La Gallina D'oro

by Skywind Group

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RTP 95.14%

Volatility LOW


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Slot review

La Gallina D'oro
RTP 95.14%
Volatility LOW

La Gallina D’oro

La Gallina D’oro

Get ready to play La Gallina D’oro, the slot game that proves chickens can lay gold eggs. But beware of the red wolf, who has a habit of ruining your day and depleting your cash stash. This game is not for the faint of heart, as it’s a high volatility game with a 97.61% RTP.

The single reel format might seem simple at first glance, but winning the top prize multiplier of 500x requires a bit of strategy. Do you risk it all and go for the jackpot, or play it safe and slowly build up your winnings? It’s up to you to decide your fate in this egg-citing game.

The Golden Hen… and a Generous Return-To-Player Rate

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost because La Gallina D’oro knows how to treat its players! With a whopping 97.61% RTP, this game is definitely not chicken-hearted when it comes to giving back. In fact, it’s eggcellent – uhh, excellent.

Symbols and Collectibles

La Gallina D’oro only has five symbols, but that’s all you need to have a clucking good time! Keep an eye out for the bell, star, and horseshoe; they’re the collectibles that can earn you big rewards. Just be careful of the wolf – he’ll wipe out all your hard work. The chicken is the Wild, and he’s here to help you win. Get all five in a row and you’ll be crowing with excitement as you rake in 1,000 rewards. But that’s not all, folks – the rooster is the Wild too! Every time he appears, you have a chance to take home eggs-tra rewards! Want to really ruffle some feathers? Aim for the golden egg graphic feature to trigger rooster scatter free spins and fox wins. Who knew chickens could be so egg-citing?


Hold onto your feathers because La Gallina D’oro is not for the faint of heart. This game is as volatile as a rooster on a hot tin roof, but that risk is what makes the rewards all the more exciting! Get ready to cluck your way to big wins!

Scatter and Wild Symbols

What’s better than finding eggs on Easter? Finding silver and gold eggs in La Gallina D’oro and getting 12 free spins, that’s what! This game is like a chicken farm – it’s full of scatters, and the more you find, the better your chances of winning. Plus, who needs a rooster wake-up call when you can use the rooster symbol as a Wild and replace all other symbols? Talk about a game that’s eggs-traordinary.


Prepare to be dazzled by the golden egg graphics of La Gallina D’oro, this game is egg-actly what you need to hatch some fun on the farm. The symbols are so vividly designed that you’ll feel like you’re in a real barnyard. And let’s talk about the animations – it’s like watching a group of chickens doing the macarena when you hit a winning streak! Not to mention the sound effects, clucks, and cackles that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of a chicken coop. With all of these elements combined, La Gallina D’oro provides an egg-cellent and entertaining gaming experience.

Bonus Features

Listen up, folks! La Gallina D’oro isn’t just for the big spenders, with a minimum bet of a measly 0.01 per line, per spin. Even your pet chicken can afford that! The paylines are fixed, but don’t let that ruffle your feathers, because with such a low line bet, you can still scratch out some wins.

This game has an auto-spin feature with a range of 10 to 99 spins. You can spin to your heart’s content without even lifting a feather. Plus, you can adjust the cashpot between 0.02 and the top win! Who needs a golden goose when you have La Gallina D’oro, am I right?

But hold your horses, we’re not done yet! The game also offers a session budget feature, so you can control your spending and keep it clucking responsible. So don’t be chicken, give this game a try!


What is La Gallina D’oro?

La Gallina D’oro is a high volatility single-reel online slot game with a chicken farming theme.

What is the RTP of La Gallina D’oro?

La Gallina D’oro offers a 97.61% RTP.

How much is the minimum bet in La Gallina D’oro?

The minimum bet in La Gallina D’oro is 0.01 per line per spin.

What is the maximum bet per line per spin in La Gallina D’oro?

The maximum bet per line per spin in La Gallina D’oro is 12.5.

What are the symbols in La Gallina D’oro?

La Gallina D’oro has playing cards, animals that bring rewards such as goat, pig, dog, sheep, and cow, and the rooster which acts as the Wild symbol.

What is the maximum payout in La Gallina D’oro?

In La Gallina D’oro, you can win up to 500x your bet.

Are there free spins in La Gallina D’oro?

Yes, you can get 12 free spins in La Gallina D’oro with three or more silver and gold egg scatter symbols.

What is the recommended budget to play La Gallina D’oro?

Set a responsible budget that you can afford to lose before playing La Gallina D’oro.

What we like

  • Generous 97.61% RTP
  • Attractive golden egg graphics and vividly designed symbols
  • Many scatters that offer plenty of free spins to lucky players
  • Auto spins that can be set between 10 and 99

What we don’t like

  • High volatility game
  • Fixed number paylines
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