Alaska Fever

by Capecod Gaming

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RTP 95.05%

Volatility LOW


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Alaska Fever
RTP 95.05%
Volatility LOW

Alaska Fever

Alaska Fever

Get ready to catch the Alaska Fever! This slot game has a traditional game grid of five reels on three lines and twenty-five paylines. And hey, if you’re feeling frugal, you can bet as low as one cent per line. But come on, don’t be cheap! Let’s go for the maximum bet of $25 and hit that jackpot!

One thing to note is that the slot’s volatility is low. So, if you’re looking for an explosive adventure with huge payouts, this ain’t it. But hey, not everything has to be high stakes. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill out and enjoy a leisurely spin. And with a theoretical RTP of just over 95%, you’ll see plenty of little wins adding up to some nice payouts!

Bonus Features

They say that the Wild symbol in Alaska Fever is the grizzly of all wilds, as it is capable of expanding on the reels during the base game or free spins mode. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good expansion? With this feature, you may just increase your chances of triggering a winning combination and make a big splash in the game.

Alaska Fever has not one, but two bonus features that will have you hooked. The Free Spins feature can offer up to 20 free spins, and during this mode, the Expanded Wild can make an appearance on the reels. With the Magic Spins feature, all wins are multiplied by either 2 or 3 times, so you might want to pack a winter coat because things are about to heat up.

You don’t even need a fishing license, just cast your line into the water and see what bites. Who knew that fishing could be so lucrative? With this feature, you have the chance to catch a fish that can lead to a big prize catch. So don’t be afraid to take a chance and try your luck in the game’s Fishing Bonus.

Game Design and Theme

If you’re tired of the usual boring game themes, Alaska Fever is your perfect escape. Grab your fishing gear and set sail on a journey through the icy wilderness of Alaska. But don’t worry, you don’t have to brave the treacherous sea or freeze your fingers off – just sit back, relax, and let the game take you on an adventure.

The graphics are so clear and vivid that you’ll feel like you’re actually there, gliding through the crystal-clear waters surrounded by majestic glaciers and frolicking wildlife. And let’s talk about the main character – a friendly white-bearded sailor who’s always happy to help you out. He’s like the grandpa you’ve always wanted, wise, kind-hearted, and maybe just a little bit quirky.

All in all, the game design and theme of Alaska Fever are nothing short of impressive. It’s like a vacation without leaving your house, and who doesn’t love that? So, put on your best fishing hat and get ready to reel in some big winnings!

Volatility and RTP

If you’re a player who enjoys a steady but not overwhelming stream of small wins, then you’ll love Alaska Fever’s low volatility. Just don’t get too excited and start demonstrating your own version of the Iditarod dogsled race! With a theoretical RTP just over 95%, Alaska Fever may not be the most generous slot game out there, but hey, you’ll still get plenty of chances to hit those winning combinations.

If you’re not sure what all that RTP fuss is about, don’t worry! It basically means that on average, for every 100 bucks you bet, you can expect to get back just over 95 dollars. Think of it as a small return on investment… as long as your investments don’t include any snowshoes, sled dogs, or parkas! But hey, at least you won’t have to sell your grandmother’s precious ice scraper to keep playing.

Target Audience

Are you a novice at the slot machine game? We’ve got the perfect recommendation to help you out! Alaska Fever is the perfect pick to start your journey. With its simple and easily understandable gameplay, you won’t need to be a pro to hit the jackpot. This game is perfect for beginners getting familiar with the world of slot machines.

As far as seasoned players, if you want an effortless and linear game, Alaska Fever is the game for you. This game’s betting range may not be suitable for high rollers, but it’s an excellent option for players who don’t like to invest a lot of money into the game.

Overall, Alaska Fever is best suited for those who want a straightforward and uncomplicated experience without a complex set of rules or a high bet range.


What is Alaska Fever?

Alaska Fever is an online slot game developed by Capecod, featuring a sailor/miner as the main character on a boat in Alaska.

How many reels does Alaska Fever have?

Alaska Fever has five reels and three lines with 25 paylines.

What is the betting range of Alaska Fever?

The betting range of Alaska Fever starts from one cent and goes up to a maximum bet of $25.

Is Alaska Fever suitable for high rollers?

Alaska Fever’s betting range may not be suitable for high rollers, but it can be an excellent slot machine for those who do not like to invest much money in the game.

What is the volatility of Alaska Fever?

Alaska Fever’s volatility is low, which means that we can expect quite frequent and steady wins but rarely get big prizes.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) of Alaska Fever?

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of Alaska Fever is just above 95%, which is lower than the average of slot games.

What are the special features of Alaska Fever?

Alaska Fever has a Wild symbol that can expand on the reels, Free Spins that can give up to 20 free spins, and the Fishing Bonus where the player can catch a fish to receive a prize.

Is Alaska Fever easy to play?

Alaska Fever is not a particularly complex slot concerning gameplay, making it an excellent option for players who love linear game modes and beginners who are still getting familiar with the world of slot machines.

What we like

  • Engaging visuals and nautical theme
  • Two bonus features increase chances of winning
  • Expanded wild during free spins mode
  • Suitable for beginners

What we don’t like

  • Lower theoretical RTP than average
  • Not suitable for high rollers
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