never expected.

Then there’s the scatter symbol. Represented by a bomb, this icon can set off a whole chain reaction of free spins if you manage to land three or more on the payline. Just don’t go getting too explosive yourself, okay?

And finally, there’s the real magic- the Multiplier Symbol. This special feature comes out to play during the Free Spins round, doubling all your winnings each time it appears. That’s what we call a spellbinding way to bump up your bankroll!

Wazdan: Putting the ‘Magic’ in Magic Target Deluxe

Wazdan‘s got the magic touch when it comes to bringing customizable features to your online slot games. And with their latest release, Magic Target Deluxe, they’ve turned up the heat to give you one unforgettable experience.

Forget those clunky old games that offer no flexibility – Wazdan’s unique features let you make the game your own. With Volatility Levels, you can switch up the game’s variance to suit your taste. And for those who need a quick fix of wins, Ultra Fast Mode has got you covered.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – Big Screen Mode lets you immerse yourself fully in the game, while Ultra Lite Mode ensures you can enjoy the game seamlessly on any device, no matter how ancient and decrepit it may be.

So what are you waiting for? Add a little magic to your life and try Wazdan’s Magic Target Deluxe today.

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If Magic Target Deluxe has you under its enchantment, then you should definitely check out Wazdan’s other spellbinding Slot Machine, Magic Target. With stunning graphics and a mesmerizing RTP of 96.63%, it will have you hooked in no time. The magic never stops with Wazdan’s fantastic selection of games!


What is Magic Target Deluxe?

Magic Target Deluxe is an explosive online slot game with updated audiovisuals and special features.

How does Magic Target Deluxe look?

The game has vibrant animations and vivid colors, with a circus arena background and fruit-themed symbols.

What is the maximum bet for Magic Target Deluxe?

The bets range from 0.10 to 100.00 credits.

What is the maximum jackpot for Magic Target Deluxe?

The maximum jackpot is 500 times your initial bet, which can be up to 50,000 credits.

What special features does Magic Target Deluxe have?

The game has a Wild symbol (jester), a Scatter symbol (bomb), and a Multiplier Symbol that doubles winnings during the Free Spins round.

Are there any customizable features in Magic Target Deluxe?

Yes, the game comes with Wazdan’s unique features: Volatility Levels, Ultra Fast Mode, Big Screen Mode, and Ultra Lite Mode.

Is Magic Target Deluxe the only game of its kind?

No, Wazdan has released a similar slot machine called Magic Target, which also has excellent graphics and an RTP of 96.63%.

Do I need to download or register to play Magic Target Deluxe?

No, the game does not need to be downloaded or require any registration.

What we like

  • Classic gameplay with special features
  • Juicy fruit symbols and icons
  • High jackpot potential
  • Free spins with doubled winnings

What we don’t like

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