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Zeus God of Thunder

by WMS





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Zeus God of Thunder

Zeus God of Thunder

Get ready to experience the power of the gods in Zeus God of Thunder, where a multitude of symbols promise to increase your chances of winning big. Betting on the highest paying symbol, Zeus himself, can result in a multiplier anywhere between 25x and 250x. And who wouldn't want to land on the famous lightning bolt symbol, which could multiply your winnings by 100x?

The temple symbol acts as the wild card in this game, replacing any symbol on the board and doubling any resulting win. Plus, with additional symbols like the amphora, lion, and eagle, the possibilities for lucrative winning combinations are endless.

Unleash the Thunder: The Graphics Design and Quality of Zeus God of Thunder

What do you get when you mix epic Greek mythology with top-notch graphic design? You get Zeus God of Thunder, baby! This game has some of the best graphics and design that will make even the gods of Olympus envious. The symbols are so beautifully crafted that you'd think they were handpicked by the king of the gods himself.

When it comes to the background, the designers at WMS haven't disappointed either. With shades of purple and red, the visuals are downright stunning. It's like you're standing at the gates of Mount Olympus, staring at the majestic skies, and waiting for lightning bolts to strike at any second! And speaking of lightning bolts, don't forget about the jackpot prizes, which can be seen at the top right of the screen. And, drumroll please, the largest prize is worth almost $3,000!

Special Features and Functions

Hold onto your helmets, folks! Zeus God of Thunder is bringing the thunder with its special features and functions. This game has not one, not two, but THREE wheels on top of the 5x4 grid! And if you get three wilds in a row, these wheels start spinning like you wouldn't believe.

But that's not all, these wheels also offer random prizes including jackpots and free spins. The temple symbol is the wild and doubles up your win in classic Godly generosity. This game pulls out all the stops with features like larger wild zones and extra spins, making it a slot game truly worthy of the gods.

Boost Your Payout with These Payline Multipliers

Zeus God of Thunder packs a powerful punch with its range of payline multipliers that are sure to electrify your gameplay. The king of the gods himself, Zeus, is the highest paying symbol with multipliers between 25x and 250x. Hold on tight as the temple symbol, acting as the wild, doubles your win! Don't miss the amphora, lion, eagle, and of course, the famous lightning bolt symbols with multipliers ranging from 10x to 100x. With an RTP of 96.05%, Zeus God of Thunder offers the potential for god-like payouts reaching up to $3,000!

Gameplay Mechanics and Bonuses

Get ready to be struck by lightning with Zeus God of Thunder, a 5x4 slots game featuring 30 electrifying paylines. But that’s not all – the game also has not just one, not two, but three wheels that could bring you major bonuses. It’s like playing a slot game, but with a bonus mini game inside! Talk about maximizing your chances of winning big!

Feeling lucky? Then activate one of the wheels and see what your prize will be – anything from smaller rewards to jaw-dropping jackpots worth more than $3,000! And if that’s not enough, there are larger wild zones and extra spins to help you really light up those reels and score some massive payouts along the way.

Overall, the gameplay mechanics and bonuses in Zeus God of Thunder add an extra layer of excitement to your slot experience. Just make sure to keep a bucket of water nearby in case you start sparking with excitement!


What is Zeus God of Thunder?

Zeus God of Thunder is a Greek mythology-themed slot machine created by WMS.

What are the graphics of Zeus God of Thunder?

Zeus God of Thunder has brilliantly-designed symbols with rich colors embedded in a 5x4 grid surrounded by classical columns.

Who is the highest paying symbol in Zeus God of Thunder?

The highest paying symbol is Zeus himself, with a multiplier ranging from 25x to 250x.

What does the temple symbol represent in Zeus God of Thunder?

The temple symbol acts as the wild, and it replays any symbol on a winning payline, doubling every win it helps create.

What other symbols are present in Zeus God of Thunder?

Other symbols include the amphora, lion, eagle, and the famous lightning bolt of Zeus, representing multipliers ranging from 10x to 100x.

What are the three wheels above the 5x4 grid in Zeus God of Thunder?

The three wheels are tied to particular events and are triggered if there are three, four, or five wilds in a row, randomly awarding prizes, including jackpots and free spins.

Are there similar slot machines to Zeus God of Thunder?

WMS has produced numerous Greek mythology-themed slot machines, one of them being Kronos Unleashed, focusing on Cronus.

What is the largest jackpot prize in Zeus God of Thunder?

The largest jackpot prize can approach up to $3,000.

What we like

  • Wide variety of symbols with different multipliers
  • Excellent graphics and design with an appealing color scheme
  • Special features include free spins and random prizes
  • Wide range of payline multipliers with a maximum payout of $3,000

What we don't like

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