Pine of Plinko Dream Drop

Dream Drop Jackpot’s Fourteenth Millionaire Announced


Relax Gaming – creator of the popular Dream Drop titles – has just created its fourteenth millionaire since its 2022 launch. The latest lucky winner scooped the Mega Jackpot while playing Print Studios’ Pine of Plinko Dream Drop at Unibet and walked away with a whopping €2,777,929.59 from a €3.50 bet. 

This Mega Jackpot win marks the second of 2024 for Dream Drop, with the thirteenth winner claiming a staggering €2,973,525.68 from a meagre €0.22 bet on Four Leaf Gaming’s Cosmic Rush Dream Drop in February.

What is the Dream Drop Jackpot Exactly?

The Dream Drop is a progressive jackpot available on many Relax Gaming titles and several collaborations with other popular studios. It offers five jackpots – Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega. Each of these contains progressively larger prizes. 

When a real-money bet is placed on a Dream Drop slot, a portion of it is added to the progressive jackpots. This means the jackpots can grow significantly over time as players continue to make bets. The Dream Drop Jackpot is triggered randomly and is available on all bet sizes. Once activated, the player is guaranteed to win one of the progressive jackpots. 

What makes the Dream Drop Jackpot more interesting is that the jackpot feature matches the theme of the game it is triggered on. For example, on Pine of Plinko Dream Drop, the jackpot feature is triggered by landing three or more Dream Drop symbols. A game of Plinko is then played and balls are dropped until a jackpot variant’s win meter is filled. 

Dream Drop Jackpot’s Biggest Winners

As the Dream Drop Jackpot Feature guarantees a jackpot win, there have been lots of winners since 2022. However, what makes the feature so exciting is that there have already been fourteen Mega Jackpot winners, which shows that it can and does happen regularly. 

The biggest Mega Jackpot claimed so far was worth a staggering €2,997,688 and was won in December 2023 on Templar Tumbe 2 Dream Drop. Interestingly, this slot paid out six of the fourteen Mega Jackpots won so far. Other Mega Jackpots were won on Snake Arena Dream Drop, Dream Drop Diamonds, 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop, Fit Cat$ Dream Drop, Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop, and Cosmic Rush Dream Drop.

There were seven lucky Mega Jackpot winners in 2023, so 2024 is already off to a great start. Relax Gaming CEO, Simon Hammon, even suggests that Dream Drop “could be on track to break previous records”.

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