Hot Shot Progressive

by Bally

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RTP 96.03%

Volatility MED


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Hot Shot Progressive
RTP 96.03%
Volatility MED

Hot Shot Progressive

Hot Shot Progressive

Hot Shot Progressive is the equivalent of a vintage wine: it aims to bring back the good ol’ days, evoking the excitement and nostalgia of the past with its graphics and gameplay. The slot specifically caters to experienced gamblers who are well-versed in the glory of old-school slots.

The graphics and sound effects are a direct callback to the classic titles found in brick-and-mortar casinos and game rooms. The slot grid is encased in an ocean of flames – which, let’s face it, is probably intentional since you’ll be betting some of your hard-earned cash, making things quite… heated! The internal symbols carry on this warmth, the BAR sign, the Bell, the number 7, and the Dollar symbol are the bosses of the game grid. The rest of the interface is minimalist, just like the olden days. The presence of various jackpots and the simple background music (it’s just a few seconds loop, repeated every game play) make it feel like you’ve been transported straight back to the olden days.

Who’s the Target?

Hot Shot Progressive is for all those seasoned players out there who are also big fans of retro-style slot games. This slot machine will help you relive the good old days of pulling that lever and hoping for the best. The game’s snazzy graphics and gameplay are crafted to bring back all the feels associated with classic slot machines. Bally has hit it out of the park by producing an overall experience that traditional slot machine enthusiasts are sure to revel in.

Hot Shot Progressive: Grid and RTP

Get ready for some classic reel action with a 5×3 game grid on Hot Shot Progressive. Boasting a decent RTP of 96.03%, this game delivers the goods of modern online slots. Its medium volatility won’t make you sweat too much, but its bonus mode sure knows how to tickle your nostalgia bone.

Hot Shot Progressive sticks to the basics, with the iconic BAR sign, Bell, number 7, and Dollar symbol taking center stage. Don’t get fooled by its minimalist design because this game packs a punch. Its overall theme and feel keeps things classic, just like the good old days when slot machines were simple and straightforward.

Score Big with Bonus Mode and Jackpots!

Hot Shot Progressive is the ultimate game for all the jackpot chasers out there! With five jackpots up for grabs: Blazing 7, Diamond Line, Double Jackpot, Triple Jackpot, and Blazing Seven Times Pay, your chances of winning big are sky-high! Pro tip: try saying all those jackpot names really fast, it’s a tongue-twister!

To activate the bonus mode and have a shot at winning these jackpots, you need to find at least three jackpot symbols. These symbols can be different from each other, just like the diverse members of a funky boy band! Once activated, the bonus mode lets you spin three reels with a single symbol. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane to the early days of slot machines when things were simpler.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Give Hot Shot Progressive a spin and join the elite club of big jackpot winners! As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold and the fun-loving!

Get Ready To feel The Heat With Hot Shot Progressive!

Step right up and witness the golden age of one-armed bandits with Hot Shot Progressive! This distinctive slot game amalgamates nostalgia and modernity, crafting an unforgettable experience for players on all levels. Its graphics are so retro that you’re going to need a time machine to go back to the good old days, but with bonus modes and jackpots that are modern as heck, this game caters to the hippest slot players too

The simplicity of its gameplay and design isn’t holding this champion down. In fact, it’s its greatest asset! Whether you are a novice to the gambling scene or an experienced veteran, Hot Shot Progressive takes care of all, promising a good time to one and all. And with its homages to past slot games, like Seven’s and Fruits: 6 Reels from Playson and Twenty Seven from IGT, you already know it’s going to be filled with both surprises and warm, fuzzy feelings. So, go forth and spin those reels like there’s no tomorrow, and maybe you’ll strike big in the end.


What is the RTP of Hot Shot Progressive?

The RTP of Hot Shot Progressive is 96.03%.

What is the volatility of Hot Shot Progressive?

Hot Shot Progressive has medium volatility.

Are there any bonus modes in Hot Shot Progressive?

Yes, there is a bonus mode in Hot Shot Progressive where players can spin three reels with a single symbol to win one of the five available jackpots.

What are the jackpots available in Hot Shot Progressive?

There are five jackpots available in Hot Shot Progressive: Blazing 7, Diamond Line, Double Jackpot, Triple Jackpot, and Blazing Seven Times Pay. These are divided by the value of the jackpot and combinations as well as based on the characteristics of the mini-reels.

Is Hot Shot Progressive a modern or classic slot?

Hot Shot Progressive is a classic slot that leans towards nostalgia but still maintains the average features of a modern online slot game.

What are some similar slots to Hot Shot Progressive?

Similar slots to Hot Shot Progressive include Seven’s and Fruits: 6 Reels from Playson, Twenty Seven from IGT, and Sevens High.

What type of players will enjoy Hot Shot Progressive?

Hot Shot Progressive is designed for experienced gamblers who enjoy classic gameplay and nostalgic graphics.

How many reels and rows does Hot Shot Progressive have?

Hot Shot Progressive has a 5*3 type game grid, which means it has five reels and three rows.

What we like

  • Evokes nostalgia for traditional slot machines
  • Simple gameplay and design make it easy to play
  • Five jackpots available to win
  • Suited for both experienced and rookie players

What we don’t like

  • Very simple and minimalist compared to modern online slots
  • Music can be repetitive
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