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Razor Shark Slot Review

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Razor Shark is the deep sea dive you've been waiting for. This 5-reel, 4-row video slot game with 20 fixed paylines is the perfect choice for players who love a high variance and an RTP of 96.70%. Now, we know what you're thinking - what's the minimum bet? Don't worry, you frugal fish, it's only £0.10, while the maximum bet is £100 for the high rollers out there.

We can't ignore the three features that make the Razor Shark online slot unique - a free spin bonus for you slot spinners, win multipliers to boost your payouts, and Mystery Stacks that can be uncovered with each spin. It's like a game of hide and seek with more winning opportunities.

Shocking Graphics And Design:

If you're a fan of deep-sea exploration, Razor Shark will have you surfing the waves in no time. This game has everything: sharks, scuba gear, and a sunken treasure trove, all wrapped up in a crisp, immersive game. The colours pop like crackling fireworks, and the visuals are sharper than an electrifying eel's bite. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the sound effects are so good they'll give you a case of the bends.

Bonus Features

Who doesn't love a good mystery? The Mystery Stack symbol in Razor Shark adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Get a stack of four or five symbols and watch them multiply under the first row, making it easier to snag a winning combo.

Trigger the golden shark with the Mystery Stack symbol and you could win up to 2500x your bet. That's enough to make a shark's tooth envious. And if that wasn't enough, collect three or more scatters to activate free spins, where Mystery Stacks are even more frequent on the second and fourth reel. Talk about riding the wave of fortune!

All in all, Razor Shark's bonus features are jaws-droppingly good and can lead to fin-tastic payouts.

Big Wins Ahoy! Payouts That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Are you ready for big-time payouts that could make your head spin? Then get ready to play Razor Shark, the casino slot game that could stun players with its potential payouts. The game offers a maximum payout of 50,000x the winning bet, which is bound to make your purse a lot heavier than when you started!

The most lucrative symbol in the game is none other than the orange shark, which could pay out up to 25x the bet line when five of the symbols land on a payline. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the wild symbol could pay out 50x the winning bet when five positions land on the reels. Now, that's something to sink your teeth into!

Remember, in Razor Shark, winning outcomes must be bigger than the bet to count as a win. So, you'll need to get wins on two or more paylines or win composed of four or more matching symbols. But with such huge payouts on the line, we're sure you're up for the challenge!

Mobile Compatibility: Play with Sharks on the Go!

If you’re the type of person who likes to take risks with their mobile gameplay, Razor Shark is the perfect game for you! This fin-tastic slot adventure is fully optimized for mobile devices, meaning you can play with sharks on the go - just be sure not to drop your phone in the water!

With top-notch graphics and spine-tingling sound effects, the game runs smoothly on any device - be it a smartphone, tablet or even a waterproof smartwatch. So whether you’re stuck on a long flight or just trying to ride out a boring meeting, Razor Shark will transport you to the depths of the ocean and keep you entertained for hours.

Theme & Symbols

Prepare to dive deep into the abyss of the ocean in the Razor Shark slot machine! You'll find yourself amidst a shipwreck, surrounded by sharks and scuba gear. Be on the lookout for the four different sharks, seaweed, scuba masks, oxygen tanks, and gold coins that serve as symbols in the game.

The graphics are so cool, you'll feel like you're diving with the sharks yourself. The vibrant colors and sharp images make the game a feast for the eyes. And when it comes to sound effects, Razor Shark definitely doesn't disappoint. The noises you hear underwater will immerse you even more into the game.


What are the minimum and maximum betting amounts in Razor Shark?

The smallest bet starts at 0.10 and goes up to 100.00

What is the maximum payout of Razor Shark?

The maximum payout is 50,000x multiplied by the winning bet.

What kind of features does Razor Shark have?

Razor Shark has three features, including a free spin bonus, Mystery Stacks, and a Razor Reveal feature.

What is the Mystery Stack feature?

It is a symbol represented by seaweed, which can come in stacks of four or five symbols. When it falls on the reel, one of the boxes of the stacked symbol will add up under the first row, giving the opportunity for symbols to connect into a winning outcome.

What is the maximum multiplier that can be awarded in Razor Shark?

Multipliers can go up to 2500x.

How do you trigger the free spins feature in Razor Shark?

You can trigger free spins with three or more scatters anywhere on the reel-set.

What is the most valuable symbol in Razor Shark?

The most valuable symbol is the wild. When it lands on five positions, it pays 50x multiplied by the winning bet.

What is the minimum and maximum bet per round in Razor Shark?

You can choose to play with any of the available amounts between £0.10 and £100.00.

What we like

  • High variance with potential for big payouts
  • Visually appealing graphics in an underwater environment
  • Mobile-friendly and smooth gameplay on mobile devices
  • Multiple bonus features with win multipliers and free spins

What we don't like

  • Requires wins on multiple paylines or four or more matching symbols to count as a win
  • Limited betting range with a maximum bet of £100
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