Two Max Wins on Dragons Crash

Dragon’s Crash Rewards Lucky Player with Two Max Wins


BGaming – a much-respected iGaming provider – released its newest title, Dragon’s Crash, in March 2024. The game has become an immediate success, thanks to its immersive graphics, atmospheric soundtrack, and tense gameplay.

However, the hype surrounding the game has now rocketed further following a lucky player being rewarded with two max wins in a single session. In a life-changing moment, the player made two simultaneous NZ$2 bets and walked away with a staggering 10,000x multiplier win worth a combined NZ$40,000.

How to Play Dragon’s Crash

Dragon’s Crash is an interesting game because it’s simple to play but provides a lot of tension and excitement. The game starts with players making up to two bets. Once the betting period is over, coins drop from the top of the screen and increase the win multiplier. Players can choose to cash out at any point and will receive the win multiplier of their bet. However, the risk here involves a sleeping dragon in the background. If the dragon wakes up and breathes fire, any bets that haven’t been cashed out lose.

To hit a max win, a player needs to hold their nerve and watch the falling coins increase the win multiplier to 10,000x without the dragon waking up. This is exactly what the lucky double max win recipient did, with two NZ$2 still in play at the end of the game.

For those who’d like to simplify the game even further, there are a couple of useful features to take advantage of. Autoplay mode allows you to set a bet and select a number of autoruns to play for, while auto cash-out mode allows you to choose a win multiplier to automatically cash out. This can help to take away some of the tension of the game because you no longer need to make snap decisions.

The Dragon’s Crash Community

Another immersive feature of Dragon’s Crash is the live community tab shown on the left-hand side of the screen. This section displays bets placed by all players and indicates which players have cashed out and what their winnings were.

Therefore, the double max bet winner could see that all other players had already cashed out as the win multiplier continued to rise. This adds an element of excitement and tension to the game because active players can see that they’ve outlasted everyone else, while players who have cashed out can potentially see huge wins that could have also been theirs.

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