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Rat King Slot Review

by Push Gaming





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Rat King Slot Review

Lots of quality online slot games are being pushed into the iGaming market recently, and Rat King is one of them! In this Rat King review, we'll be looking at all the major features and bonus symbols in the slot game. That way, you'll have all the necessary information on hand before trying out the game for yourself.

The Rat king Slot Game Basic Grid Layout

Introduction to Rat King

Push Gaming has been doing very well and has introduced some really nice slot games this year. This includes the anticipated Razor Returns. This time around, unlike other games, Push Gaming has decided to go with a retro theme that is reminiscent of the past. 

Rat King has some popular but interesting slot features like cascading reels and bonus buy features. There is also a new and interesting feature that hasn't been seen before! Stick around this Rat King review to learn more about it.

Limits and Layout

Rat King is a retro-themed slot game with great graphics, and its layout perfectly reflects that. The game uses a 6 reels by 6 rows grid. The design is very simple, with checkered boxes. Rat King does not use the traditional payline system but uses what is called "pay anywhere." This means that any combination of seven symbols will payout regardless of where they are.

The design is nothing complex. In the background is the sweet factory. There are also two lights shining on the slot from above to illuminate it, making sure you pick your favorite sweet. The colors of the game are nothing too flashy but still vibrant. Moreover, the background has a dull color. The sound of the game is simple, metallic, and cranky, fitting perfectly with the sweet factory and retro theme.

Testing Rat King for this Review reveals that the game has a medium volatility and a default Return To Player (RTP) of 96.30%. Particular RTP values at different online casinos can vary between 95.24%, 94.32%, 90.21%, and 88.19%. You can bet a minimum amount of €0.1, rising all the way up to €100 for high rollers.

An Epic Win on Rat King Slot giving a high payout

Gameplay and Features

One of the first features you'll notice while playing Rat King is that it doesn't use regular paylines. It uses a scatter pay or pay anywhere system. This means that all you have to do is have at least seven symbols anywhere on the grid to win. 

After winning, the winning symbols will disappear, and other symbols will pour in. This is known as the cascading and collapsing feature.

There are some symbols called Dud Symbols that do not have any value. You can recognize Dud symbols by their gray color. Matching at least seven of the same Dud symbol will also collapse the grid. 

The multiplier feature in the game as well. The star symbol is the multiplier for Rat King, and it is a special symbol. They gave different values from ×2.0 to ×50.

There is also the Rat King wild symbol. Getting three, four, or five Rat King symbols will activate the free spins round with 10, 15, or 20 free spins. You can keep activating free spins in the free spins round. Also, if you win more than one multiplier, they are added up together and can be reused in other spins. 

There's a collecting box at the base of the slot. All special symbols like the star and Rat King symbols must enter there to be activated. 

Activating Push Bet option is going to cost you 20% more but will increase your chances of landing special features and bonuses. This is peculiar to Push Gaming slot games.

Regular Symbols

The base symbols are represented by different sweets and treats like Macaron, Doughnut, Twister Ice Cream, Sponge Cake, Jelly, and Cake. The highest-paying symbol is the Jelly. Matching 7 of the Jelly gives you ×2 of your bet, and matching up to twenty will give you a massive ×50 of your bet!

Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in the slot game is the Rat King symbol. It is one of the most important among the few symbols in the game. It is the key to activating the Free Spins round, which offers the maximum payout of 10,000×.

Wild Symbols

Unfortunately, Rat King does not feature a wild symbol in the game. Although, there is a Dud symbol.

Rat King Multiplier Symbol Increases Payout

Expert Opinion on Rat King

Rat King brings something different from what we know. It explores the past with its retro theme and yet looks somewhat modern. The graphics are excellent, as you would expect from a Push Gaming slot. A favorite feature is the Bonus Buy which lets you skip directly to the free spins round with 10, 15, or 20 free spins, depending on the amount you wager.

The major downside one may notice and is to be noted in this Rat King review is that the sound is quite basic. Not to say it is unlistenable, but it’s nothing interesting.

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