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Space Gem™

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Space Gem™

Space Gem

Buckle up astronauts, because Space Gem is here to take you on a ride through the galaxy! This entertaining online slot game features 6 reels and 10 paylines, giving players plenty of opportunities to win big. Watch out for those colorful gems, because they are the key to unlocking riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Not only does Space Gem provide players with high-quality audiovisuals that are out of this world, but it also offers innovative features that are sure to keep you engaged for hours on end. With an adjustable betting range, this game is versatile and is designed to appeal to all types of players - whether you're a seasoned space cadet or a newbie just trying to explore the universe of online gaming.

Reeling in Wins with Space Gem

The cosmic slot game, Space Gem, puts a new spin on classic video slots with a unique six-reel and three-row layout. This gives players more space to test their luck and increase their potential wins.

But don't worry about feeling lost in space, as the game includes 10 fixed paylines to help guide you towards your next payout. With multiple ways to win, it's like having a map to buried treasure.

So, what are you waiting for? Blast off to new levels of excitement and play Space Gem today!

Get Wild with the Re-Spins

Cue the disco music, because the Wild Symbol is ready to boogie on the reels of Space Gem. This symbol is seriously star-studded, as it can replace any standard symbol on the board, giving you a better shot at taking home some cold, hard cash. And when the Wild lands, it expands to cover the whole reel, making it rain sparkles and increasing your chances of winning big.

The Wild also triggers the Re-Spin feature. That's right, the party doesn't have to stop when the Wild lands. With this feature, the Wild Symbol remains in place while the other reels spin again, giving you even more chances to win. Who said science and partying didn't mix?

Get Your Game On with Space Gem's Customization Options

Wazdan's got your back with Space Gem's customization features. Take charge of your gameplay experience by choosing between low, high, or standard levels of volatility. Want frequent small wins? Go for low. Prefer the thrill of a big payout? High is the way to go.

But that's not all, folks! Space Gem also comes fully loaded with Ultra Fast Mode, Ultra Lite Mode, and Big Screen Mode. Get ready to speed things up with Ultra Fast Mode – perfect for the adrenaline junkies out there. Or choose Ultra Lite Mode if you're the impatient type who hates waiting for slots to load. And with Big Screen Mode, adjust your Space Gem appearance to show off on your largest screens.

The possibilities are endless with Wazdan's customization. It's time to customize your way to riches with Space Gem today!

Gamble Round: Double or Nothing!

Feeling lucky? Space Gem has a gamble round that will get your heart racing like a rocket ship about to take off! When you hit a win, you'll have the chance to double your payout by picking the right gem. It's like a game of intergalactic roulette, but without the fancy tuxedos and a martini shaken, not stirred.

Choose wisely, though - pick the wrong gem, and you'll be seeing stars! Just kidding, you'll still get your original winnings, but wouldn't it be way more fun to double it? Plus, you can always pretend you're a space explorer who just stumbled upon a treasure trove of valuable gems on an uncharted planet. Who needs reality when you can have escapism?

Overall, the gamble round in Space Gem is a simple but engaging feature that spices up the gameplay and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's like a cosmic coin flip - will fortune favor the bold? Spin the reels and find out!

Design: Out Of This World!

Space Gem is an intergalactic adventure that will have you seeing stars! With its vibrant and colorful gems, this game really sparkles. It's like playing slots while floating through space - without the pesky astronaut training!

If you're on the hunt for more cosmic-themed casinos games, you're in luck! Check out Wazdan's Magic Stars collection - it's got all the wizardry and wonder of Space Gem, with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. And for those who crave even more out-of-this-world action, Space Spins will take you on a wild ride through the galaxy.


What are the features of Space Gem slot?

The Space Gem slot offers a Wild Symbol, which replaces all the icons to complete winning paylines. The Wild Symbol expands to cover the entire reel and awards a Re-Spin during which the reel with the Wild Symbol remains in position. The inclusion of a wild symbol increases the chances of winning.

How many paylines are there in Space Gem slot?

Space Gem is a 6 reels, 10 paylines online slot.

What is the highest payout in Space Gem slot?

The red gem is the most rewarding symbol and can pay up to $5,000 as a payout.

What are the customization features of Space Gem slot?

The game offers Wazdan's unique features to customize the gameplay. Players can switch between low, high, or standard level volatility levels, Ultra Fast Mode that speeds up the game, Ultra Lite Mode that reduces slot loading time, and Big Screen Mode that allows players to customize the game's appearance.

How do you activate the gamble round in Space Gem slot?

The gamble round is activated when you create a win on the reels. Players must select one of the two large gems, and guessing correctly will double the winnings.

What is the maximum bet in Space Gem slot?

Players can place a maximum bet of $100 per spin.

What are the similar slots to Space Gem slot?

Wazdan has created similar slots to Space Gem, such as the Magic Stars collection and Space Spins.

Is Space Gem slot available in other languages?

Yes, Space Gem slot is available in multiple languages and can be played in various currencies.

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  • High-quality audiovisuals
  • Innovative features
  • Customization options
  • Engaging gamble round

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