Invaders Megaways

by WMS

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RTP 96.3%

Volatility HIGH


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Invaders Megaways
RTP 96.3%
Volatility HIGH

Invaders Megaways

Invaders Megaways

Get ready to blast off into a whole new adventure with Invaders Megaways, the 6-reel online slot game from WMS. With a quirky UFO-themed design and a whopping 1 million ways to win, this game is sure to take players on a wild ride. But beware, this highly volatile game will test your luck as you battle to reach the game’s RTP of 96.3%.

So, if you’re an alien fanatic or just love high-stakes gaming, Invaders Megaways is the perfect slot game for you. Who knows, you might even strike it rich and be able to afford your own spaceship!

Invaders Megaways – More Than Just Your Typical Farm

Get ready to be abducted into another world as the Invaders Megaways takes the meaning of farm life to a whole new level.

The game is themed with aliens and is set on a farmland that will have you saying, ‘Beam me up Scotty!’ The graphics and design of the game are top-notch, boasting realistic crop signs and stunning imagery. You’re in for quite a ride.

The payment symbols are divided into low-value and high-value symbols. Don’t dabble with the low-value playing cards that come in different colors; instead, keep an eye out for the high-value symbols. Oh, and make sure to say hello to the cow pilot that will be joining you on your otherworldly adventure.

Invade and conquer with 1 Million Ways to Win

Invaders Megaways brings an exciting twist to the traditional slot game, with a whopping 1 million possibilities to win big on every spin. That’s right, there are so many ways to win, you’ll need a calculator to keep track! Who knew math could be so fun?

Even better, the number of ways to win changes randomly with each spin, making it a game that’s always full of surprises. Plus, with 6 reels to bet on, the more symbols that land, the more Megaways you activate and the greater your odds of winning.

We all know nothing beats a good wild, and in this game, landing 3 or more matching symbols or these little wonders on adjacent reels starting from reel 1 is all you need to start racking up the winnings. So, what are you waiting for – it’s time to invade this game and conquer those 1 million ways to win!

Take Off with the UFO Wild Feature

If you’re lucky enough to spot a UFO hovering above the reels in Invaders Megaways, get ready for some intergalactic fun! The UFO chooses a symbol at random on every spin and turns all matching symbols into wilds on reels 2 to 5. It’s like being abducted by aliens, but instead of probing you, they’re giving you chances to win big!

Unleash Your Inner Farmer with the Unicow Feature

Get ready to milk some big wins with the hilarious Unicow feature of the Invaders Megaways slot game! This feature will randomly boost the number of Megaways, giving you up to 168,070 active paylines – that’s more than enough to make your head spin! Not only will it increase your winning chances, but it will also inject extra fun and excitement into your spinning sessions. Who knew that combining cows and aliens could be so lucrative?

Unleashing the Alien Invasion with Free Spins

Ah, the elusive Free Spins feature! Invaders Megaways takes it up a notch by randomly selecting a high-value symbol to go wild on each spin. That symbol also comes packed with a killer modifier that can give you the upper hand against the alien swarm!

If you’re lucky, the Free Spins feature can be retriggered by landing 3 or 4 extra scatters during the bonus round. That’s right – unlimited Free Spins! Get ready to blast off to mega wins with Invaders Megaways!

Invaders Megaways: An Out-of-This-World Online Slot Game with Excellent Graphics and a High RTP of 96.3%

Buckle up, space cadets! Invaders Megaways takes you on an intergalactic adventure with its stunning graphics that are sure to leave you star-struck. But it’s not all looks – with a RTP of 96.3%, this game is no ordinary celestial body. That’s right, it’s a high-octane, high-voltage, space-age thrill ride that’s perfect for those who crave excitement and big wins!

On top of the mind-boggling graphics, this highly volatile game has unlimited free spins that are sure to have you seeing stars – literally. If you’re looking for an exhilarating gaming experience that’s out of this world, Invaders Megaways is the perfect choice!


What is Invaders Megaways?

Invaders Megaways is an online slot game from WMS with an extraterrestrial graphics and packed with features like Cascading Reels, Megaways, wilds, and free spins rounds.

How many reels does Invaders Megaways have?

Invaders Megaways has 6 reels that can dynamically change the number of active Megaways on each spin.

What is the RTP of Invaders Megaways?

The RTP of Invaders Megaways is 96.3%, which is higher than average and reflects the potential for big wins.

What is the maximum payout of Invaders Megaways?

The maximum payout of Invaders Megaways is $250,000 per spin, which is a common feature of WMS slots.

What are the payment symbols in Invaders Megaways?

The payment symbols in Invaders Megaways include low-value playing cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) and high-value symbols like aliens, scientists, cows, and X-ray guns.

What is the Cascading Reels feature?

The Cascading Reels feature is activated on every win and removes the winning symbols from the reels, thus enabling more symbols to cascade and potentially create more wins.

What is the Unicow feature?

The Unicow feature randomly increases the number of symbols on all reels, thus expanding the number of Megaways and creating new winning opportunities.

What are the special wild modifiers in the Free Spins feature?

The special wild modifiers in the Free Spins feature of Invaders Megaways include expanding wilds, win multipliers up to 256x, extra symbols and Megaways up to 1 million, cow wilds, and X-ray guns.

What we like

  • 1 million ways to win
  • UFO Wild Feature
  • Unicow feature
  • Free Spins round

What we don’t like

  • Highly volatile game
  • Fewer betting options
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