Astro Pug

by Lightning Box Games

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Astro Pug
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Astro Pug

Astro Pug

If you’re looking for a combination of traditional Chinese architecture and the cuteness of pugs, then look no further than Astro Pug by Lightning Box Games. This game has a unique and quirky design that will have you feeling like you’re in a Chinese garden filled with playful pugs.

The background of the game features a peaceful Chinese pond surrounded by typical Chinese architecture structures, such as pagodas and archways. The developers paid close attention to detail, making sure that the design accurately represents Chinese culture and aesthetics.

The main grid is made up of 4 reels, but don’t be fooled, Astro Pug has much more to offer with two mini-external reels that can potentially lead to bigger wins. But, let’s be honest, the real stars of the game are the adorable pugs that act as symbols throughout the game. The animations of the pugs will surely delight and entertain players.

Overall, Astro Pug has a fresh and fun design that stands out from other slot games. It has a charm that’s hard to resist, and the game’s features will keep you coming back for more. So, sit back, take a spin and let the pugs take you on an adventure through the Chinese garden.

Astro Pug and the Cutest Symbols

Astro Pug is one of the most adorable slot games around, and the symbols are a large part of what makes it so darn cute. You’ll find all kinds of playful images on the reels, from playful pups to lucky symbols that might just help you land a big win.

Of course, the playing card symbols are present as well, but why bother with those when you could be looking at a purple koi carp or a jade monkey with a goofy grin?

The real star of the show, however, is the Astro Pug himself. Dressed in a traditional blue outfit, this little guy is the Wild symbol that can help you rack up some serious cash.

The Bonus symbol is a pair of lanterns in front of a full moon, which is just about the most charming thing we’ve ever seen in a slot game. Even if you don’t trigger the bonus round, these symbols are worth seeking out just for the sheer cuteness factor.

All in all, the theme of Astro Pug perfectly blends Chinese tradition with everyone’s favorite four-legged friend. It’s a winning combination that’s sure to put a smile on your face – and hopefully some cash in your pocket!

Astro Pug Gameplay and Features

Looking for a fun and quirky online slot game? Look no further than Astro Pug! This game is a classic with a few unique twists that set it apart from the rest.

With an RTP of 95.73%, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hit big wins. But the real excitement comes from the game’s two unique gameplay features: free spins and multipliers. Get 5 Scatter symbols in the outermost boxes of the reels and trigger unlimited free spins, complete with a cute pug or a bomb. Keep spinning for free with the pug, but watch out for the bomb!

During free spins, all pugs remain Wild, giving you even more chances to win big. And if you’re lucky enough to unlock a Mega Spin, all squares on the Reelfecta grid become Wild! Plus, keep an eye out for the golden bone symbol, as it provides a win multiplier that is marked by an indicator under the second reel.

Astro Pug is a must-try for any fan of online slot games. With its unique features and cute and cuddly pugs, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Trust us, this game is puggin’ awesome!

Astro Pug: Unleash Your Inner Canine in Space!

What’s up, Earthlings? If you’re looking for some paw-some fun, give Astro Pug a spin. This intergalactic adventure is full of furry surprises that are sure to make you howl with delight.

But let’s get to the good stuff. Free spins and multipliers are where the real excitement lies in Astro Pug. With an impressive RTP of 95.73%, you’ll have plenty of chances to rake in the space bucks. During free spins, the pugs run wild – and stay wild. Plus, trigger a Mega Spin and watch all the squares on the Reelfecta grid transform into Wilds! Talk about fetch.

This indicator of win multipliers gets our tails wagging every time. With the right spin, you could be raking in some serious cosmic kibble.

So, are you ready to take on the galaxy and emerge victorious? Buckle up and get ready to blast off with Astro Pug. Who says space is just for humans?

Similar Games to Astro Pug

Are you craving more Chinese-themed slot machines after playing Astro Pug? Well, have no fear, because the casino world is full of them! Some similar games include Feng Fu, 88 Fortune Megaways, and 100 Fortunes. But if you’re more of a cat person, you might enjoy Astro Cat, also created by the ingenious minds of Lightning Box Games. Don’t worry, though, we won’t judge you if you prefer dogs over cats — we all know Astro Pug is just too adorable to resist!

In fact, we think it’s safe to say that Lightning Box Games has a knack for creating unique animal-themed slot machines. We can’t wait for their next release; perhaps it’ll be Astro Hamster or Astro Chinchilla? Who knows, but we’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of their quirky creations!


What is the theme of Astro Pug?

Astro Pug has a unique blend of Chinese tradition and pugs.

What symbols are in Astro Pug?

Normal symbols include playing cards while the special symbols represent Chinese tradition and include a jade monkey, a purple koi carp, a child, a gold bag, and a golden pug.

What is the Wild symbol in Astro Pug?

The Wild symbol is a pug, wearing a traditional blue outfit.

What is the Bonus symbol in Astro Pug?

The Bonus symbol is two lanterns in front of a full moon.

What are the free spins in Astro Pug?

When you get 5 Scatter symbols on the outer reels, you trigger unlimited free spins, and all pugs become Wild throughout the bonus.

What is the win multiplier in Astro Pug?

The win multiplier is a golden bone whose value is marked by an indicator under the second reel.

What other slot machines are similar to Astro Pug?

Feng Fu, 88 Fortune Megaways, 100 Fortunes, and Astro Cat are similar to Astro Pug.

What is the RTP of Astro Pug?

The RTP of Astro Pug is 95.73%, which is average.

What we like

  • Unique combination of Chinese tradition and pugs
  • Beautiful graphics and design
  • Exciting gameplay with free spins and multipliers
  • Potential for big wins

What we don’t like

  • Limited number of unique gameplay features
  • May not appeal to players who don’t like Chinese or pug themes
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