Jungle Giants

by Playtech

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RTP 95.02%

Volatility MED


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Slot review

Jungle Giants
RTP 95.02%
Volatility MED

Jungle Giants

Jungle Giants

Buckle up your seatbelt, folks! We’re about to embark on a wild ride through the Jungle Giants gameplay mechanics. This online slot game is out of this world when it comes to uniqueness. Say goodbye to boring 5×3-slot games, because Jungle Giants is a 1(3)1×3 game that will have you on the edge of your seat. You read that right! The first and fifth reels move independently while the central three reels move together. This wild setup features a single figure that takes up all nine symbols, making it possible to cash in big and earn those free spins. With fifty pay lines, you’re in for a highly rewarding and entertaining gaming experience.

Design That Will Make You Roar!

If you’re someone who enjoys your games looking like they were polished with the utmost love and care, then you’ll be happy to know that Jungle Giants’ graphics are no monkey business. The backdrop is so gorgeously crafted, it’s like you’re playing in a David Attenborough documentary. Elephants are heavily featured in both the background and on the reels, but we promise you won’t be getting any elephant fatigue. They’re all so regal-looking with their headdresses, it’s like they’re walking a catwalk instead of the jungle.

Sound Design that’ll Make Your Ears Go Bananas

Ah, the sweet symphony of slot machines – music to our ears, right? Well, Jungle Giants takes it a step further and delivers an audio experience that’ll leave you feeling like you’re swinging from vine to vine in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The calming background score combined with tribal drum sounds turn your gameplay into an immersive adventure.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to the sound design team for nailing the jungle ambiance. Without this perfect soundscape, Jungle Giants wouldn’t be nearly as engaging. Put on your headphones and get lost in the world of Jungle Giants – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Win Big or Go Home!

Jungle Giants has more ways to win than a monkey has bananas! Our team has hit major jackpots multiple times and unlocked the coveted free spins bonus within minutes. With fifty pay lines, you’re bound to strike it rich! But let’s be real, luck plays a huge factor. Even when the reels don’t align in your favor, the jungle themed graphics and sound effects will keep you entertained. It’s a slot game that’s bananas (in a good way)!

Other Animal-Themed Games to Roar About

If you’re a wild animal lover, Jungle Giants is just the beginning! There are plenty of other animalistic adventures out there to pounce on. Try Mega Moolah for a chance to win elephant-sized jackpots, or Raging Rhino for a stampede of excitement. And if you’re feeling gorilla-cious, Gorilla and Cats and Cash are both purrr-fect games to scratch that jungle itch. Don’t forget about Foxin Wins, Buffalo Blitz and many other games that’ll make you go wild for more.


What is Jungle Giants?

Jungle Giants is an online slot game produced by Playtech, featuring a jungle biome and different animal species as the game’s theme.

What are the game’s graphics like?

The game’s graphics are very carefully crafted and showcase the jungle biome, with animal species like buffalo, elephant, gorilla, and rhino all in fitting headdresses.

What is the game’s sound like?

There are different sound levels that overlap, with calming background music and tribal drum sounds to completely immerse you in the game’s setting.

What sets Jungle Giants apart from other online slot games?

Jungle Giants uses a unique slot structure that enables the first and fifth reels to move independently while the three central reels move in unison.

How many pay lines are available in Jungle Giants?

Jungle Giants features fifty pay lines, providing players with plenty of chances to win rewards.

Is there any guarantee of winning in Jungle Giants?

While no guarantees are provided, the dynamic gameplay ensures that even unlucky rounds are still enjoyable.

What other online slot games are based on animals?

Other online slot games that share this theme include Mega Moolah, Raging Rhino, Gorilla, Cats and Cash, and Buffalo Blitz, among others.

Is Jungle Giants a game suitable for beginners?

Jungle Giants is welcoming to both experienced players and beginners and is an excellent choice for those who enjoy animal-themed online slots.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay mechanics
  • Stunning graphics design
  • Impressive sound design
  • Numerous winning opportunities

What we don’t like

  • Results may vary
  • Limited number of free spins
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