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Desert Cats

Desert Cats

If you're a feline enthusiast, this game is definitely for you! Desert Cats, the Ancient Egyptian themed slot game from Williams Interactive, features everything you could ask for in a casino game: big wins, beautiful graphics, and majestic cats that purr with the winnings.

You might think this game is just another run-of-the-mill Egyptian themed slot game, but think again! With its unique, six-reel design and up to 4,096 ways to win, Desert Cats is truly one-of-a-kind.

With free spins, sticky wilds, and a chance to win up to 2,000 times your original bet, you'll be as happy as a cat with a fresh bowl of milk.

Overall, if you are looking for a game that combines ancient Egypt with cute kitties, look no further than Desert Cats! It's sure to provide hours of fun and plenty of opportunities to win big. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be the king or queen of the desert, just like the feline pharaohs of old.

Ancient Egyptian Theme: Purrfectly Presented!

Get ready to transport yourself to the mystifying land of Egypt with Desert Cats, a scintillating casino slot game that is the cat's meow. This game is bound to mesmerize you with its awe-inspiring graphics and an intuitive interface.

As you take a spin, the game's well-designed graphic panel pops up, offering you an immersive experience that is easy to navigate. The attention to detail in the game is simply paw-some, and the intricate graphics are a testament to its creators' dedication.

The main attraction of the game is, of course, the majestic cats that grace the reels. In Ancient Egyptian culture, felines held a special place, revered as sacred animals, and this game gives them the purrfect tribute. Their sparkling and colorful eyes are sure to catch your attention and keep you engaged in the gameplay.

The only downside of the game is that it might just be too good! You might become so engrossed in this enchanting world that you forget the world outside exists. So, be sure to leash yourself down before taking a spin, or you might just end up being doomed to a catnap.

Seven Reels and 50 Paylines

If you’re looking for a slot game with a unique structure, then Desert Cats might be just the game for you. With seven reels and 50 paylines, it’s not your typical slot game. It’s almost like the makers of the game wanted to create a hybrid of a slot and a board game. You spin the reels, but it almost feels like you’re rolling the dice in a game of Monopoly. The advantage of this structure is that it offers more opportunities to win, which means you could be rolling in the dough before you know it.

I have to say, I was hesitant to give this game a try, but I’m glad I did. The graphics are top-notch, with the cats being the highlight of the game. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got attached to some of them. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cat video, right?

The prizes in Desert Cats are frequent, but they’re of low value. It makes sense since this game has low volatility. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be rewarded for your spins. Just think of it as a steady income rather than a get-rich-quick scheme. That’s actually not a bad thing, as it’ll keep you entertained for longer. Plus, with the potential to win up to 3,500 times your bet, who knows, you could still hit the big time.

All in all, I’d say Desert Cats is definitely worth a try. It combines a novel reel structure, cute cat graphics, and frequent prizes. Just don’t blame me if you find yourself getting attached to the cats and adopting a few after playing.

Minimum and Maximum Bets: Get Your Pennies and Benjamins Ready!

Are you a penny-pincher looking to stretch those few cents into an impressive profit? Or maybe you're a high-roller who likes to lay it all down on the line. Either way, Desert Cats provides a bet range that accommodates all types of players.

With a minimum bet of only 50 cents, even the tightest wallets can get in on the action. And for those who love to gamble big, the maximum bet of $100 will make sure that there's never a dull moment. But be warned, this slot game can get pretty wild once the betting gets heavy.

And if you're truly lucky, a single spin could land you a win of up to $250,000! However, keep in mind that this is no easy feat. Winning that jackpot will take some serious skills, persistence, and a bit of luck. Don't get too caught up in the chase though - always gamble responsibly!

Big Wins and Golden Cats: The Wild Symbols and Jackpot in Desert Cats

If you're on the hunt for a slot machine with a big win potential, look no further than Desert Cats. This exciting game offers not one, but two Wild symbols that are both represented by golden cats. And honestly, who doesn't love cats?

The first golden cat is your regular Wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols except the second golden cat and the Bastet jackpot symbol. But the second golden cat is a special symbol that's even cooler in our opinion. It takes up a whopping four positions on the game grid. That's right, you get four cats for the price of one!

And speaking of jackpots, let's talk about the big cheese in Desert Cats: the goddess of war Bastet herself. She's the symbol you want to be on the lookout for, as she pays out a massive 200 times the value of your bet when she appears on all seven reels. That's a lot of feline-themed riches coming your way!

So why settle for standard Wild symbols and lowly payouts when you can play Desert Cats and experience golden cat overload and mega jackpots? It's time to unleash your inner feline predator and conquer the reels in style.


What is the theme of Desert Cats?

The theme is ancient civilizations, with a particular focus on Egypt.

How many reels does Desert Cats have?

There are seven reels in total.

What is the minimum bet in Desert Cats?

The minimum bet is 50 cents.

What is the maximum bet in Desert Cats?

The maximum bet is $100.

What is the highest win possible in Desert Cats?

The highest win possible is $250,000.

What is the RTP of Desert Cats?

The RTP is 95.79%.

What are the base symbols in Desert Cats?

The base symbols are playing cards 10 to Ace.

What is the Jackpot symbol in Desert Cats?

The Jackpot symbol is the goddess of war Bastet.

What we like

  • Well-designed graphics and gameplay
  • High number of paylines for more chances to win
  • Two Wild symbols and a Jackpot symbol
  • Suitable for both low and high rollers

What we don't like

  • Frequent but low-value prizes
  • Difficult to hit the highest win possible
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