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Justice League Comic

Justice League Comic

Holy spinning reels, Batman! Justice League Comic is Playtech's thrilling take on the epic DC Comics superhero film. With its impressive graphics and exciting sound effects, this game is sure to make you feel like a hero on a mission to hit the jackpot!

Game Grid and Symbols

Hold tight, as you dive into an action-packed world of colorful & vibrant game grid of Justice League Comic, with symbols and icons that depict your favorite superheroes. You'll see Wonder Woman with her lasso, Flash with his speed, Aquaman with his trident, Batman with his gadgets, Superman with his strength, and Cyborg with his tech.

But it's not just all superheroes all the time. The game also features other iconic symbols related to the Justice League's superheroes, including the Batmobile, the Batman logo, the Superman logo, and Aquaman's crown, among others, to keep things interesting!

Gameplay and Special Symbols

Buckle up and get ready to roll with Justice League Comic! This game has a unique 5 * 3 scheme that offers fifteen awesome symbols at each spin, all arranged over twenty-five paylines. You won't want to miss out on the special symbols, including the ultimate explosion (KABOOM) that acts as a Wild symbol and can replace most others. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for the Bonus symbols that come with a cool purple outline. These will lead you to exclusive features and big rewards.

It unlocks free spins and re-trigger opportunities that will keep you playing for hours on end. So, gather your geek squad and join forces with the Justice League for some serious fun!

Bonus Features: You don't need Batman's money to win big!

You know what's more thrilling than the thought of fighting alongside the Justice League? Winning big in their slot game! Justice League Comic's bonus features are the stuff of superhero dreams. With the Bonus symbols, you can unlock a special mode with extra rewards that are sure to make your spidey senses tingle. Trigger free spins with the title Bonus symbol and keep playing without spending a single penny. But beware, fellow hero, as the re-triggers can be as unpredictable as Harley Quinn on her meds, so keep your wits about you.

This game is the ultimate treat not just for DC fans but also for Marvel fans who are secretly wishing they were playing the other side. With its immersive features and slick graphics, Justice League Comic guarantees a gaming experience that even Superman would be envious of.

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What is Justice League Comic?

Justice League Comic is an online slot game that brings the superheroes from the eponymous blockbuster movie signed DC Comics to the world of slots. It features famous heroes such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, and Cyborg.

What are the graphics like in Justice League Comic?

The game grid is set against an apocalyptic background with smoking debris and burning embers. The symbols on the reels are colorful and represented by the superheroes belonging to the Justice League. The game references the movie by using the faces of the actors who play them.

What is the gameplay like in Justice League Comic?

The game uses a 5 * 3 game scheme with fifteen symbols at each spin and that are arranged along the twenty-five paylines. The slot uses special symbols such as the explosion Wild symbol and Bonus symbols to access the special mode proposed by the slot.

Is Justice League Comic difficult to understand?

No, the gameplay is not particularly complex or hard to grasp. It follows the same mechanics as most online slots.

What are other superhero-themed slots I can play?

Other superhero-themed slots include Iron Man, The Avengers, Elektra, Wolverine, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, as well as original titles like Super Heroes, Lucha Maniacs, Hero Spins, and Iron Girl.

What is the Wild symbol in Justice League Comic?

The Wild symbol in Justice League Comic is the explosion symbol, which is capable of replacing most other symbols and can increase the chances of winning.

What are Bonus symbols in Justice League Comic?

The Bonus symbols in Justice League Comic are characterized by the purple outline and allow players to access the special mode proposed by the slot.

What is the title Bonus symbol in Justice League Comic?

The title Bonus symbol in Justice League Comic allows players to access free spins where it will also be possible to have a re-trigger of free spins.

What we like

  • Colorful and vibrant game grid
  • Engaging bonus features
  • Features superheroes belonging to the Justice League
  • Range of immersive features

What we don't like

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