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Olympic Cash





Olympic Cash

Olympic Cash

Welcome to Olympic Cash, the 5-reel slot game that takes you on a wild ride through the world of Greek mythology. Brace yourself for a gameplay experience of epic proportions, where you'll encounter legendary figures like Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, and Poseidon, all vying for a chance to unleash their godly powers and bestow upon you riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Gameplay and Special Features

Ready, set, spin! Olympic Cash is packed with excitement and adventure. With 243 ways to win, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are endless opportunities to strike gold. And speaking of gold, there are four different Olympic Free Spins rounds that come with some extra boosts that will have you feeling like an Olympic champion in no time. Plus, the game features wild expansions, gate scatters, and bonus rounds that will keep the fun going.

Graphics and Sound

Move over Mount Olympus, because Olympic Cash takes the gold medal for stunning graphics! The pastel-colored skies background filled with fluffy clouds sets the perfect backdrop for this Greek-themed slot game. Plus, with drawings of four Greek gods, two animals, and six gems, it's like a mini museum of ancient Greece. The sound and images are so well-suited to the game's theme, you'll feel like you're winning alongside Zeus himself. And the epic orchestral soundtrack? It's the perfect accompaniment to your victory dance.

Wild Expansions: They're Like When You Get a Second Wind at the Gym

Gamers, get ready for a wild ride! The casino slot game "Olympic Cash" has a feature that's sure to blow your mind: wild expansions! These can be triggered at totally random moments (kinda like that second wind you get at the gym that makes you feel invincible). If you're lucky enough to get a wild expansion, you could reel in some terrific cash prizes.

So, prepare your spinning finger and get ready for an adventure because this game is nothing but excitement, and we're sure it will keep you on your toes! Keep spinning and wait for that lucky moment when the stars align, and the wild expansion is unlocked. It's time to let out your inner child because "Olympic Cash" is like a playground for adults.

Gate Scatters and Bonus Rounds: Unlocking the Olympian Secrets

Greek gods and free spins? Sign me up! The Olympic Cash slot game offers an exciting bonus round that is triggered when you collect three Gate scatters. These gates will unlock the Olympian secrets and take you to the free bonus round, where you'll be greeted by four different goddesses: Aphrodite, Athena, Poseidon, and Zeus.

Don't worry, these goddesses won't be requiring any sacrifices or heroic feats from you. Instead, they'll be treating you with a set of free spins that come with unique multipliers and wild features. It's like having your own personal squad of deities cheering you on to victory!

Get Blessed with the Gods and Goddesses Bonuses

Who says the Greek gods and goddesses are just mythological beings of ancient Greece? In Olympic Cash, they are the key to all the wealth and success you need in this game! And oh boy, when they decide to bless you with their bonuses, it can make your heart skip a beat. The bonuses offered by the different goddesses vary, which makes it all the more exciting. But let's be real, the competition between them is intense! They each have their own unique style and can result in significant wins. Now who wouldn't want a divine intervention like that?

Look out for additional wilds, multipliers, cascading reels, and cloning features. Trust us, when the gods and goddesses are on your side, you can never go wrong. It's like having a whole football team cheering for you! Alright, maybe not that intense, but you get the gist.

Get Your Free Spins and Multiply Your Wins!

Buckle up, my fellow gamblers, and get ready to increase your wins with Olympic Cash's incredible bonus features! This slot game knows how to please the gods of fortune by offering up to 25 free spins with 2x to 5x multipliers. That's right, you can get more chances to win big without spending a single dime!

The Athena Free Games feature gives you 15 free spins and 2x and 3x multipliers. That's like having the wisdom of the goddess herself to boost your wins! Lastly, the Zeus Free Games give you 25 free spins with wild cloning features, because why settle for less when you can have more?

So, my friends, let's light up the Olympic torch and start spinning those reels! Your pockets will thank you later.

Similar Games? Just Medals!

If you think the Olympic Cash slot machine is worth its weight in gold, wait until you've checked out these other gems! Almighty Jackpots Garden of Persephone slot machine or NetEnt's Divine Fortune slot machine could be your ticket to the winner's podium. With mythical creatures, multipliers, and progressive jackpots, your gaming experience will be absolutely Olympian!


What is Olympic Cash online slot game?

Olympic Cash is an online slot game that features the immense power of Greek mythology through epic bonuses. The game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win.

What are the characters featured in Olympic Cash?

Olympic Cash features key characters from Greek mythology, including Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Athena.

How many free spins are there in Olympic Cash?

Each of the game's gods has a unique free spins round. Players can unlock up to 25 free spins with Zeus and up to 20 with Poseidon.

What is the gameplay like in Olympic Cash?

The game features random wild expansions on any reel on any random spin, giving players a chance to land big wins. The free spins rounds also add extra modifiers for even more excitement.

What is the RTP of Olympic Cash?

The RTP (return to player) of Olympic Cash is 96.5%, which is above average for online slot games.

What other slot machines are similar to Olympic Cash?

If you enjoyed Olympic Cash, you may want to try out other Greek mythology-inspired slot machines such as Almighty Jackpots Garden of Persephone or NetEnt's Divine Fortune.

Can I play Olympic Cash on my mobile device?

Yes, Olympic Cash is optimized for mobile play and can be enjoyed on both iOS and Android devices.

Can I try Olympic Cash for free?

Many online casinos offer demo versions of the game that allow players to try it out for free before playing for real money.

What we like

  • 243 ways to win and 4 different Olympic Free Spins rounds
  • Wild expansion and gates scatters
  • Attractive pastel-colored skies background and epic orchestral soundtrack
  • Exciting bonuses and win multipliers

What we don't like

  • Not a unique theme
  • High volatility may not appeal to all players
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