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Immortal Romance II – The Supernatural Sequel Nobody Expected


Sequels are commonplace in the world of online slots. Some are hits, most are misses. But once in a while, something special comes along that nobody was expecting…

Games Global, in partnership with Stormcraft Studios, has announced the long-awaited sequel to the iconic Immortal Romance. It has been thirteen years since the original game was released, and so far, the surprise announcement has been met with excitement and anticipation.

Love at First Second Bite

Dive back into the dark and mysterious world of our favorite quartet: Sarah, Amber, Troy, and Michael, each bringing their own jackpots and unique spins to the table. With improved visuals, a haunting soundtrack, and cinematic win animations, this game promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

We can confirm that legendary features like Wild Desire are back, as well as some new jaw-dropping surprises for fans of the series. One of which is a new feature is called Bloodline, which customises player experience by playing different music and unlocking visual themes for the player as they pass certain in-game milestones

Recapturing the Magic

In a strategic move to recapture the enchantment of Immortal Romance, Games Global (formerly Microgaming) has skilfully teamed up with Stormcraft Studios. This collaboration marks a significant return for Terrance Isegund, the mastermind behind the original game, ensuring that the sequel not only honors its legacy but also elevates it to new heights. A testament to dedication and creative synergy, this partnership is set to redefine what fans can expect from the beloved series.

Isegund comments on the journey, "The rate of change and trend evolution in our industry continues to accelerate, which resulted in us pivoting several times on the feature set. I am very pleased with where we landed in the end, and the early feedback to Immortal Romance II has been overwhelmingly positive," highlighting the studios’ dedication to delivering a sequel that exceeds fan’s expectations.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until May 28th to play Immortal Romance II. If you haven’t played the original, make sure to play Immortal Romance right here at Slotjava!

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