Ace Ventura

by Playtech

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RTP 96.178%

Volatility MED


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Slot review

Ace Ventura
RTP 96.178%
Volatility MED

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura isn’t just a classic comedy film – it’s now also a hilarious online slot game that promises endless fun and big prizes. In the world of online casinos, Ace Ventura is a 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the original movie.

The slot game features numerous symbols, all of which showcase different characters and objects from the beloved movie. Fans of the movie will recognize Ace Ventura himself, alongside his trusty animal sidekicks like the gorilla and the bat.

Winning combinations are formed by landing three or more adjacent symbols on consecutive reels that go from left to right, exactly like Ace busting a gumshoe case. Plus, with wilds, scatters, and free spin modifiers being part of the game, the chances of winning big feel like discovering the holy grail, just ask the monk!

Bonus Functions and Modifiers

If you’re tired of playing boring old slot games, then Ace Ventura is the game for you! There are four modifiers available during the free spins feature: Red Shark, Pink Elephant, Blue Dolphin, and Bat. Sounds like a party, right? Each modifier can enhance the free spins feature by adding extra spins, increasing paylines, adding random multipliers, and adding additional Wild symbols. The only thing missing here is a disco ball.

Ace Ventura is the kind of game that’s always keeping you on your toes. There are also three bonus functions: Jungle Friends, Sneaky Walk, and Loser. You might be thinking, why would anyone want to trigger the Loser bonus? Well, in Ace Ventura, even being a loser can be rewarding. These bonus features offer additional ways to win and make the game more exciting. Just like when your grandpa shows up to the family reunion with a guitar, you never know what’s going to happen next!

Graphics and Animations

You are in for a treat with the Ace Ventura slot game’s graphics and animations! From the moment the game opens up, you’re transported to the world of Pet Detective Ace Ventura. The vibrant colors and engaging graphics capture the light-hearted and whimsical nature of the movie. I particularly enjoyed seeing Ace’s iconic phrases appear on the screen whenever I scored a win. It’s like having Ace himself cheer you on as you spin the reels!

The animations are on-point, and they’re sure to leave you chuckling. Watching Ace dance around and talk to the animals whenever a winning combo pops up is just too funny! Plus, the sound effects are spot-on – from the background jungle noises that transport you to the Amazon, to the way the reels spin and hit the slots with satisfying clicks.

Overall, I give the graphics and animations of Ace Ventura slot game two thumbs up. The developers have managed to deliver a game that truly captures the humor and spirit of the movie, all while offering players an immersive experience with top-notch graphics and animations.

 Nostalgic Movie Theme and Tribute

 Ace Ventura is a fabulous slot game that pays perfect tribute to the 1994 movie of the same name, and is all set to tickle your funny bone with some rib-tickling humor. The game manages to capture the essence of the movie with various symbols and animations depicting comical scenes and characters from the film.

 Get ready to join Ace Ventura on his crazy adventures where he takes on his pet detective assignments with hilarious outcomes. The game offers a fantastic movie-themed experience with a host of characters such as Ace’s monkey – Spike and shark-riding Ace himself, that will take you right back to the feel of the good old 90s. This game is primarily designed for fans of the movie, or for those who appreciate goofy humor in general!

 With Ace Ventura slot, you get a chance to be entertained while winning big bucks. This five-reel 243-payline slot is full of bonuses, free spins, and huge winning potentials, which keeps the playing experience highly engaging and rewarding. So buckle up and get ready to be served up on a platter to the silly and goofy world of Ace Ventura.

Target audience and player experience

Ace Ventura is one of those slot games that truly knows how to appeal to its audience. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a novice to the world of online slots, you’ll find something to enjoy about this game.

Let’s start with the RTP. It’s always important to discuss the Return to Player percentage involved in online slot machines. Fortunately, Ace Ventura’s RTP is excellent, which means you can expect bigger payouts than you would with other online machines.

But what really sets this game apart are the bonus features and modifiers. It’s not just about spinning the reels and hoping for a good outcome. The various bonuses make the game more engaging and offer more opportunities to win. Plus, let’s not forget the humor involved – this game is downright hilarious!

Overall, Ace Ventura is one of those rare online slot games that manages to be both fun and entertaining while also offering great opportunities to win big. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and some sizable payouts, look no further than Ace Ventura.


What is Ace Ventura?

Ace Ventura is an online slot game based on the popular 1994 movie and developed by Playtech. It has 5 reels and 243 ways to win.

What are the special features of Ace Ventura?

Ace Ventura offers a variety of special features including bonus functions, wilds, free re-spins, multipliers, and an RTP that offers medium to high winnings.

How are winning combinations made in Ace Ventura?

To make winning combinations in Ace Ventura, you must match 3 or more adjacent symbols on consecutive reels from left to right.

What is the role of the Wild symbol in Ace Ventura?

The Wild symbol in Ace Ventura can replace all symbols except the Scatter, but it does not guarantee a cash prize.

What is the Scatter in Ace Ventura?

The Scatter in Ace Ventura is a Rhino symbol. It does not offer a cash prize but can activate the free spin function if it appears on reels 1, 3 and 5.

What are the Free Spin modifiers in Ace Ventura?

In Ace Ventura, the free spin modifiers include the Red Shark which increases the number of available spins, the Pink Elephant which increases the number of paylines from 243 to 1024, the Blue Dolphin which assigns a random multiplier throughout the bonus function, the Bat which randomly inserts Wilds, the Pigeon which multiplies winnings thanks to the Wild symbol and the Gorilla which randomly boosts one of the symbols to increase the chances of winning.

What are the three bonus functions in Ace Ventura?

The three bonus functions in Ace Ventura include Jungle Friends which calls Ace’s animal friends to give you extra wild symbols, Sneaky Walk which positions stacked Wild symbols on the reels, and a Free Spin bonus with a 2x multiplier that increases until you make a win.

Is Ace Ventura a fun game to play?

Yes, Ace Ventura is a slot machine that manages to entertain players with the endless series of animations and functions it proposes, paying homage to the movie and its fans, and attracting different types of experienced and novice players.

What we like

  • Various bonus functions and free spins modifiers
  • Top-notch graphics and amusing animations
  • Engaging sound effects and immersive experience
  • Nostalgic tribute to the Ace Ventura movie

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for players who prefer low-volatility games
  • Limited availability on some online casinos

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