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Triple Cash Wheel





Triple Cash Wheel

Triple Cash Wheel

Looking for a classic slot game that can transport you back in time? Look no further than the Triple Cash Wheel. It's like going back to the good old days, but without the smoke-filled casino.

With three game grids stacked on top of each other, this 5x3 structure has a whopping 45 symbols in each play. That's more symbols than my ex's tattoo sleeve.

With an interconnected win system of 60 paylines, you have more chances to win than ever before. And if you're feeling extra lucky, the Wild symbols and Scatters can replace any symbol in the game and even give you access to free spins. It's like getting a second chance at love, but without the emotional baggage.

Gameplay Mechanism

Get ready to triple your winning with Triple Cash Wheel! Players get to experience a one-of-a-kind gameplay mechanism where they must become experts at playing on three game grids stacked on top of each other. But don't worry, you don't need a degree in quantum mechanics to master this slot game. Only a little bit of practice is needed to hit the big wins.

And the best part? You don't have to break the bank to try out your strategies. With Triple Cash Wheel, you can start playing and winning big without having to make a significant initial investment. Who says money doesn't grow on trees? It does in this game!

Game Screen Graphics

Listen folks, if you're looking for a fancy Las Vegas-like experience, Triple Cash Wheel may not be your game of choice. The game screen is as plain as your grandma's oatmeal, lacking that catchy background music we all love. But hey, don't be fooled by its simplicity! The graphics will transport you back in time, creating a charming and classic vibe. You'll be left wondering where your bell-bottoms and lava lamps are.

Symbols and Sound: Hey, Where's the Party At?

Get ready for some old-school fun with Triple Cash Wheel's classic symbols. You'll find bells, cherries, lucky 7s, and the iconic BAR on a cool blue background. The graphics are simple but effective- just like that one guy in accounting who always manages to score free food from the break room.

As for the sound, it's not exactly a raging party. Think more elevator music than club beats. But hey, a little jingle here and there adds some excitement to the game. And you never know- if you hit the jackpot, you just might want to blast some tunes to celebrate.

Triple Cash Wheel: Winning at its finest

Triple Cash Wheel has a winning system that will make you feel like a high-roller! With 60 paylines and Wild symbols, you'll be raking in the dough in no time. And don't forget about those Scatters! They'll grant you entrance to the elusive free spin mode or the thrilling wheel of fortune. So place your bets and hold on tight, because Triple Cash Wheel is not for the faint of heart.

This game is perfect for those nostalgic for the glory days of slot machines. With so many paylines, you'll be transported back to the good ole days when slots were as simple as a pull of a lever and a handful of change. So what are you waiting for? Put on your lucky socks, and let's win big at Triple Cash Wheel!


What is Triple Cash Wheel?

Triple Cash Wheel is a classic online slot game developed by Bally that takes us back to traditional bar-style slots, but with a unique twist.

How many game grids does Triple Cash Wheel have?

Triple Cash Wheel has three game grids stacked on top of each other that are effectively repeated in a 5x3 game structure.

How many symbols are shown during each play in Triple Cash Wheel?

During each play in Triple Cash Wheel, 45 symbols are shown on the grid, which is interconnected with 60 paylines.

What type of symbols are used in Triple Cash Wheel?

Triple Cash Wheel uses traditional slot symbols like golden bells, red cherries, the number seven, and the BAR symbol against a blue background.

What bonus modes are available in Triple Cash Wheel?

Triple Cash Wheel offers free spins and a wheel of fortune mode that can be accessed via Scatters symbols.

Is Triple Cash Wheel suitable for experienced gamblers?

Yes, Triple Cash Wheel is suitable for experienced gamblers who enjoy bar-style slots and want a classic product with a unique twist.

Are there other slots similar to Triple Cash Wheel?

Yes, there are many similar slots to Triple Cash Wheel, like Random Runner, Joker Millions, Super Hot Fruits, Joker & Fruits, or even Sakura Fruits, among others.

Is Triple Cash Wheel easy to play?

Yes, Triple Cash Wheel may seem unique, but it is easy to play. Just a little bit of practice is enough to master its gameplay mechanism, and players won't need to make a significant initial investment of money before devising their gaming strategy.

What we like

  • Unique gameplay mechanism with three game grids
  • Interconnected win system with 60 paylines
  • Classic atmosphere and graphics with nostalgic symbols
  • Wild and Scatter symbols that can trigger bonuses

What we don't like

  • Very simple graphics and sound effects
  • May not be suitable for players looking for modern features and graphics
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