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Mayan Temple Advance





Mayan Temple Advance

Mayan Temple Advance

Holy guacamole! Get ready to travel back in time to the ancient civilization of the Maya with Mayan Temple Advance by Capecod! This slot game, released in July 2019, is full of pre-Columbian vibes that will make you feel like Indiana Jones.

The symbols on the slot are as authentic as it gets! You’ll find rocks, plants, golden totems and native girls. Trust us, they are not only pretty but they carry some amazing cash prizes!

Gameplay Features

Get ready to experience the thrill of the Mayan Temple Advance with its 5x3 reel layout and fifteen paylines that will make your heart race faster than you can say 'Mayan'. With an RTP of 95.09%, the game offers a decent chance of coming out on top, so you can finally afford that dream vacation to the beaches of Cancun.

But hold on to your sombreros, because the real excitement starts when you trigger the Temple Bonus Game. This is the moment when you'll feel like Indiana Jones raiding a lost temple full of riches. And trust us, with the potential for big payouts, you won't be disappointed with the treasures you uncover.

RTP: Return of the Playing Dead

Want a game that gives you more bang for your buck? Mayan Temple Advance boasts an RTP of 95.09%, meaning players have a chance to cash in often! RTP, or Return to Player, measures the amount of cash the game returns to players over time, compared to the total amount of wagers placed. With an RTP like this, you'll feel like you hit the jackpot just by playing!

Bonus Rounds: Unlock the Secrets of the Mayan Temple!

Hey hey, it's time to hit the jackpot! If you're looking for the surefire way to score huge payouts in Mayan Temple Advance, then look no further than the Temple Bonus Game.

Just keep your eyes peeled for the elusive skull Scatter symbols - nab five of them and you'll unlock access to the ultimate prize game. With multiple stages to conquer, you'll have all the chances you need to win big and take home a heap of treasure that'd make even Montezuma jealous!

Similar Games

Looking for more adventure in the Mayan world? Look no further, because there are plenty of other games to try out!

Novomatic's Book of Maya and Inca's Treasure both have an RTP of around 95%, which means they offer good chances to win big. And if it's special features you're after, try Inca Jackpot by Playtech - it really rocks!

While the symbols may not be the same, the gameplay in these games is very similar to Mayan Temple Advance. So if you've mastered the secrets of the temple, you'll feel right at home in these other games!


What is the RTP of Mayan Temple Advance?

The RTP of Mayan Temple Advance is 95.09%. This means that for every $100 played, on average, $95 are issued as winnings.

How many winning lines are available in the game?

There are fifteen winning lines available in Mayan Temple Advance.

What is the Temple Bonus Game?

The Temple Bonus Game is a multi-stage prize game that allows players to obtain huge winnings. It is accessed by obtaining 5 Scatter symbols (the skull).

What are some similar slots to Mayan Temple Advance?

Similar slots include Novomatic's Book of Maya or Playtech's Inca's Treasure and Inca Jackpot.

What is the common RTP of the similar slots to Mayan Temple Advance?

The common RTP for the similar slots to Mayan Temple Advance is 95%.

What is the mechanism used in Mayan Temple Advance?

Mayan Temple Advance uses a 5*3 scheme, which is very common in online slots and has fifteen winning lines.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for 'Return to Player' and indicates the return per player, or the amount of money issued as winnings (over the long term) in relation to the money played in a slot game.

What is the significance of an RTP of 95%?

An RTP of 95%, as in Mayan Temple Advance, is an excellent value that indicates that for every $100 played, on average, $95 are issued as winnings.

What we like

  • Stunning Mayan theme with authentic symbols
  • Exciting Temple Bonus Game for big payouts
  • High RTP of 95.09% for frequent winnings
  • Similar games available for those who enjoy the Maya theme

What we don't like

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